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  1. I have had good success with 200. I have tried to load another 200 file with that and it fails about 1/4 through. I am guessing i can get up to 235 or so. Never tried to push it. i am firmware 2.14
  2. Just to throw my two cents in. I have a Megellan Crossover 2500T and i recently ordered the PN-20 and have made my 50 caches with it this weekend working side by side with the crossover. I let my non technical wife use the PN-20 so she can see why i spent the money. While i love my Crossover the support from magellan sucks bad. The PN-20 I had figured out within a couple of hours. The documentation was easy and straightforward....they have information on how to use it for Geocaching and what to do with it. The 2nd day I used the PN-20. I found this unit great to work with. The search button pulling up the nearest caches to me was a pleasant treat. The compass is dead on and on top of that it seems to do really well when rolling up on buildings that obstruct sat view and still keeps you on course.... I have enjoyed the unit and it will be my primary. Then if magellan fixes its stop tracking issue i will have two great units to use. Oh and you can navigate to the cache directly or by using the roads then wanders you in the field. I thought that was a nice feature. Others might have it but i would not know.
  3. um "Delorme PN-20" Talk about maps. Customer support and user friendly.
  4. I swear every 5th one i find in the phoenix area has one. But I dont put them there...just sign and go.
  5. Yes you have to use this unit in Compass mode. it will show you where the sun or moon is so you can use that as reference as well. just make sure you are looking up when you are about 30 feet up....look for landmarks...when this thing stops tracking it can be a bear....but there are many threads on this.
  6. I have found most of my caches with the crossover. The worst most annoying thing that they have is the you are near your destination. Then it stops tracking. However it does put you right on alot. So just reload and go and reload and go. Gets annoying...but it works well. Compass mode is nice. Just ordered my PN-20 and it will get here on friday...the crossover will most likely be delegated to car duty/backup for the PN-20.
  7. I just wasnt aware of how or what to do....there are some that havent been seen in 2+ years down here in AZ. I always post a note that the bug was not in the cache if i went there and it was missing. Thanks for the tips.....will make sure i do just that.
  8. So I have been noticing that sometimes you go to search for a coin or a TB and you look at the logs and you havent seen it in years. So.... Why is it still there? Is there a way for the owner to remove it from the cache? Is there a person we can contact to have them remove it from the caches? What exactly is the protocol here....and how long is a coin/tb inactive before it is removed? Ponder Ponder.
  9. I just got this unit about 1 week ago. I have been able to sucessfully find caches with it. First off you can use the GSAK to load to your SD card. Make sure the file name is in all CAPS. Then you can load it. Make sure you also load to firmware 2.14. This seems to help. The only junk part is that you will have to reload previous destination alot as the unit stops tracking when you are near your destination. Other than that i really like the unit. I just hope they fix the destination in a future release.
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