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  1. Wow!!! is this getting out of hand or what? I personaly do not see the problem on getting this approved. When I checked into the office at Hidden Paradise, I told them of my intentions to do the Geocaches in the area, and to find the underwater cache. They told me that if I could not find it ,they would give me the coordinates. They charge the fee to dive the lake wether you are there to cache or not.It just so happens that I like doing both sports. The owners of the campground and lake are divers also. They understand that if you are a diver or just a cacher, you will be on their property and are therefor a liability in case of an accident. And in this sue happy world of ours, they are charging the fee and making you sign the waiver to protect you as well as themselves. Diving is a dangerous sport, if you don't follow the rules and are not properly trained. I personaly had a wonderful time at the campground, they offered me all the help I wanted or needed. I am planning on returning with other non diver cachers, and diving buddies alike. I am sure they will find the campground and Lake as much fun as I did. We could use more cache sites like this,just so long as we also offer non divers a way to get the coordinates. I am willing to buddy up with any non divers and go anywhere I can to help find underwater caches. Mike Goff Alzhemers Transporters wiba@accs.net
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