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  1. GPSr rarely leaves my hand, and a fanny pack for all the rest of your stuff. Substitue the fanny pack for a backpack if you carry lots of stuff or for longer hikes. Now you can wear what ever clothes you're comfortable in. Rich
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing an icon for "stroller friendly". I'm thinking more on the lines of off road stroller (or one of those jogging strollers) as opposed to something like a rail trail or bike path. If the terrain is not very steep and would allow a "big wheeled" stroller to traverse it, why not icon it? I would do a search for that type of cache when the family's going caching together. Just a tought. Thanks. Rich
  3. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!
  4. Go back to where you found it and leave just the bottle with coordinates to a new hiding place. If they find it then you know it belongs to a cacher and we all know NOT to mess with a fellow cacher! Rich
  5. Keep the money but, send $30 of it here for this poor person so they can keep their premium membership. Rich
  6. Famous cachers just hire people to do their caching for them.
  7. Initial impact was at the passenger side door, front airbags wouldn't deploy. Notice the side airbags did. After impact at 90 MPH, the car tore apart so any sensors, and for that matter, the whole electrical system is rendered useless. Rich
  8. Not a total wreck...the left rear tail light is still perfectly good. Actually that is the key to an Audi. The key is a flip out style similar to a jack knife. Press a button and the metal key flips out of the plastic body which contains the panic button and lock, unlock button. The case is missing from the photo. Either way, it's still a shame...sweet car. Rich
  9. "What do they taste like? Periodical cicadas are best eaten when they are still white (teneral), and they taste like cold canned asparagus. Like all insects, cicadas have a good balance of vitamins, are low in fat, and the females are especially high in protein. They are also Atkins friendly!" Yummy! Rich
  10. Another baseball term... " A man with four balls, should NOT walk!" Congrats, Mopar! Rich
  11. The whole thing’s a big conspiracy! Watch out, there’s hidden meaning!
  12. Sure. Wouldn't you? The amount of work and time the admin puts into this site is worth more than $30 a year. IMO. Rich
  13. Here is my usual caching buddy at six months old. This is him now. He's still not very good at finding the cache, though. Rich
  14. We have a cleaning team of two, come in weekly. They do windows too!
  15. Perhaps the site is too busy with people logging their finds? This happends all the time on the weekends. I think they need a faster or bigger server? Rich
  16. This is simple...just ask Randy (RJFerret). I guarantee HE knows! Randy? Where are you?
  17. Um.......Are there NOT enough attractions at Disney where one could go to enjoy the day / vacation without caching? There must be several caches outside of the park to hunt without having to place or hunt one IN the actual park. Also, I'm a little curious if the placer really thought that he could place a cache, that looks like a cell phone with stuff attached to it and NEVER have it found by park employees to only cause a stir like it did? Come on! I don't know when it was placed but, if it was prior to 9-11 he should've returned to the park and removed it, if it was after 9-11 it shouldn't have been placed at all. Not only was it an inconvinence to park goers but it was a huge threat to the Geocaching name. If I was going to a giant venue such as a theme park, I would make sure NOT to search out a cache. By poking around bushes, public telephones or anywhere like that, is just asking to be detained and questioned, with the end result of possibly ruining a vacation. I can't wait to read the story of some idiot that placed a cache in the middle of a beautiful landscaped entrance to a theme park and writes in the cache description, " You need to bushwack only a short distance...but please, be discreet." Rich
  18. Thanks to Yorky Lovers for helping me log this cache! You guys were a great help! Happy hunting! This thread is now closed! Rich
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