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  1. Has anyone heard about these? I've seen them on e-Bay and under Google.
  2. We are sold out! If you are interested in a coin please contact thefraherfamily@gmail.com.
  3. It'll go out in the mail tomorrow.
  4. I think it is a little rediculous to ask for a different icon for every month... the basic Signal Frog that is used in our profile would be fine.
  5. When do they officially go on sale? I thought it was suppose to be yesterday?
  6. Sure that wouldn't be a problem I don't think. Not sure how payment would be made as I've never done this before but I would imagine we could work something out. Also I would just have to find out what the postage would be so your cost would be a little higher than here in the States.. I was planning on ordering one or two. I have done a bulk order be fore, email me if you would like help. I also can help you with postage.
  7. That is bad ediquette. He is simply scoring TB points... in other words he is the one that will ruin it for everyone else ~ it only takes one!
  8. Copyright infringement is one of the things that kept me from doing a coin earlier. Actually if you look closely at the winged wheel, it isn't the same one that is trademarked by the Red Wings. It is an original work by Fractal Artist Paul DeCelle. I contacted him, and he was very pleased to give me permission to use his artwork. In exchange I am going to send him a set of coins when they're finished. So side one was easily averted. As far as the Stanley Cup goes, I used an actual photograph that I had. Since nobody can place a trademark or copyright on a picture that I own, I wasn't concerned about using that image of the cup. For anyone interested in trading, please drop me an email. I'll try to get back to you quickly. I'll give you fair warning that I'll probably be a little stingy about trading at first, since I'll be selling the majority of the coins, and a lot of the ones I'm keeping are already going to locals, however I will gladly entertain offers. Feel free to drop me a line. E-mail recently sent!
  9. On Saturday we received: I survived the coin quest And a box full (100) of our personal coins. Contact me for trading info (preferably trackable, but...)
  10. I desire to trade coins. when making a trade I am asked how to access my list. I see that there are a few sites to trade coins along with other options. My question is which one os the best? I realize most have a cost, which I am not too impressed with... In response, please tell me which one you think is the best and why, plus cost... Thanks!
  11. We purchased one, we'll see how it goes after that...
  12. Personally, I like the trackables and would pay the additional $$. Yet at the same time I have coins that are not trackable, I wanted the coins because of the coin and it's artwork.
  13. Our coins in, we will be sending one your way.
  14. Received our full order. There arre still a few that are left for sale. If your interest is in trades email me.
  15. Uniqueness is the key, not the same old. I have found that "cut-outs" seem to be well liked. As for more colors, fancy details, etc... sometimes less is more (ex ROT 13). Trackable w/ personal icon is mostly the eyecatcher. I trade/purchase some coins strictly on the artistic works (trackable or not), as where others because of there status. Each to their own, then again there are the "I gotta have every coin out there"! And ditto above...
  16. According to GCC: Friday, February 03, 2006 Coins Shipping If you are a registered user, you may see the shipping status for some coins you have ordered has changed. We have completed the shipping for *Team Desert Eagle coins *Nevada Desert Geocoins *Illinois Geocoins. In addition we have shipped all orders for the Fraher Family Geocoin ordered between 1/15 and 1/27.
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