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  1. Favorite I've seen was a decoy pigeon clipped to the branch with the bison tube attached to it's back. you'd be amazed at how easy it was to pass it by. deleted because i realized i might be giving a cache away. was a good story too.
  2. oooohhhhhh.....you really haven't heard?
  3. you should be able to manually load coordinates into any gpsr.
  4. are you saying that those of us who have a spouse that doesn't like geocaching aren't happily married?
  5. no, it's not normal, most people catch on right away. j/k, i couldn't resist. i didn't find my first 3 tries if i remember correctly.
  6. i was thinking the same thing, if you have an altimeter you might as well set it.
  7. ladies and gentelmen...we have a winnah.
  8. my wife doesn't like geocaching, but she loves being outside and walking, hiking, biking so if we're out doing that and i want to geocache around the area she doesn't mind. if it's a multi where you have to figure something out to make the find, she kinda likes those. anyway i don't want my wife sharing my interest in everything i do, and vice versa. we don't have to be together every minute of every day. i like mountain biking, she doesn't and i'm glad of it.
  9. i hope he/she will return and politely tell us how it all worked out.
  10. well there you go! it only gets funner from here.
  11. the manual way is: go to the menu screen, click on 'mark'. your present coordinates will come up, scroll down to them and edit to the coordinates you want to go to. you can do this as many times as different coordinates you want to load, you will notice that the waypoint number should increase each time, you can also change that to what you want, probably the geocachce identifier (GCXXXXX). let us know how it goes.
  12. namiboy

    new guy

    hi and welcome. i was in the navy in japan for four years. i was just there on vacation in august as well. ask your son if he is near GC1JB9C or GC1BT82. they are both pretty fun, especially the first one.
  13. just a reminder, you don't have to download the maps to find geocaches. and i don't think they would help you if you were within 10 feet of ground zero anyway. i'm not a hardcore geocacher, but i've found 100 with 2 different gpsr's and never downloaded a map. again...not saying don't download/add maps, just that you don't have to. welcome to the fun.
  14. i did go geocaching, but only because we wanted to go for a walk before the big feast. there happened to be one in the park we went to so i made the grab. ended up being my 100th find.
  15. welcome to all new members, and happy caching.
  16. before i went to japan in august i searched the areas i was going to, found some geocaches that i thought were interesting, downloaded them to my vista hcx, printed the cache page and went for it. i was really busy with everything else over there, but managed to find the ones i looked for, just like here in the states.
  17. namiboy

    Garmin Nuvi 255W

    that sounds cool---"i am the source". cue deep voice "luke, i am the source"...
  18. i bought a vista hcx off of amazon for 169. do you have time to check for a week or two? they sometimes put them on sale for short periods of time.
  19. match that response up with your signature lines and get back to me. i was just wondering what happened, not which was better. but thanks.
  20. yeah, i know, practically no one uses mygarmin to download caches, but suddenly today the website stated "only a group of 5 geocaches per unit per day". is this something from garmin, or something from geocaching.com? also, i didn't even download any and by the time i found some i wanted to download it said i had already reached my limit and come back tomorrow. anyone know anything?
  21. maybe he is estranged or something from his father, but knows he geocaches, so he is trying to locate him using this website? i wish the OP would respond to at least one of the posted replies.
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