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  1. They won't be available until January '06. Email me for photos.
  2. Get our very own "The Fraher Family" geocoin! These coins are trackable via GC.com and come with it's very own icon! Should be available in January '06, watch for details! Please e-mail for more information.
  3. It's not so much as what I got for Christmas but what my hubby got me for our 11th Anniversary (Dec. 16th)! A coin holder to display our collection of coins. I gave him a silver/gold watch! But I think I have the better of the two!
  4. Got screwed 5 times! Yeah..., there is possibly a problem! We received ours yesterday, love 'em! They have to be THE coolest coins EVER! Can't wait to see what's next...
  5. Garmin GPS 12XL GPS Receiver 12 XL Asking price $50.00 plus shipping and handling (see below for more info), via Pay Pal. I really don't want to sell this but I have no practical use for it! It'll store 500 waypoints, tell you how fast you're going and in what direction, moving map display, so on and so forth....a great recreational GPS!!! Provides about 12 hours of use on 4 AA batteries and includes nice case and wrist strap. Item Specifics: * Brand: Garmin * Type: Recreation * Product Line: Garmin GPS * Waterproof: Yes * Model: GPS 12XL * Display Type: Monochrome * Condition: Practically new * Number of Channels: 12 channel * Number of Waypoints: 500 Product Description: The GPS 12XL is all about performance. It features a 12 parallel channel receiver for amazingly fast satellite acquisition and tight satellite lock even under tree cover. More than just an ultra-reliable receiver, the GPS 12XL is loaded with navigation information including 106 map datum and 7 grid formats, plus advanced orienteering features like user datum/UTM/and user grid formats to define your own map parameters. Store your position as one of 500 waypoints or add it to any of 20 routes. Features: * Trip Computer Total average * Maximum speed * Trip Timers * Waterproof Standard IPX7 * Number of Routes 20 * Battery Average Run Time Up to 24 Hours * Map Features Internal Details: * Display Size 2.2 in. x 1.5 in. * Display Resolution 100 X 64 <img * Antenna Type Built-in * Dimensions (W X D X H) 2 in. x 1.23 in. x 6.15 in. * Weight .59 lb. Shipping Information: * Go to USPS and click on calculate shipping. * Click on “domestic shipping”. * Click on “package”. * Type in 59 oz for the weight. * Enter 31632 as the “from” zip. * Enter your zip as the “to zip”. Interested parties may contact my via thefraherfamily@gmail.com Please contact me for a photo.
  6. I too would like to be notified when a fellow cacher has had recent activities and such - kind of like a buddies list of fellow cachers. No offense but it is kind of complicated to search a cacher, than their profile, than their, stats, ect...
  7. I would like one regular screw. Why does that so awful to say...?
  8. I would like two. I have a 2 & 7 yo. Cool! Thanks Amy
  9. So far I like: Hunting Wild Tupperware. An urban legend? Geocaching - A 21st Century Treasure Hunt Geocaching - Rediscovering the Outdoors How to use billions of dollars of satellite equipment to locate dollar store items. Geocaching: The Greatest Search of All GeoCaching: The High Tech Nature Walk Geocaching- We do it anywhere with tupperware My personal 2 cents: Tupperware, Technology, Trades The Art of Geocaching Geo Buddies Shop Geo Buddies Homepage
  10. An easy way to achieve both business cards and stickers is Avery products; they make actual sticker pages, 3.5 disk labels work well also. For laminating purposes you can purchase self-laminating (with an iron) or heated-laminating (a little machine) sheets of all sizes. As for business cards I purchase preferatted cards which can either be laminated or placed on "business card magnets". Avery is the most popular name, but any brand works. Check Office Max, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. Any sort of clip art programs work, I personally use a scrapbook program for labels, stickers, certificates, everything; the thing is I never really used it for scrapbooking... ?!?! If you would like a copy of the program please let me know and I will burn you a one. Geo Buddies Home Page Geo Buddies Shop
  11. I agree. Let's step away from the video games.
  12. Since we are down to the last on caches we decided to search for benchmarks. Keeping the search simple we headed out for two, amazingly we found them both. Yeah! We returned home, logged them on GC.com. Question is why did they not count on my total find? If GC.com post them than they should count. Please help with this. The Fraher Family Homepage
  13. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...43-91f92cc36f56 Than do a search for caches nearby.
  14. Our dogs were not much help when it came to the hunt. In the right location, it's fun for the WHOLE family, two legs or four!
  15. Another option are "pressed pennies". Attached are links that may be of help. Smashing Pennies Squished Pennies Penny Collector
  16. All are welcome! This site is for all four corners of the earth, US and Overseas.
  17. I like the new look! I must admit I like the idea of two tags, yet I also like the idea of lower costs; so...? Geo Buddies Web Page
  18. That's a nice code to follow. I have placed it on the "Geo Buddies" website. Amy http://groups.msn.com/GeoBuddies
  19. I have bugs both in MLB Travel Bug Race (See Spot) and in NFL Travel Bug Race (Georgie, The Bull Dog). It is very exciting to watch your TB go from cache to cache, visiting the various stadiums. You find yourself getting cought up in the moment. If you enter consider yourself being a part of something truly great! Amy Geo Buddies Web Page
  20. I hope you enjoy this web page; please let me know if you have any comments, complaints, or neccessary changes. Use this to your advantage as much or as little as you desire. You will find there is a place for any upcoming events, members, links, photos, a message board, a place to chat, and a calendar. Please note: Post only geocaching related items; including benchmarks, land/water cahces, travelbugs, etc. http://groups.msn.com/GeoBuddies
  21. The Fraher Family Alan, Amy, Tyler, & Emma Member Since: September 01, 2002 Status: Premium Member Location: South Georgia Forum Title: Geocaching Lovers Latest News: 11/01/03 South Georgia Northbound: Cache #10! 02/24/04 We are "Premium" - Oh Yeah! 02/25/04 Entered first major TB event, "MLB Travel Bug Race" (See Spot Run) We love Geo-Caching! We had gotten word of it from a friend (Bob K.). While in Albuquerque gave it a try - WOW! We love it! It puts you back in touch with nature, with reality. It's a nice family thing to do with the kids... and dogs! [/font]
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