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  1. I realize that my old style E-trex Summit (I am talking 1999 or 2000 version with no internal memory or basemap: just a blank screen and waypoints) is quite different than the Summit HC in many ways, but they do share the electronic compass. I use that feature on virtually every cache I find. I'm by no means a prolific geocacher as I usually limit my hunts to those caches in the woods or along hiking trails and rarely have the time to get out there. But when I do get the chance, I just have to stop every once and a while (either to clear my head or because my path is blocked by thornbushes) and rethink things. It is nice not having to pull out my "real compass" and compare it to my GPS (which is what I have to do if I use my old style Legend).
  2. I've seen some of those hide-a-keys sold without packaging. Even still, the receipt as log takes the cake!
  3. This type of cache would be right up my alley. I enjoy unique ideas and areas for geocaches. The fact that it would encourage people to enter an area rich with history only makes it more interesting to me. The fact that it incorporates exploration would force me to put it on my "to do" list. I say "do it!" I'm not sure how the stickers would work. Are you allowed to place them; might they be viewed as graffiti? But you have definately got something here. Unfortunately, I am not from your area!
  4. Briansnat, Thanks for posting the AT pictures. You are certainly right, NJ still has some nice areas and its short length of AT is my favorite place to backpack. It was refreshing to see that area represented. Is the last picture Mt. Tammany? Just so I do not offend: The other places are beautiful too!
  5. Uh, for sure. Klatch, that particular sentence was meant in reference to Ramapo's statement "I didn't know that other snakes rattle. I can only hope that the local copperheads would be as obliging...." I should have referenced it as it was an older reply. My next words were "Copperheads prefer to sneak away. . .". But they have been known to rattle their tails in brush or leaves, just don't count on it. With the number of Copperheads I have seen in North Jersey (mostly the Water Gap), everyone should be aware of their tendencies. Sorry for not linking the two thoughts!
  6. I'm not living in the area now, but I spent a lot of time hiking this area when I did. The copperheads are all over the place. Several people have reported stepping on or almost stepping on rattlesnakes. Copperheads are not as likely to rattle as the timbers. Copperheads prefer to sneak away rather than stand their ground. However, Coppers (like any large snake) will resort to striking if cornered. The timbers are more unpredictable. They might rattle, they might sneak away, they might grow aggressive, they may remain indifferent. You are all wise to wear long protective pants or high length boots and suitable gloves while caching. From what the OP has said, it sounds like a timber to me.
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