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  1. I'm a Mac guy and not a PC person, but I'd assume that they would automatically transfer over when you do a migration to your new machine. Windows can do a migration to the new machine can't it? oddly enough, we ended up buying a macbook pro. which did you have first, the gpsr or the mac? any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm a Mac guy and not a PC person, but I'd assume that they would automatically transfer over when you do a migration to your new machine. Windows can do a migration to the new machine can't it? thanks, that's what i'm trying to figure out. obviously i'm not to tech-ish.
  3. hi all. i hope someone can point me in the right direction. i am buying a new laptop and need to get mapsource with my downloaded gpsfiledepot maps and also the web updater onto my new pc. can anyone help me? thanks.
  4. how long of a trail? if you know the zip code the trail is in you could just search by zip code on the cache seek page and then see if any that are in the same zip code as the trail are near the trail.
  5. i started geocaching because i had a gpsr, that's it. all the other nice things about it that others have mentioned is icing on the cake.
  6. congrats on the finds by the new geocachers, it was good reading.
  7. namiboy

    GPS Frustration

    agreed, i have an old blue etrex legend and even when it gives me and EPE of 7 ft, it still doesn't take me to exact dead-on ground zero, i don't think any gpsr will. you might get lucky once a while maybe.
  8. this article has a few restaurants to eat at on the way from miami to key west, i've only been to 'robert is here' so i can't vouch for the others: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/...ere_are_the.php the green turtle inn is a pretty famous place in islamorada: http://www.greenturtlekeys.com/ in key west i enjoyed touring the ernest hemingway home, but mostly i just drank the hundred times i've been there. i'm sure you know to go to mallory square at sunset for some fun. i've never geocached in key west proper, but i did find GCMQJX on the way down once, it was a pretty good one. have fun and congratulations. edit, my wife just reminded me of this pretty authentic mexican place in florida city between homestead and the keys: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&am...ved=0CBYQqgUwAA
  9. i assume you're not talking about the 'proximity alert' which can be turned off on my vista hcx, right? else i would say look at that function.
  10. i have two, neither has had a problem yet. the older one is from 2006 and since i bought my other one a year ago the older one has been stored exclusively in my truck.
  11. i geocached in japan last year with no japan maps loaded on my device. my wife is japanese so that helped of course. will you be working with any japanese folks while there? they could help you out as far as how to get close to ground zero and such. then you just use your gpsr just like you were at home. edit to say that there are available maps for my garmin, i know you have a lowrance, but anyway there are so many dang streets i thought it wouldn't be worth it to download, plus most of the time i traveled on the subways and trains to get close to gz. here is an example of the garmin map from up up down website:
  12. "Its a multi-thousand dollar project, and i hate to see all that power and changeability go to wast doing things that only use less than 1% of its power. I mean, who uses a $2000 robot to sort marbles?" with all due respect, didn't you have this figured out BEFORE you built the thing?
  13. i guess i should finally check those games on my year old vista hcx, never even thought about it. i'll report later.
  14. i live near fort lauderdale and i'd be interested in some responses to this as well.
  15. hakone is a couple hours from tokyo, but there are a lot of interesting things to do there. geocache GC1JB9C isn't real hard to find, but it is in a very cool area.
  16. this sums up my feelings exactly, not to take away from the accomplishment though.
  17. if your 'testers' log it as an ftf before it gets published.....look out.
  18. i have a vista hcx and i love it. i've never used it for road routing, but i'm satisfied with everything else i've used it for. i watched for sales for a couple of weeks and got it from amazon for the same price as a legend. if i buy maps from garmin i'm just gonna get the micro-sd card for ease of use, just pop it in the gpsr and go.
  19. say "are you a fellow traveler?" only a true geocacher will resposnd with "i've bumped my head a few times"
  20. i took a 2 mile walk last night, just on the sidewalk, about 1 mile under trees and highrises on one side. i know it's not like hiking out in the wilderness or anything, but the track was dead on all the way from my front door and back. i upgraded to 2.8 and 2.8 the day i brought it home and it's stayed that way. not sure if this adds anything to the conversation or not.
  21. AAAA anti-acryonym association of america
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