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  1. US Army Aviation, Gulf War 1. Active duty Army '83 to '92. Staff officer (Assisant S4 12th Aviation Bde during Desert Shield/Storm. Primary aircraft was the OH-58D. Loved the military and miss it. Wish I was in Iraq to finish the job, then again maybe I don't. God Bless the troops and the USA. DeltaKiowa
  2. Does anyone know the airlines (AA) policy on having a handheld GPS on during flight. Question #2: Will the SD card be corrupted going through the new security devices?? DeltaKiowa
  3. Thank you gentlemen for the advice and solution in loading a Topo region directly on the SD card via the SD USB card reader for my Meridian Plat. The solution was to not try and open the file, but just drag and drop it into the SD card reader. The card reader is a USB SD card reader on my Photosmart 7350 printer. Win98 doesn't show the .img file extension. By the way, the thread I was referring to was from Leatherman back in July. Thankyou Leatherman! DeltaKiowa
  4. I am having problems downloading a 4112 kb region to a Magellan supplied 16 MB SD card. I am following the directions from a July thread. Everything goes fine until I go to the file ProgramsfilesMagellanMapsend Topo USExportImages. I see the file I call "local", but there is nothing in it with a .img extension. When I click on the file I get an error message "Windows cannot find MapSheetsExpress.exe". Help please! DeltaKiowa
  5. A friend of mine has a Legend he has had since August. It has a problem of locking up or freezing. No keys or functions will work. The only way to restore funtions is to remove the battery and basically reboot the GPS. Has anyone else had this problem. DeltaKiowa
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