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  1. Never mind, for some reason as soon as I posted this, the other thread popped up. Thanks for the information, but I still want to know if anyone knows when there will be more.
  2. I just went to the Caching Place to find out what was going on with The Pocket Decoder because I didn't see anything mentioned lately. The last I heard was it was postponed until further notice. However, when I went there to see if there was any update-to my surprise and disappointment, I found they were sold out! I thought this was going to be a regular stock item so that all who wanted one could get one. So, I guess I was wondering how everyone knew about this except me! Does anyone know what the problem was and when they went on sale? And more importantly, when will there be more?
  3. I think usyoopers has summed this one up for me!
  4. ME TOO! 1). Coin & Souvenir Name Received-May 2, 2008 2). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-May 19, 2008- YEP, I made it to the post office today, and this completes my mission. It is on its very long trip and hopefully will arrive soon. Sorry it took so long! 3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received-May 12,2008
  5. Sorry to hear about your coin Geo.Error. At first, I thought it might be cool to have a coin go to Mt. Everest, but after hearing the comments from Naomi, I don't think this looks good. Like some of the others have said here, I do not send out any coins in the wild (in the US) because they just get stolen eventually. . .and most of the time it is sooner than later in my area. I do have a few coins circulating in Europe and they are still hanging around! I put coins into caches for someone to find-pure and simple; a gift. Many cachers enjoy finding them and they have emailed me to thank me for them. (I know I would, if I ever found any. ) At least I don't have to worry if they will be taken.
  6. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 22, 2008 2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received-May 2, 2008 3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-Well, I almost made it, today. I went to the post office this morning and picked up a bigger envelope, but I didn't make it back to the post office before it closed to actually mail the envelope out. DRATS! It will go out on Monday, May 19, 2008-For Sure! Thanks for your patience! 4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received-May 12,2008
  7. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 22, 2008 2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received-May 2, 2008 3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-I am almost finished-you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a postcard around here! I'm sorry for the delay, but I am working on it. . .don't give up on me. 4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received-May 12,2008 WOW!! Look at all the goodies I received from Mufflon! How lucky can a girl get! Thank you so much for the postcards, patch, travel book, adorable little Moose, seashells, and Sweden Geocoin. I'm sorry the pictures aren't the best, but everything you sent is very much appreciated! Falkenberg looks truly BEAUTIFUL! How lucky it must be to live there! 12
  8. I'm back, but I am searching for a good souvenir. I am sorry to say that I cannot even find a real postcard! I live in a beautiful, but small town, even though it is the 2nd largest city in my state! I may have to extend my postcard and souvenir to the state. I hope this will be okey.
  9. Nope, I'm still waiting Sorry to hear about that BRoKeN W! Don't worry, it will be worth the wait.
  10. I think a "Blacklist" has been mentioned before, but it was never realized because many people thought it would be in bad taste. Personally, I think it would be a good idea, but I think the people on the list have to be there because of extraordinary circumstances; i.e. numberous attempts to email and no return responses as to their circumstances. Really, there is no excuse for someone not to return an email or post a general comment on the forums after a few weeks about extenuating circumstances. I also think it is unconscionable to join a mission and not fulfill it! I know there are some people who don't make it by the deadline date, but they will post a comment on the forum to let the recipient know. I, like most of you, have an incredibly busy life and I am not in the forums for weeks at a time, but if there is any pending trades/answers, I will assure you that I will get back in a few weeks and hopefully sooner. Another comment: I have always received my trades; some take a lot longer than others, but most have been very timely. I can only think of one incident with SweetLife (Barry and Val) where I didn't get their trade. I waited for about 3 weeks (sometimes MD's mail system can be verrrrrry slow) but it never showed up. I kept in touch with Barry and Val and they kept in touch with me. After a month, they sent out another coin (Thanks again, guys). As of today, we still don't know where that first coin went, but I promised if it showed up, I would send it back. So, the moral of this story is: things happen; it's what you do that makes all the difference!
  11. This is the second set of Geoguitars I ordered. This is one of the first songs (Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana) he and his friends got together to play and record. When I heard them on the CD, I couldn't believe it was them; it sounded so professional! Go Tristan!
  12. After being away for a couple of days, I arrived home to find my Geoguitars at my door. I may have been one of the last to receive mine, but it was well worth the wait! YIPPEE!! After reading some of the posts in the forums, I decided to open each one and check for defects (something I have never done before!). As far as I am concerned, mine look great. I figure if I need a magnifying glass to pick out the defects, then they shouldn't matter. Thank you Helen and Chris for all of your time and effort on this project. I think these turned out great! BTW, I decided since I had all of these guitars out, I might as well play. . .
  13. I'm still waiting for mine to appear. It looks like the postal service is on vacation in MD! I've got my fingers crossed that mine are fine when they get here! I love all of the pictures of everyone's guitars! I'll post a picture of mine when they get here. I'm also looking to trade some of mine, too.
  14. Oh, I just love these guitars! I can't wait to see mine. If anyone wants to trade guitars, let me know. I'll post a picture of mine when they get here.
  15. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 22, 2008 2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received-May 2, 2008 3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-Intermittently working on it I want this to be fun and I want you to see where I live! 4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received To My Mission Person: I won't be able to get this out before May 12. SORRY! I want this to be a lot of fun for you, but I will not be here next week. Oh and one more thing, I am not a computer-type person, so I don't carry a computer around with me. Sorry, but I hope it will be worth your wait.
  16. I have been in VA for a few days and when I returned yesterday, I was soooo surprised to find an awesome envelope from Fluttershy in my mailbox! The envelope is adorably decorated with stamps and a punch-out of my name. Then inside is a card with a picture of one of her coins/pathtags with the white bunny with the butterfly on its nose (I just love that design!). Inside the card- la pièce de résistance-one pink scooter and one blue scooter! What a wonderful gift! I love your scooters and I love the colors! The glitter on the seats look just like the vinyl glitter on real scooters! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL GIFT AND GENEROUSITY! Oh, and Allie, just to let you know, we both seem to like rabbits and you know what they say about how rabbits mulitply. . .in a few months you will find a rabbit from me and that's all I'm saying for now.
  17. I got a Garmin CSx60 for Christmas and have yet to use it when I am geocaching. (I have been borrowing a Magellan Sports track) It seems like a really cool unit and to be honest, I haven't had a lot of time to read the book and figure out exactly how to work everything. I did find out how to connect it to my computer and download waypoints by going to the Garmin website. However, I was disappointed that they were only numbers, not the name of the cache. Am I doing something wrong or is there some way to get the names of the caches instead of the numbers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any tips or suggestions, I'd appreciate those, too. Thanks in advance.
  18. Wow...thanks Degai. Since I started the geocoin addiction and frequenting this forum so many people like yourself have been so kind and it didn't take long before a few gift coins started showing up in the mail. I even won some cointests which was pretty cool and all of the sudden, I had the makings of a coin collection. Well, I've been trying to repay that kindness by giving back where I can. Of course that also means being a contributor in these forums. I'm not really good at posting and sometimes it takes hours for me to hit the reply button for fear of sounding stupid. That's one of the reasons I started this thread too. I wanted to hear what some people felt was lacking, if anything, in the forum as I could use some coaching. You have been more than generous with your coins and words. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and believe me, you have nothing to fear. You are the real thing! It is always nice seeing your posts.
  19. I love those funky geowoodstock guitars! I know I won't be there, but if there is anyone who is going, I would love to trade one of my guitars (or other coins) for one of them! Thanks for the update, Helen! I can't wait to see them. The pictures look great!
  20. I consider myself somewhere in the middle between the oldies and the noobs. Having been away for a while, I have missed a lot of what has been going on. Sometimes life gets in the way of all of this Geocaching fun! I will agree with many others that I have been able to learn a lot about geocoins, how to use my computer, how to post on the forums,even! There have been so many helpful people that have given me tips and have come to my rescue and believe me I am eternally grateful. (I still don't know how to find postings about past topics; can anyone help me? ) I do miss a lot of the repartee and quick wit that would ensue between some of the people in the forums and I must say Yime never failed to entertain! I don't think I ever read a comment from him that didn't crack me up! As for cointests, I don't have a problem with them (except that I never win). I think it's fun and sometimes you learn a lot (like about New Zealand)and sometimes you laugh until you cry (Shop99er's cointest)! I have also enjoyed a lot of the comments about various topics both pro and con because there have been many times that I have totally agreed with something until someone posted an opposition. When I read it, I was grateful to the person that disagreed because he/she pointed out something I would never have thought of. Finally, I must say I have enjoyed the posts from Theotokos. I know he is somewhat new, but I am amazed by all that he has done (designed and produced several coins!), the thought that goes into his posts, and by his generosity. Thanks for everything!!!
  21. My fingers are crossed that I am in time to pick up a couple of these!
  22. Oh Jan and the Percey Boys, this looks like so much fun. I've been away for a while, but I am certainly glad I didn't miss this one. Just one question-how long will we have before we must send out our mission? I will be gone May 4-8, so if the mission is to be sent out a few days after that, I am so in!!! Thanks for the great idea. It's always fun to see other places around the world. 1). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent-April 22, 2008 2). Coin & Souvenir Name Received 3). Coin & Souvenir Mission Sent 4). Coin & Souvenir Mission Received
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