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  1. I DL the PQ directly from geocaching.com, which goes to my msn email. Then I upload that to box.net. At that point I go into Geosphere on my iTouch and ask to DL the file from Box.net. It loads it and and the past asks me where I want to DL it, and I tell it which Group I want it to go to. (Before this I've deleted what is currently in that Group so it can DL the new PQ info. into it.) Suddenly last week I can't get it to go from Box.net into the group. Once I go into box.net and find the file, I highlight it, and it says "loading" for about three seconds, and then does nothing. I've tried just about everything and have queries about it everywhere. I suspect some new "update" has done something so this doesn't work anymore. Grr.

  2. I'm hoping someone out in geo-land may use Geosphere on in iTouch with box.net and maybe can some input. Have you had trouble in the last week DGg PQs on the iTouch. I tried posting this in another section and evidently was incorrect to put it there. Hopefully this is an acceptable place for this query.


    As of last week I'm unable to DL my box.net uploaded files into Geosphere on my iTouch. The uploaded file from my email no longer shows the date last updated and now just has a series of numbers, which can get confusing when you upload weekly. But when I highlight the uploaded file I wish to DL into Geoshpere, it doesn't do anything anymore. It used to ask where I wanted to DL load it (under the Data feature), and now just says "loading" and then does nothing. Any suggestions? Help.


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