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  1. When using apps that access the API, like Neongeo or GSAK, will the original or "corrected" coordinates be returned, or both? Well now that the feature is implemented we can create an API method to return the corrected coordinates when one of those apps requests them. So once the method is available those app developers will have to implement it on their end. It's not possible for it to just automatically show up like that unfortunately. That's what I figured, but thanks for the confirmation!
  2. When using apps that access the API, like Neongeo or GSAK, will the original or "corrected" coordinates be returned, or both?
  3. Go to your Manage Account Preferences page at http://www.geocaching.com/account/ManagePreferences.aspx and unclick [ ] Show Avatars in Cache Logs at the bottom of the first group of settings.
  4. From that article: "Employees benefit from free ski passes, catered lunches and all-expense-paid travel opportunities.". Maybe they need to focus less on giving their employees lots of perks and spend some of that money on improving the basic operation of the website so it doesn't slow to a crawl EVERY #@$%! weekend?!
  5. Will links to nearby challenges be added to cache pages? Currently, such an option is missing... ...other caches hidden or found by this user ...nearby caches of this type, that I haven't found ...all nearby caches, that I haven't found ---> ...all nearby waymarks on Waymarking.com ...all nearby benchmarks ...nearby Hotels
  6. I use the counter when evaluating DNF's on caches *I* own. As I mentioned I have a guardrail hide that seems to attract lots of DNF's from low count finders, and occasional one from the finders around several hundred and none from ones approaching or over 1,000. If I get 3 or 4 DNF's from the first group I pretty much ignore the situation, all is fine. If I get one or two from the last group I take a trip. The middle group I wait and see. Yes I could get this information by clicking on profiles, but that is a bunch of clicking for what was right there before. In the field I don't care. Since all I own is a dumb phone I need to load my GPS before I leave home. The four squares on GSAK pretty much tell me what I need to know about looking and I don't care about find counts of the finders or DNF'ers. I agree and also use the find counts for the same purpose. The four squares on GSAK is a feature many have asked for on the mobile apps as well that just keeps getting ignored. Not sure why as it seems like it'd be simple enough to implement?
  7. The year is there for older logs. For recent logs, only the month and day are shown. So if there is no year, just assume it's the most recent day with that date. Pretty sure that's how it's always been, isn't it? Think people were just so freaked out by the date change, they forgot...
  8. No, the official app doesn't display them. I've used PCNs for my puzzle notes and final coords since they came out, so this feature is my favorite. One of the major features that makes me happy with Neongeo is the fact that the app keeps everything it downloads from GS in a cache. So as you scroll around the map, it constantly updates and fetches new caches automatically. I think the limit is 2000. On the official app, the only way to have that many was loading PQs slooooooooooowly. Edit: Neongeo also caches map tiles, so it can be used without a data connection. Okay, you've sold me! Neongeo bought; now, to take it out for a spin this weekend.
  9. The developer has released a new version with enhancements and bugfixes nearly every day. The only feature Neongeo doesn't have is the ability to display Souvenirs. I've gotten two FTFs with it. One was a puzzle where I left my office without the final coordinates. Neongeo pulled them from my Personal Cache Note on my way out the door. Good to know that the dev is on top of things, as that makes all the difference; I just may try it out sooner than planned. Hmmm, I've never used the Personal Cache Note feature (and just configured ABP to hide it), but that could be a great use for it! May have to try that out. Can the Official Geocaching app access these notes?
  10. Benchmarks and waymarks are much closer to the true intent of geocaching than these challenges are, yet neither of those count towards your find total while challenges do? Really makes no sense to me...
  11. I finally took a look at www.neongeo.com and saw this in the FAQ: That is worth the price of admission. Thank you so much for opening up the API. [edit: fix BBCode] That's basic functionality that's been lacking in the official app since the beginning and was requested many times during beta testing. Waiting for the ad-supported version of Neongeo before trying it out since a 15-minute window isn't sufficient to try out a geocaching app (why, oh why did the Android Market change from a 24-hr evaluation period?). Looks good so far though!
  12. Try those two: geocaching.com#span(id=ctl00_ContentBody_MapLinks_MapLinks) geocaching.com#span(id=ctl00_ContentBody_uxMapLinkHeader) Perfect, thanks!
  13. Please share your ABP rules so we can retain some control of what/how things appear... Disclaimer: geocaching.com#fieldset(class=DisclaimerWidget) "Success" favorites thing: geocaching.com#div(class=span-10 FavoritesStatusWidget) would be my contribution... Thanks! I've also figured out how to block the following sections I never use... Personal Notes: geocaching.com#fieldset(class=NotesWidget) Print: geocaching.com##div#Print Large Map: geocaching.com##div#uxlrgMap But haven't been able to figure out how to remove the For online maps... section.
  14. Please share your ABP rules so we can retain some control of what/how things appear...
  15. Thanks, works great, along with the ABP rule to remove the social networking links.
  16. 2) Standard USB mini-B. Finally!!! I hate those d**n proprietary cables! Glad to see they're going with an established connector type. Sounds like a great unit and may consider getting one, depending upon the street price... Probably too much to ask, but I wonder if it has the capability to charge rechargeable batteries using the USB cable?
  17. Haven't seen it mentioned yet (and not sure it helps any ), but I've noticed that fieldnotes created via the TextMarks SMS system try to take into account the local GMT offset so that while the timestamp shown in the fieldnotes list is off (by the GMT offset), the date that appears in the Compose Log window will be correct... Shouldn't the same timestamp format be used for fieldnotes, no matter the source?!?!
  18. Been experiencing this issue for some time and glad to know they're aware of it. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!
  19. There's an app called Blackmoon Attach Save Lite in the Market that will let you save any attachment to your device, so you may want to give it a try.
  20. Yes, it would be a very useful tool for reviewing log files for those who have put out Wherigo caches. Also, I've searched without any luck, but what exactly are the contents of the GWL files? Really just one field I can't identify, so I'm curious what it is. Why don't they at least include a header row??? Looks like time, in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format, Lat, lon, altitude in meters, ????, Comments???
  21. Is this still being developed? Seems like a good idea, but couldn't do much on the site except register it seems???
  22. Guess I should have spelled out Feature Request!
  23. Yeah, but only if I put every new cache that appears on my watchlist and then remove them when found! Not really a solution, IMNSHO!
  24. Anyone know which icons are available on the Tritons? I've discovered that, unlike my eXplorist, benchmarks do not show up with a unique icon and are instead assigned the unknown cache (?) icon.
  25. The current notifications work fine, but it would be even better if we could filter them more, mainly by whether or not the account holder has found the cache. For example, if a cache's coordinates are updated or it is temp disabled or archived, I really only care if it's for a cache I have not yet found. However, to receive those notifications, I have to get notified of ALL coord update logs, not just the ones I want. Seems like this would be beneficial to Groundspeak as well, as it would reduce the number of notifications being sent out...
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