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  1. This was an easy sell for us! I ordered 2, but I couldn't change the quantity, only the dollar amount. Please correct and send 2 coins instead of 1. Thanks-very nice coin! My son is an Eagle Scout (with silver palm) in Myersville, MD Troop 273 and with the Myersville Venturing Crew 188. My husband was a scout in the Detroit, Michigan Council, Troop 324. Scouting is an awesome organization and we are happy to support them.
  2. Yet another awesome dragon coin. Put me down for a couple when they come available.
  3. Awesome coin! When you get them, I'd like 1 or 2.
  4. Beautiful coin! Love those dragons! Nice saying on the back, too. Please let me know when they come available. I would like one, too.
  5. Yeah kinda like travel bug hotels that serve as prisons... it does seem counter intuitive to have a coin NOT travel it seems in the current coin thief climate that coins just don't make very good travelers. I think coins are just too pretty to be travelers and what I mean by that is that they're too nice and people want to keep them as opposed to the tb's i've seen that are key chains and knick knacks that aren't as "pretty" as the coins. Thats just my opinion and what to i know I'm just a n00b Yep, you are 100% right, which in very unfortunate! Especially, considering the amount of money one invests in the coins. You know there is always going to be someone who takes the fun out of it for all!
  6. How do I get a couple of your coins? If you have any left, I'd like the antique silver and the antique gold. Thanks
  7. Wow! I had never hear of the geocoin fairy or santa dropping off coins! I sure wish they could make a trip to Maryland-on second thought, it probably wouldn't do ME any good. I don't have much time to geocache, and on the rare ocassions that I do get out in hot persuit of a geocoin, I rarely find them in the cache! But I will say this-how wonderfully rare and generous of the geocoin fairy and santa to go from cache to cache enchanting those who find these coins. I just wish I had the finances to do that. Thank you geocoin fairy and santa! May you always find pixie dust along your path.
  8. I love dragons. Do you take a list of those that are interested? If so, put me down.
  9. I was wondering if there was some way to post a listing of TB hotels along major highways and roadways on Geocaching.com. I know many of us take trips along these routes and would like to help TBs make their goals getting to certain places. This would be an easy and quick way to pick up some TBs and geocache along the way. Any suggestions? Degai
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