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  1. Given that more and more devices are coming out with VGA resolution, it's frustrating that this issue remains unresolved after so long. Really negates the time and effort required to put together a cartridge when it can't even be displayed properly in the Wherigo Player...
  2. When using the wall charger, the GPSr shows 'Charging', but when it's just plugged into my laptop, it only shows 'Ext Power'. Is this because it's using as much power as it's receiving just to run and therefore isn't charging the battery at the same time? How do I know it's actually charging the battery when the unit is off, since there's no external charging indication, like an LED or something? Also, does anyone have any idea how long it takes to fully charge a dead battery using a USB connection?
  3. I bought the 500LE from Costco.com and was quite happy with it initially, except that I was going through tons of AAAs (a set only seemed to last a few hours, though I never did a timed test), so the rechargeable Li-ion was a must have for me to even consider keeping the unit. So, I put in an order for two of the $20 charger/battery combos and when my order was still showing 'backordered' after two weeks, I called up Magellan directly. Took a bit of explaining to the customer rep what I was trying to do, but I basically just ordered two of the A/C chargers and two of the batteries (which you'll notice are not individually shown as backordered, only the combo is) and asked to be discounted the difference between those items and the 'special deal'. Surprisingly enough, they did it and I received my order in about a week. Worked for me, but YMMV.
  4. For puzzle caches label it "mystery" cache. Ah, that was the problem. I was generating my .gs files using CacheMate for PPC and it was using 'Unknown Cache' rather than 'Mystery Cache'. When I edited the file manually and uploaded it, the correct icon now displays. I've let the developer know so this should be fixed soon. Thanks for the help!
  5. My experience with my new eXplorist 500LE, having come from a Garmin Etrex Vista, are mostly positive. For me, the biggest gripes are: only able to load 200 geocaches unable to edit a geocache waypoint unable to create a geocache on the unit (using 'mark') no puzzle cache icon (all others are there, even events!!!) Going from 1000 to only 200 caches loaded is frustrating given the amount of storage memory available between the internal memory and the SD card, so I'm hopeful this will be changed to at least 500 in an upcoming firmware upgrade. Speaking of which, anyone heard if/when one will be coming?
  6. Actually, it's now listed at $179.99 delivered. Having just bought mine, I'll be asking for a $20 credit.
  7. I agree. This is the procedure I've used and it's worked fine for me as long as the cache name is what's shown.
  8. Same here; bought two, ppld on 2/18, but heard nothing since...
  9. I would like two or three of these as well. Please email me when you are taking orders. Thanks!
  10. Nice looking coin! Reserved 10, thanks!
  11. Will there be another batch or is this it for this very cool looking coin?!
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