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  1. I'll qualify what I am going to say by first admitting that this is unpublished data (at least I don't think its been published in the scientific literature), but I knew someone that was studying the distribution of ticks. To do this, they would drag large pieces of cloth through fields and they found that ticks seem to be attracted to lighter colored cloth. Like I said, I don't think they actually did an experiment to test this, but I think about it a lot when I am deciding wheather to wear the white t-shirt or the darker t-shirt when I am going to be out in the woods.
  2. I don't often reply on these forums, but this one got me interested. I used to have the same problem as you and mentioned it to one of my friends that hiked a large portion of the AT a few years ago. He suggested getting some sock liners. I haven't gotten a blister since I started wearing them under my hiking socks. Just yesterday I went on a 6-6.5 mile hike with a couple of large elevation changes with no foot problems at all. I've been intrigued by the duct tape, but have been a bit nervous about the extra sweating that may cause. The liners seem to have worked well and wisk the moisture from your skin at the same time.
  3. As someone who has tried to catch snakes for research projects while in grad school, I can say that most of the time once the snake sees you, it will do all it can do to get away from you. Snakes aren't bad, but you should respect them. Hopefully next time you can get a picture of the whole snake so we can see what it really is.
  4. I actually found one today while looking for a place to put out a new cache in a nearby park. My girlfriend and I went walking down a treeline and noticed a pile of logs...flipped the top one off and there was a cache! We signed the log and put it back and realized we should check our GPSr a tad better when looking for a hiding spot!
  5. Now tell me, what do you think about people who won't allow finds because a person doesn't want "to pay a few extra dollars a month." I don't know if I understand your question exactly...but I will try to answer it regardless. First of all, I've never placed a members only cache so I don't know what the mindset would be behind that. I would hope and assume they have a reason of some kind. It might be things that were mentioned before like its an area that might not stand up well to a lot of traffic so its one way of limiting it or it might be that its a hard cache so they only want experienced cachers to look for it or it might be that they think that if someone really wants to find this cache they can pay to be a premium member to help support this sport. I can't say for sure, but to me those are all pretty good reasons to place a premium member only cache if someone feels the need to.
  6. Hey now! I'm probably a member of that so called "entitlement generation"! I had no problem sucking it up and paying for a premium membership. I'm a graduate student that has been basically going to a college of some form now for 8 years. When it comes to figuring out what whether you can afford/should pay for various things, its always good to put them in perspective. For instance, soon after graduating from undergrad I was asked to make a commitment of $1000 over 3 years. The thing that got me is I am a Diet Coke addict and the person got me on the fact that for less than a Coke a day I could make the monthly payments. I'll use the same example here...if you eat out twice a week and order a soft drink or some other drink like ice tea, you are going to pay more for that then for the premium membership. Anyway, I have to agree with most everyone else, this is a free game, but there is the option to pay a tad extra and get some extra benefits. I did originally, because there were some Member Only caches within a mile of my apartment. I figured for $3 I should be able to get those in a month. I did get them, but they were also very difficult caches that I could not have gotten as a newbie without the help of the cache owner (JoGPS hides some very difficult caches sometimes....). Since then I've come to find the real benefits of a being a premium member...pocket queries, using various mapping features, etc. Anyway, I think that there are a lot of nice benefits for being a premium member and there is really no reason to complain about those benefits if you are a nonpaying member. It doesn't cost that much more to pay the $3 or $30. Finally, to answer the orignal post...I think its a bad idea to delete the logs of the person is a premium member and you will just make enemies. I've only hidden one cache and its open to everyone. I think it would be childish to block me from loggint the cache because I wanted to pay a few extra dollars a month to get other extras.
  7. Other than the first two caches I found, all the caching I have done has been with my girlfriend. Its something that we can both go do together on the weekends or in the evenings. Going alone just doesn't seem as fun to us for a couple of reasons. First we love each other's company while walking in the woods or searching for micros in other areas. Secondly, we are both ultra competative, so there is a bit of a contest between us to see who can find the cache first.
  8. Voted earlier. There seems to be a nice bell curve developing.
  9. Hello all, I am going to be visiting the Green Bay area for a couple days later this month and was wondering if anyone could recomend a couple nice caches for me to do while there? I'm pretty familiar with the area as I grew up there(Kewaunee, WI), but I don't get back very often and have never been caching there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chadwick61
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