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  1. Thanks, that's most helpful. Yes, it covers the chirp with a couple wrappings. It doesn't seem to attenuate signal much as I noted above getting it at at a good distance away.
  2. Thanks for the information. One question: does the cam tape actually cover the chirp? I am thinking it does.
  3. What is the best way to place a Chirp. How high off the ground should it be. Should it be placed vertically (on the stump of a tree) or horizontally (out on a limb)? Does placing a layer of camo tape over the beacon hinder it or not? Also, I know you can not place a Chirp in a metal container but how about on a metal pole? I am experimenting with one and I get inconsitent results. Sometimes I can be fairly far away (over 10 meters) and it will signal and other times I can be quite close (2 meters) and nothing will happen and then, finally, it will pick up. I have a Garmin 62s and a Montana 650 and, so far the Montana, does a better job. Thanks for any help and advice.
  4. This is still available for $160 shipped and Pay Pal Goods to the 50 States. Steve
  5. I have too many GPS receivers so one has to go. This one is a year old and has a small ding in the middle and a bit of crud in the corners but is otherwise in tiptop shape and has the latest firmware. $160 (reduced!) with shipping seems reasonable to me. US Residents only via USPS Priority Mail. Must use Paypal goods (the fees come off my total). Thanks for looking. http://anasazi.smugmug.com/Other/My-Smug-Mug/i-7LqP2dW/0/L/2011-08-28-Sale-Items-IMG0446-L.jpg
  6. Step 1: Redo your PQ but UNCHECK the box that tells you to compress it. Step 2: depending on how many geocaches you ask for, the email may or may not have the geocache attachment and the child waypoint attachment. You may have to download them separately. Step 3: Attach your 450 to your computer. It should be visible as a drive (it will say Garmin). Go to folder "garmin" and the click on the "GPX" subfolder. Copy/Paste the 2 files to that folder. (Be sure when doing the PQ to ask for .gpx files and NOT .loc file. The default is ,gpx Good luck I have the 450 myself and all I can say is that it is usually spot on. Keep in mind that, unless you are in really open country, there will be a margin of accuracy that may belie what the GPS is telling you. Also, if you haven't already, download the Web Updater program. It's great for keeping the firmware up-to-date. kit_n_kaboodle
  7. 17th Street Photo has them in stock according to Amazon.
  8. If you placing them in the Garmin/GPX folder, I am betting that your Nuvi does not have the ability to populate the GPX file as individual waypoint. UNLESS, you do a FIND/Waypoints and that is how they are showing up. According to Garmin, the NUVI is listed as NOT Geocaching friendly. Steve
  9. If you placing them in the Garmin/GPX folder, I am betting that your Nuvi does not have the ability to populate the GPX file as individual waypoint. UNLESS, you do a FIND/Waypoints and that is how they are showing up. According to Garmin, the NUVI is listed as NOT Geocaching friendly. Steve
  10. Well, as if by magic, I went back to My Dashboard (after I learned how to force the unit into Mass Storage mode) and updated again. IT WORKED! I cannot explain how. But Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care!
  11. I registered the Unit and then went to "My Dashboard" where I was told there was an Update. Click on that , the SW was downloaded and then they told my to disconnect and start up the unit which I did. Well, I got the opening Garmin screen but it faded to nothing. I remembered from a previous unit that if you press the power button and the PAGE button simultaneously to get a diagnostic screen. It indicates that I still have v2.40 which makes some sense because the LOADER program never appeared. But, then why didn't it stay with 2.40 as if the BETA SW didn't exist. I now have a $450 hand grenade. BTW my batteries were fine plus swapping out batteries didn't help.
  12. It's in excellent condition with no scratches on the screen, just some very small smudges. It did get quite a bit of use but not out in any rugged places. This is the one with the TOPO 1:100000 map for the US. It has a microSD slot but does not come with one. Uses AA batteries. Everything that came in the box is included. I have applied the latest SW update which is 3.71. Price: $300 shipped to lower 48 only. Regular PP only! If you live in the Milwaukee WI area and wish to pick up, I will still need to use PP BUT will sell for $293. Reply to the list if interested.
  13. I Think the OP wants to have the map not have the Geocache symbols on them. The only way I can think of is to erase the .GPX files from the device.
  14. I bought this in mid-June and only used it once. Worked well, esp, the longer you use it. But, since the only map detail is that of a Topo map, it is really a tad inadequate for anything but Recreational use, since the streets are not up-to-date. The unit is in perfect condition and include a pair of batteries (a bit run down at this point), a 1 GB SD card and a proprietary USB cable. The PN 40 has a non standard port on its end. Also included are all the disks that came with the unit which is US Topo. The SD card currently has Wisconsin and Michigan on it. PRICE: $200 pp'd and shipped to the lower 48 only. Please send inquiries to: anasazi@wi.rr.com Thanks, Steve
  15. Just before I sold my VistaHCx, I reformatted the 256 MB card in a Windows Vista box and used FAT32 as the type and then reinstalled te Topo maps and the problem disappeared. I did not again try it in either of my 2 macs, so I do not know if the problem will reappear.
  16. Price dropped to $225 but w/o the CN card. I can use it in my Edge.
  17. What is the difference between the maps on Topo 8 and the pre-cut maps on the other 4 DVDS?
  18. While the Topo maps are good for geocaching, you will need the CN card if you want to do routing. http://gallery.me.com/kit_n_kaboodle#10014...p;bgcolor=black http://gallery.me.com/kit_n_kaboodle#10014...p;bgcolor=black Click on the links above to see the flaws. There are some scratches on the lower part of the unit but they do not affect the readability of the screen (daylight conditions do that just fine. I would like to get $350 for the GPSr (with everything that game in the box) and the CN 2009 microSD. I will ship to the CONUS only and I really would prefer to use PAYPAL. I will take a personal check or a money order but personal checks have to clear before I will ship. Please send offers or queries to: anasazi@wi.rr.com Kit'n'Kaboodle Steven W Blackwood
  19. A bit farther than down from what? I have a listing for the Vista farther down in the Garage Sale list.
  20. I have an Etrex Vista HCX with some minor scratches on the screen but it works well and I have included the Topo 2008 dvd, a 256 mb card and the belt attachment, all for $100 shipped. See the listing a bit farther down.
  21. Addition: I will also include a 256 MB FAT 32 formatted microSD card and the belt attachment.
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