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  1. I stumbled across this site that allows you to find URLs by their proximity to a given location. This gives the web a sense of physical location. I can't think of a way that this could tie in with the game of geocaching, but it seems as though it could somehow. http://geourl.org/
  2. At last, a sunny day! I can already hear you guys putting fresh batteries in the GPSr. There's gonna be some serious caching going on today. Me? I gotta go to a wedding
  3. quote:Originally posted by georgeandmary:Ok, here's a question.. if base sixteen is hexadecimal, what do you call base 31? george Wanna go for a ride? I think it's called triacontamonodecimal, but make sure you're eating a peanut butter sandwich before you say it.
  4. Bringing our own laptops sounds like a good idea to me. Gentlemen! Start your laptops!
  5. The Japanese market always seems to be ahead when it comes to gadgets. I can't read the description, but the device on this web page appears to be a GPSr attachment for a cell phone. Anyone seen something like that here? Article Phone Mhop
  6. This might have been brought up before, but I want to ask what the rules are regarding placement of caches. Specifically, I'm curious about the wording of the guideline that says not to place a cache while on vacation. I take it that means you can't have a cache on the opposite side of the country/state/county ?
  7. I thought all parks were public places. Well, some are less public than others it seems. I was thinking about putting a cache in Palo Alto's Foothills park, but I'm not sure when I'll be wealthy enough to do that. It's open to Palo Alto residents only. http://www.halplotkin.com/MetroArticles/metro2_21_91sec1.htm MHOP
  8. Well, I haven't reached 500 caches or anything like that, but I did get my first FTF yesterday. I was the first one to get to Marky and Joani's Secret Trailhead #6. It ain't secret no more! It's looking pretty soggy this morning, so no caching today.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm going to pick up some of that stuff before the next time I head out.
  10. Just wanted to jump in here and say hello to the regulars here. I'm new to geocaching but definitely hooked on it. I got started on TeamJiffy's Solar System series(great fun) and have done some other caches as well. My last cache was "Fear Factor" out by Gustine. I'm getting better at it and plan to continue, but I need to spend some time looking at images of Poison Oak so I can avoid it next time. I'm itching and scratching like crazy right now, but I'll know better next time. Mhop
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