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  1. I just got mine in and they look very nice. I have not been able to get activation codes for any of them though. Anyone else running into this problem?
  2. As for the micros not containing swag, I found some micros that have had small trade or sig items left in them. I've been taking to leaving pathtags in the good micros I've found.
  3. Easiest way to find your reviewer is to look at the cache logs of a nearby cache. First one should be a publish log from the reviewer.
  4. I had a similar problem the other day. (I don't remember if it was the same day or not) I went looking for a new cache, so turned on my 60csx. Gps was leading me into the middle of the harbour. Went back to the car and noticed my gps had me standing in the lake when I was clearly parked on dry land. Checked the waypoint on the Quest in my car (which was showing me on land. Both units were using CN8 maps) The quest and 60csx were reading about 250-300' off. I could have taken the quest and went and lookid for the cache, but I descided to come back another day.
  5. Got my order in! Go Sabres! Choke Sens Choke!
  6. I'll be getting my pre order in! Choke Sens Choke! (You know it'll happen )
  7. Very cool. I'm looking forward to getting it. (Now that I have most of the club coins from the winter months out in caches.)
  8. Before I got mt 60csx I used a Quest. I think it worked fine. Signal lock was a problem some times, but most of the time it was fine. There are a couple things I'd like to see done differently, but all and all it works good. (Things I'd like to see differently: 1) ability to see actual distance instead of rounding to neerest 10 or 100' 2) included geocaching mode 3) ability to store more than 500 waypoints
  9. I like the undo function to put it back in your inventory, but I'd rathr not see previous loggers having access to the tracking number of any buy logged. IMHO, the fact that someone other than the owner cannot see the tracking # on the web site is a good way to make sure someone actually has a bug before logging. With the exception of the promotional bugs (jeep, ufd) I think most owners woul be happy to send a lost code or to move a bug into the correct cache if asked.
  10. I;ll give my vote for path tags. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to trade, easy to display (I have mine pinned up in a cork board). As of this past December, there were only around 100 designs. Now there's over 300. I can only see them becoming more popular once more of them make their way into caches. They're a fun thing to collect if you aren't obsessed with icons on a web page.
  11. There's a couple reasons I like pathtags First is they are reasonably priced. I got my initial starter during the half off sale. Refills are $1/coin. So, with my starter and refill, I'm paying $1.20/coin Second is the design and ordering is very straight forward. The price is spelled out on the website and the process for uploading the design was easy. Third, I like thier account management and trading system. It's easy to see other peoples tags and to request and keep track of trades. So it's not a GEOcoin with tracking and icons, but I'm fine with that. From what I've seen, most people just collect icons and don't actually send coins in the wild anyway.
  12. The Quest series will do this. I don't know if there's a limit to the via points, but I've had two or three in a route before.
  13. When I take something from a cache, it is usually a signature or presonalized item. poker chips and wooden nickles can be made fairly inexpensively. I've recently started dropping pathtags in caches. To start out, they work out to $4/tag for the first 25, but if after the initial order, they are about $1/tag. Other things I'll take from a cache: I'm a sucker for pins. If I see one in a cache, I'll usually trade for it. I've also taken keychains. lanyards, and such like that.
  14. I use them a sinature/trade items. They are not tracked in the same way TB/geocoins are. The tracking number on them is basically just to see who has your tags.
  15. The 7 digit waypoints don't work on the wap site. TPTB said they are working on a fix, but I haven't heard anything in a while.
  16. I can see people just making up trades for the log. Took: Two pennies Left: Diamon ring, spare 60CSx and new ipod
  17. I'm supprised that Garmin didn't write protect the preloaded maps.
  18. I found a cache on my watchlist today and didn't get any e-mail either.
  19. There are many people who trade nickles/chips/tokens. Don't expect to trade a nickle for a coin though. If you're looking for signature items, you may want to also look into pathtags.
  20. I am probably going to make enemies whe I say this, but I think the idea of activating a coin just to have it listed on your inventory is dumb. I did that with a couple of the coin I have and realized how stupid it looked on my list. Therefore, I'm all for the non-trackable coin. At the moment, I don't have a coin of my own. If I do, I like the idea of making non trackable versions too.
  21. There have been some cold winter days caching that I would have loved to find a scarf in the cache.
  22. Maybe they'll be releasing a firmware update to that will allow mutiple icon types in the geocaching mode.
  23. I've held bugs for about a month before going on a good trip. E-mail the ower and let him or her know of your intentions. Also tell them if they would rather see the bug circulate, that you'll drop it in a local cache. Most bug owners are fine with you holding on to one for a while as long as they know it is going to move.
  24. With whom do you have cel service? Most cel phones have an e-mail address you can send it to if you can receive text messages. T-mobile is (phone number)@tmomail.net Verizon is (phone number)@vtext.com
  25. I'm a member of both. I started out getting one of the geoswag coins a month. I then joined the GCC, getting 2 coins a month so I have one to send out. I've since added a second one to my geoswag subscription. The put out nice coins. For me, getting the second coin to send out 'justifies it' and keeps it a geocaching activity as opposed to just buying pretty coins.
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