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  1. G0ldNugget: If you both are actually signing the logs, there's no issue. And if a CO does inquire, there's an easy explanation.
  2. SkeetSkeetSkeet blanketed portions of our very rural area with "finds." It would take a quite long drive to get to an international airport. Could he have made it to the other side of the world and then immediately go caching? Probably not. Could he have just logged in on a later date? Could be, but the probability is low. Evidence of deception. I've been watching a cache that has been missing for months. He/She logged it. I went back and looked, and it's still missing. (It's quite obvious where it should be due to the name of the cache and another one hidden just like it.) Evidence of deception. No ink on the paper log. Some cachers may be of the mind that "if I see it, then I found it and don't have to put anything on the log." Okay. But since the rules do state one must put a caching name on the log, this is certainly grounds for deletion. Not a total slam dunk, but definitely evidence of probable deception. In one instance he logged hundreds of finds on the same day, which is possible. But many are on caches whose owners have not been active for years. He slipped up, though, and also logged one by a certain inactive member which was hidden while visiting family in North Carolina -- not exactly close to rural California. Oops. Deception beyond a reasonable doubt. There have been many who have questioned his authenticity. I would LOVE to hear directly from him with his side of the story. I'd love to hear his description of our area of rural California and ask him how long it took him to not only get here, but then to hike out to certain logged caches. I'd also like to hear why he feels it's okay to abuse those who inquire into the validity of his finds. He has been reported to Groundspeak by numerous people. My particular response from them was a pat answer: he's just cheating himself. While that is very true, it seems that the very integrity of this game/hobby/entertainment which we enjoy has been compromised. If I start to regularly receive hundreds of bogus finds on my hides, I might begin to think the whole premise of geocaching is a joke and decide to quietly withdraw -- again a personal choice. Having expressed all of this, I just thought a forum post of"Beware of a SkeetSkeetSkeet find" was appropriate. Check your own caches if he's logged one and reach your own verdict, and then proceed with your own course of action....or not.
  3. Note: If SkeetSkeetSkeet has logged any of your caches, you might want to do some checking. It seems this cacher has logged numerous caches all over the country in the same time frame, and his/her logs should really be deleted. Unless he/she travels the speed of light, something doesn't ring true. Many of these log-ins seem to be on lonely hides or where the CO might be either inattentive or absent. Really kind of sad.
  4. Power trail COs: I'm just hoping now a SCUBA attribute will truly mean SCUBA and not a power trail. Lots to clean up and reassign there!
  5. Thanks! Figured it out. Definitely a bit more work. Now to see if I can remember how to do it next time it comes up!
  6. It looks like the Gallery is now hidden within the Profile. Am I right that the option to Edit and download images in older archived caches has been removed? This is where I previously have uploaded photos to use for backgrounds, etc., since Photobucket changed their rules.
  7. "Open in Browser" makes so much more sense than "Share" for accomplishing this task. One has to wonder who came up with some of the alternate names for actions: like Activity for the previous logs, et cetera. (Trying to teach old dogs new tricks and all!) And then there's so many options just plain missing (like the Personal Notes). I find myself constantly aborting the new app. and fleeing back to the original cache page - or using other apps.
  8. I'm really trying to be open-minded and learn the new app. I realize when things are new they are difficult until learned. But, as a "puzzler," I spent forever yesterday looking for my personal notes in a sketchy phone reception area. I'm looking at Forum discussions this morning, and now I see it wasn't just me, but the whole Personal Note area is missing. What?? Oh, please, please work on this. Thank goodness I had a different offline app. that I could access yesterday in order to get my corrected mystery coords. and notes. I know the new app. is still a work in progress, and I'll continue to try to learn it, but it is a little -- okay, make that REALLY frustrating right now! I hope someone who is working on the development of this new app. will look at it from the point of view of users who work the mystery caches, and what they need from an app. Often solving the puzzles happens days/months/years before being able to actually physically find/log the cache, and being able to accesss one's Personal Note and corrected coordinates/notes is crucial. However, even those who don't often do the puzzle caches often use the Personal Note section for their own purposes. Hopefully this addition to the new app. can be accomplished sooner than later!
  9. Hmm, was able to make it work with my home Area Code, but not the one I'm working with (Reno). I'm confused!
  10. There are several puzzles out there which were based on the Area Code option, and the Zip Code option doesn't give the same GZ coordinates as Area Code, or for that matter, even if you put in the name of a City for baseline coords.
  11. No, Pup Patrol, I do mean Area Code. On the old search page there was an Area Code option down below the "Other Search Options" and under directly beneath the "Cache Starts With" option. It still is on the Old Search page, however if you click it, it takes you to the old Advanced Search page where Area Code is not an option, although Zip Code, etc. still is there.
  12. Area code? You meant postal code? At the bottom right on the new search page is a link to go to the old search that says "Take me to the old Search". Not sure how long the old search will still be around. I'm sure there is information already posted about how to search by postal code in the new search. B.
  13. With the new Search page is it still possible to search by Area Code in any way? It seems to have been removed even from the Old Search option. I'm trying to solve a puzzle cache which used the old Area Code search.
  14. Please be patient since it may take a week or two for people to realize these two have been archived. Also the other nearby cache owner has been notified that their bridge hide also needs to go away so as not to cause uneasiness or unhappiness on your part.
  15. I was just trying to locate some SCUBA caches and was getting all kinds of crazy results. After reading this thread I know why. Is there an easier way to locate the true SCUBA caches if Power Trails use this attribute? I can't believe there isn't a PT attribute since they seem to be pervasive now! What good are the attributes if they are used indiscriminately? Is this PT attribute on a serious Wish List (so they can keep their paws off the SCUBA attribute)?? What if they decided to use the Wheelchair or Night Only attribute? That wouldn't be okay, either -- but might get action a little quicker!
  16. It wasn't just happening with one GC as I was trying to input info. into several GCs. Yesterday I was able to input one Corrected Coord. and one Personal Note. Still not showing the logs, though. I'm thinking now that it's possible we have gone over some limit on our satellite internet and are getting limited internet data. Several computer antics that I'm trying to do seem to be slowed down - which doesn't exactly help with puzzle-solving! I don't know, but I'll see what happens as we hit January. But thanks everyone.
  17. Hmm. I've tried to access the corrected coordinates "pencil" with a laptop, a PC and an iPad. Still no logs showing. It must be our internet out here since no one else seems to be causing the issues.
  18. Nothing happens when I click on the pencil I get the floating "Correct these Coordinates" when I hover, but won't recognize the click. I also can't add a personal note. Also having an issue with the cache page showing me previous logs. Maybe it's the slow internet gremlins on my end trying to prevent me working on any more puzzle caches.
  19. is something strange going on? I can't put in corrected coords (after solving puzzles). Maybe it's just on my end since I don't see a mention of this by others, but...
  20. Glad I checked this Forum since I thought it was just me having this problem. After DLg caches into ExpertGPS, plotting a map of just where I wanted to go, then DLg them on my GPS from there, I guess I'm just stuck in my ways! I suppose I could learn a new way, but I also hope that this can be prioritized and fixed soon!
  21. Does anyone else use ExpertGPS to DL caches? I like to search for "caches I haven't found" from a pinpointed location or even around a certain cache from the cache page, then check the ones (or all of them) I want to DL into ExpertGPS topo maps. Suddenly nothing is DLg. Any ideas? I haven't changed any settings from what I usually do.
  22. I've always used Box.net, DLg PQs to my email, then uploading to Box.net, then opening Geosphere, going to the Box.net File Sharing under Data, and then selecting and DLg into the Group of my choice. After reading your posts I tried going directly to the Pocket Queries tonight from the Geosphere data tab. Can it really be that easy? My goodness, it DL'd directly into my Group of choice without all of the intermediate steps. If it is really that easy, I think I'm glad this hiccup happened so I'd get frustrated and reach out for help and learn that my old way should be replaced with this more direct way! Thank you both for taking the time to respond. Hopefully this thread will help someone else, too.
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