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  1. I did see the Zumos-- quite pricey. This particular application is non-geocaching related.
  2. Perhaps. If the Nuvi units can only accommodate one Via point in a route, I can't imagine how anyone could consider that a viable product.
  3. Having used various Garmins (60csx, iQue 3600, GPS 196 air) I did not realize that current auto type Garmin GPS units apparently don't allow your to create & upload routes with a mapping program, or even download tracks. Garmin tech support tells me that _only_ their out-of-production StreetPilot 2720 and still current 2820 has these functions. One can send waypoints back/forth and create routes that way (a hassle) but even the Nuvi a friend bought recently only provided for the ability to add ONE via to a route! Am I missing something here? All the owners of the newer Garmin auto units have to create routes in the unit itself, they cannot save/download tracks, and only ONE via to a route?? That makes for a pretty useless GPS for our purposes. Perhaps there's auto type models from other manufactures that have more functionality with respect to GPS <--> PC exchange? Thanks for any input.
  4. I had lost track of this thread and did not see these responses-- thanks for the input. I tried Garmin's POI Loader tool when it first came out, but wasn't all that impressed. Apparently they've improved things with newer versions? If I recall correctly, you can choose not to install POI data when setting up a new unit w/ Mapsource, but as these units come preloaded, I assume the POI info is already loaded. Any way to remove all existing POIs so you end up with only your own custom info? Perhaps your or someone with the C330 can answer a couple of follow-up questions. From Garmin's description: What's in the Box: Preloaded City Navigator® NT for North America or Europe (full coverage) Vehicle suction cup mount with integrated power cable* Can I assume that comes w/ Navigator Preloaded, in addition to the CD/DVD that one can use to create POIs, waypoints & routes on their PC then upload to the C330? This "integrated power cable" consists of a car cig lighter adapter?
  5. I've been asked for advice as to which Garmin (must be Garmin) GPS receiver might be a good choice for a tourist group to buy. The members of this group who are relative technology novices, will be shown how to upload a route with waypoints to their GPS, then jump in their car and follow the voice guided directions. I know, I know... sounds like a plan for disaster [g] however, they're determined and the person leading the effort has a way of getting such things done. So I guess the main requirement for this automotive unit is that the unit have voice guidance, be able to receive routs & waypoints from a PC, and be reasonably priced. Extra bells & whistles beyond these basic features not needed at all. I have a 60csx, iQue 3600 and GPS 196 aviation unit, but there's a whole bunch of newer units on the market that I really don't know much about. Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated.
  6. As I often switch between off-road and road navigation, I leave this setting on "prompt". Takes just one additional click to get what I want and keeps me from having to go back in, drill down and make the change in setup.
  7. Hi Olar, Precisely. Topofusion doesn't write GPS info to exif fields-- sorry if I gave that impression. What it can do-- like a number of other programs-- is to process .gpx files and compare the date info therein against the exif time stamp in a series of digital images. For my workflow I have no particular reason to want to embed the lat/lon info in the image themselves anyhow. As long as my GPS is in sync w/ the camera time, all I need is to match the .gpx files to the photos themselves. Here's a rather crude sample (with a bit of customization: the "pink arrows") I made as a test on a flight last year. Read/follow the instructions to check the functionality (scroll down to see the thumbnail images). Topofusion HTML Sample page
  8. Hi Olar, Interesting. But unless I'm missing something, I don't see how it "takes it a bit further"? Seems to be just another tool for doing something that quite a few programs already do. I expect their target audience is for those relatively new to this kind of photo-matching-- probably a viable market. My personal favorite is Topofusion. I use it primarily for overlaying tracks on Topo of Satellite imagery, but also has decent HTML system for linking photos to a GPS track.
  9. Same here. I have a friend however who can go into a shopping mall she's never been at before for 10 minutes, then come out and she's completely disoriented. Has no idea which way to go-- assuming she's able to find the car of course. I do have to admit that while I think I have a pretty good sense of direction in general, when I do manage to get lost, that sense of direction which ordinarily keeps me out of trouble, somehow seems to act against me. Like feeding info into a computer gone haywire: "THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE... THAT DOES NOT COMPUTER... THAT... " Weird...
  10. Thanks for the input, Thrak-- and all the others who responded as well. I understand what you're saying about the flexible arm situation. But specifically what "Garmin cradle" are you referring to-- perhaps a link to make sure we're talking about the same thing? I have two bean bag type mounts that I had used to my iQue and Garmin replaced for various electrical reasons. I wonder if a base like that could be adapted for use with a 60csx as well?
  11. Highly entertaining-- unless of course you're one that just blindly follow directions (hardly my MO)! Good to know these things as my first reaction was to suspect there might be something wrong with the 60 itself.
  12. Interesting. I didn't realize that-- but perhaps it explains why when I'm in Topo mode hiking then get back to the car and try to set a route with Topo still active, the resulting route is apt to be a mess?
  13. I've read enough favorable reviews to conclude that this might be the mount I want to use (60csx) and that "sticking power" doesn't seem to be an issue. But how precisely do they work? Do you press against a windshield e.g. and twist... ? Will they adhere to Plexiglas or other surfaces? When detaching, do they leave a footprint? Also, how much force does it take to move the flexible arm models? That's the one I'm considering as I want to be able to stick it to a plane or boat windshield (Plexiglas?) and quickly flip it back forth to be viewable by left/right seats. http://www.ram-mount.com/gps_mounts/rap105...1056224ga12.htm [Not to beat a dead horse, but it's just a shame users can't search for 3 letter words such as "RAM" "GPS" "PDA" "GPX" etc. etc. etc. here!]
  14. Nice-- more competition can help keep the overall prices down. But I have to shake my head and wonder who signs off on the description for things like this: QUOTE: Removable Li-ion battery expands battery power when outdoors. Battery: 1300 mAh, removable/ rechargeable Li-ion battery Ok, that's cool-- and could give it an edge over iQues but... QUOTE: High-quality speaker delivers heart-tunmpin' sound ?!? | ?!?
  15. I've tried using Track Up as the orientation setting when viewing maps-- but only for a brief period. Don't care for it at all and find it quite confusing and harder to visualize the "big picture". My wife's preference on the other hand is exactly the opposite. With orientating set to North Up she has a hard time visualizing which way to turn unless she can read the printed turn directions. She much prefers Track Up. Is this a male/female thing? Left brain / right brain phenomenon? Sure sign I'm losing it???
  16. AFAIK, it's a "feature" that all Garmin PDA systems share (no way to upload routes or communicate directly). I also believe they've stopped producing the 3600 so IMO you're on the right track looking at the M5 (pun intended).
  17. Then how do you load the data? Manually? You interact with the 3600 using their Palm Desktop application. Track Conduit is an add-on program you can use to download tracks from that application. You can also-- with another add-on-- import waypoints from the iQue to the Palm Desktop Address area. I use the Palm app Beyond Contacts to sync with all my Outlook contacts, and use Palm Desktop only for waypoint info. Ok, so this is great feedback here....when you say that do you mean lay a route or set waypoints that like show up on the mapping software? Remember, I have yet to even touch a GPS, but I get the general concept. With almost all GPS units you can just plug it into a USB port and whatever application you're using (Delorme, GPSUtil, TopoFusion, TerraClient etc. etc. "sees" it. Create a waypoint or a route and click to upload it. The communication between the iQue and your PC is only available via the Palm Desktop app. and even then, with respect to routes, it's one-way. You can't create and upload a route (assuming you use a SD card you can do a bit more such as create & save map sets using a card reader-- same with most all systems that use a separate card). Man, if you know any other iQue users with complaints or otherwise I'd love their feedback too. Thanks! Understand that I really enjoy my iQue 3600 and given the great support I've received from Garmin over the years would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a PDA class system (although perhaps a newer PDA model for some added features). I also speak to a number of iQuers who have no problem at all with not being able to upload routes. It does a pretty good job on it's own of coming up with routes and it's easy enough-- if you don't mind working on a small screen-- to modify the route it comes up with to suit you. But in my case I often need to use a number of programs to lay out a route (targets for aerial photography runs e.g.) and I really need to be able to work on a large screen or using a satellite image, then simply click to transfer to the GPS. I can now do this just fine w/ my 60 csx. But I'll keep my iQue as my main auto nav and occasional off-road nav system for the foreseeable future. I really like the thing! BTW, good info from some of the most knowledgeable iQue users out there can be found at: http://forum.brighthand.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53
  18. I've used a Garmin iQue 3600 for years-- mostly car but some hiking. By far the biggest complaint I have with respect to function is it's inability to connect directly to my PC for transferring tracks & routes-- like virtually every other GPS unit made can do easily. Not being able to lay out a route or set waypoints in a variety of programs I use then simply unload to the iQue directly is very frustrating. Like many other iQuers I've developed a convoluted system or work-arounds utilizing the Garmin waypoint transfer & Palm Desktop (yuck!) and other utilities, but it's a pain. I'm surprised I don't see more complaints about this from iQue users in general. Perhaps I'm in the minority. (?)
  19. I guess in a some ways that makes sense. A planned dip under warranty is obviously better than an unexpected plunge the day after it expires. Thanks for the soggy, and positive input. In fact that story was what I thought of for some reason when asking the original question. Very funny episode.
  20. An action that seems almost guaranteed to produce the result it did. Good to hear all survived. Looking at the unit there appears to be multiple vulnerable points where water could enter and do damage. However as I'm not inclined to take it apart and find out, I'm assuming that the internals must have some measure of protection not plainly visible. Perhaps you'd care to disassemble yours and confirm this?! [KIDDING!] Awhile back on a photo forum there was a post from a brave (insane?) soul who completely tore apart his brand new, rather expensive digital camera. Had the thing in dozens and dozens of parts spread around a table. I'm just not that curious-- or that mechanically inclined. I tend to draw the line at replacing batteries myself.
  21. May be doing a trip a portion of which is by canoe. Not to cast any doubt on my canoing expertise, but in the event we're attacked by a mad rabbit or some such critter and need to take immediate shelter in the water, how would the 60csx be expected to fare? Docs claim "... can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes." Not likely of course that even the maddest most determined hare would take it's pursuit to such extremes, but has anyone actually immersed their unit and can provide testimony as to the result?
  22. I used to take the cheap route as well. However I have a growing pile of dead/dying USB readers that no longer work. Some fell apart under moderate stress at best, others will only work on certain machines (??). I now look a bit more carefully for a USB reader that appears to have at least a medium solid feel to it. There's some real crap out there that might work well for awhile, but then when you really need it...
  23. Hi five-- It's pretty much the same.
  24. Those who live in the boondocks might want to try NASA's WorldWind. It uses the same aerial imagery as TerraServer. The 2001 Hi-res color imagery for urban areas and the one-meter resolution B&W imagery for other areas that's from about 1996-2001 if I remember correctly. I tried WorldWind a couple weeks ago and didn't like it. Its navigation controls aren't as good as Google Earth's, and it really ate up CPU cycles on the P4 3.4GHz machine I use at my office. My observations re. World Wind parallel yours. Interesting program however. I see they have an updated version as of this spring as well.
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