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  1. The new 64sx and 64scx have TopoActive maps for the US installed on them.......
  2. When you are in the Geocache profile, and are actively searching for a geocache, when you hit the Menu button on the 64s, it will give you options of looking at the cache description, hint, logs, etc. On the 66s, when you hit the menu button, the only option you get is to stop Navigation. To see the cache information, you have to hit the quit button, and select the Geocaching app (assuming that you have the Geocaching app set up to display on the scrolling selections on the main page) to see any of that information. Than you have to select the Map app to go back to searching for the caching.
  3. I wouldn't copy any of the fine tuning that you've done, just on the outside chance that some of those settings maybe contributing to the problems. Garmin did exchange my 66s, and I have to admit it works better than the first one I had, but it still has some limitations that I can only attribute to product growing pains......
  4. That's what I've done But in the 64s it was a matter of having the data available without having to switch between apps. A step backward, IMHO
  5. Cachly is only available for the iPhone/iPad right now. We had a geocache event yesterday in Vancouver WA, and the Cachly author who lives there attended (he gave all the Cachly users a nice geocoin). It was great hearing and talking to him about the app. He said that he might move it to the MacOS depending on how Apple implements that functions. Their WWDC in June should shed more light on that. He said it wouldn't be difficult to do. Here's the GC for the event: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC84184_meet-and-greet-and-cachly?guid=077ea46b-4012-438c-a0fa-de977c9362a9
  6. I agree it's a pain to have to switch between the Map page where you navigate to the cache, and the to the Geocache page where you can see the details about the cache, as well as where you can log it as found/DNF/unattemepted. Steep learning curve for me as well, switching from the 64sc to the 66s
  7. I'm still having problems loading PQs on my newest 66s. So I did rename the SQL folder. I noticed the original folder had a date of 12/31/2026 on it, as did the files inside. But the one that was created after renaming gave today's date and time. Interesting.
  8. I'm a Mac user but am not familiar with iCaching? Is that a computer app? If you're a Mac user, are you familiar with Cachly?
  9. I see my error now. I wasn't using the Geocache dashboard, I was using 4 small data fields. Now the display looks similar to the one on the 66s.
  10. This site has helped me a lot with the 66s.... https://www.gpsrchive.com/GPSMAP/GPSMAP 66/index.htm
  11. I'm confused when you say compass pointer. Is that one of the data fields? Is that the arrow that is on the map proper? Not wanting to sound obtuse, just trying to understand the way it works.
  12. Just a follow up to loading my PQs on the 66s. I've purchased a new 64s that I got Saturday (I had sold my old one when I got the 66s). When I load my 70+ PQs on it, using the drag'n'drop method, it takes about 6-7 minutes for it to Load Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes (I'm doing it now). The progress bar moves, and it doesn't freeze. When I tried the same process on the 66s, the progress bar would never update, and the unit would not power off, the only thing I could do was to pull the batteries to shut it off. I never got a chance to do the SQL thing that you asked, I returned the 66s to Garmin, they are sending me a brand new 66s to replace the one I purchased. They will even let me transfer the City Navigator purchase to the new one.
  13. I was basing my comment on what you stated about the action of the pointer, that it points to the nearest geocache so that the closest one isn't missed. On my 64s, the pointer is only active when I have a geocache selected.
  14. On the 64s I have, when I have Geocaching profile enabled, and 4 data fields, the first is set to pointer, and there is nothing there.
  15. Haven't had time to yet. I've been working on a CT scanner that's been down all day, and still isn't fixed. I hate when work gets in the way of geocaching.....LOL BTW, does a factory reset do anything to the SQL folder?
  16. I realize that I'm moving a lot of data. But on the older Garmins I used it wouldn't take longer than 10-12 minutes to move the same amount of data. Not every PQ has 999 caches, some have only 200-300, some less.
  17. Backlight is on for 30secs. But since it never completes booting to the main display, the backlight never goes out........
  18. Thanks for this information. This is a great resource. I'm starting to understand the relationship between Dashboards and Profiles. Steep learning curve on this unit.
  19. I would love to get 12-16 hours with this unit. I've never had them last more than 7-8 hours. That includes both the Garmin battery pack and rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  20. I delete the old PQs off the 66s, then power it on to give it a chance to clear, and it still hangs at the progress bar.....
  21. I agree, that the geocaching aspects of this device is pretty poor. I still am having problems with the map not displaying after finding one cache, and when I go to the next one, I get a blank map screen. FWIW, Garmin did say they're going to send me a new warranty replacement unit....but I have to send mine in first.....
  22. Another glitch I've found when loading geocaches via the drag'n'drop method, and I power on the 66s after disconnecting from the computer. If I just power it on, it hangs on the Loading Waypoints, Tracks progress bar, and locks up. I can't turn it off, the only way to power it off is to remove the batteries. If I power it on with it plugged into an A/C outlet, it will boot up, load maps, but bypasses the Loading Waypoint, Tracks progress bar, and none of the cache data is seen on the device.........anyone else experience this???
  23. I found this page on gpsarchive this morning, about the Geocaching function of the 66s/66st. It gives it a big FAILED stamp, and says this function is currently broken. One question, how are GGZ files created?? http://www.gpsrchive.com/GPSMAP/GPSMAP 66/index.htm
  24. I'm a little nervous about renaming the SQL directory. Will that affect any of the maps I have installed, like the City Navigator?
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