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  1. Hello all. I know this has probably been beat into the ground here but I'll ask it again. First the details. I run a GPS 60 csX GSAK cachemate. We're going on vacation later this week for 3 weeks and will be traveling through 4 states while on vacation. Is there any ay I can down a ton of waypoints all at one time as apposed to doing them one at a time? I see where you can download LOC files but I don't see anything for the gpx files. Can I use the LOC files with my GPS and other equiptment? Thanks in advance for all the help. lost
  2. Hello all! I've got a quick question. My newest finds are not showing up with the little red check mark on the map. Any suggestions? Is ther a way I can turn on this function? Thanks for all the help. lost
  3. Thank you that did it. I didn't know about the filter. lost
  4. Hello all! I have a quick GSAK question for you all. I'm trying to move just one waypoint to another database and the computer will only move the whole list of waypoints. Is there anyway I can move only one waypoint? Is there a certain function I use to do that? Thanks for all the help, again. lost
  5. I finally got it!! You have to select the database in cachemate and then set that data base as your default database for cachemate to send all of the info there. Thanks for all of your help everyone! lost
  6. VIOLA!! Thanks red!! It finally moved the whole lot of them in one move. However, I do have one more question though. When I import them on my phone they always go to the default database. Is there any way to move them to another database without moving them one at a time? Thanks a million!! lost
  7. Sorry for being a terd here but, I tried to enter a file name on the export window and got the same error message. Can you walk me through how to do what you mentioned? step by step? thanks a million lost
  8. What are the rules..etc for this contest? I've yet to find a benchmark but I think I may try it. lost
  9. Thanks for all of the help all! I try to export the GPX files to (anywhere) and the computer tells me... You can not create a file here, that folder does not exist. Any suggestions? I'm still pretty confused, is there a way I can make GSAK recognise my phone? Thanks, lost
  10. THanks cowboy! The only problem is I'm not running a PALM I'm running a windows based pocket pc. The file option you mentioned won't work for non palm os systems. OR at least that is what the pop up says when I click on that function. Thanks anyother suggestions? lost
  11. Hello all! I think I've about beat this one to death. I have GSAK on my laptop and cachemate on my pocket pc. I guess I can;t use GSAK to load the files to cachemate? I can load all of the cache info(GPX) files to the memory card in my phone and read them in cachemate that way. However cachemate will only allow me to move one file at a time to the cachemate main screen. THis gets really confusing because the files on the memory card are only the GC???? file format not the actual name of the cache. Can anyone help me out here? IS there an easier way to export waypoints? Is there a way to move all of the files to cachemate at one time not one at a time? You also need to know that I'm not the most computer savy person out there by a long shot, so please speak slowy...lol lost
  12. Thanks gang!! I saved the GPX files to my mini SD for my phone and then opened CACHEMATE and used the "red arrow" pointing to the 3 sheets. Then CACHEMATE found them and now I'm in business.. THANKS AGAIN!!! OK now I'm back........... Can I load waypoints into cachemate in groups? I have only the temp version right now and it will only let me move one at a time to cachemate from the memory card. Will the full version let me do this or am I missing something? I know I can only have 10 caches saved into the folder sue to this being the trial version. Thanks in advance. lost
  13. Hello all. I know this probably has been rehashed over and over at length. I have looked through the archives but can't seem to find anything that helps. I'm currently running GSAK (which works great). When I try to export the files to cachemate the message says that the function is for PALM only, and that I need to do something different for pocket PC. Can any one walk me through how to get the files to my Cingular 8125 that runs windows mobile. I have cachemate loaded on the phone but I can't get any of the waypoint info to get there. Thanks in advance. lost
  14. I'll have to check out Amazon again. Last I looked it was $120+. Amazon is actually where I purchased my new 60CSx. Good stuff. Thanks all, lost
  15. Sorry I didn't say.. This is brand new un opened software. lost
  16. Anyone else here buy software on eBay? I'm looking at mapsource City Nav. V8 on eBay the seller is reptuable and such. The sale parice is about $110.00 shipped. Is there anything I need to know about this software before I buy? Should I look for "full unlock"? What does that mean? Thanks for all of your help. lost
  17. Hello all. My qusetion is kind of 2 fold here so please bare with me. First I'm going to order a new Garmin 60CSx later this evening and was curious what you all think of Garmin's topo map software for it? Also what do yo think of their inland lakes stuff, and their City Nav V8? Secondly, I have a lap top and a Cingular 8125 smart phone that runs windows mobile. What software would you all reccomend for these two devices so I can go paperless. I was thinking about GSAK for the laptop, but am unsure if it will work on my phone? Do I have to buy seperate software for the phone and if so what would you recomend, and where can I get it? Thanks so much for your help I'm excited to hear what you all have to say. lost
  18. Hello all! Thanks for all of the help on the last question! Now for the current one. How does a Lowrance Expediton C compare to a Megellan 600 (or XL)? DOes the Lowrance offer auto routing? I couldn't find anything on their website that mentioned it. How does the Lowrance rate as far as reception? I've not really heard any complaints but come to think of it..haven't really heard much period. I've heard horror stories about the menus on the Lowrance models, but I have an old Lowrance unit now (globalnav 12) and don't know any better. I'm sure that there is ALOT more stuff in the newer units than in my menus but I think I can handle it. The XL looks to be a very cache friendly unit. I have read good things about it's preformance. The screen size kind of scares me. I've heard alot of people talk about breaking screens and such. It's screen is almost 3/4" bigger than the Lowrance model. Are both units comparable in how you have to load information into them? I'm note familiar with this at all, as with my current unit it is all entered manually. Thanks SO MUCH for the time and info! You guys/gals ROCK! lost
  19. Thanks for the input all. I read someone's Magellan Faqs (can't remember who it was,,,,sorry) and the Magellan seemed to be a pretty good unit for reception? As to the 4 AA batteries........ I carry a unit that will run about 6 hours on 4 AA now. So I guess the weight isn;t really an issue. Man just think, if I get a newer unit........ I could use the "hey honey think of the money we'll save on batteries" ploy? lol Several have mentioned the Lowrance units too. I may even look into them. From what I've read they seem to be pretty Non User Friendly. But I spoze it's all in what you're used to. Thanks for all the help, please feel free to chime in on my rantings. So many different units so little time! lost
  20. You all made good points about comparing apples to apples. I didn;t know how they all compared as my unit is really old. I may hve to look into the Lowrance modles out there too. Maybe the iFinder series. Now as for the aples to apples part. After snooping around the net a little, do you think the Explorist XL is better for comparing to the 60CSX? I have looked at both on *bay and they are about $100-150 apart in price. I know someone mentioned the screen size on the 400-500 series and the XL certainly doesn't have that issue. The buttons appear to be larger but pictures can be deceiving. Thanks for all the help! lost
  21. Howdy gang! I just had a thought, has anyone ever done any side by side comparison of Magellan and Garmin GPSr? I thinking of upgrading my old Lowrance globalnav12 to either a Magellan Explorist 400-500 or a Garmin 60CSX. I've read both good and bad about both units. The garmin seems IMHO to have a bigger following as it's antenna seems to be superior to the Magellans. However, the magellans run almost $200 cheaper than the Garmins. I'm curious about easy of use on both units and reception. The globalnav blinks out in the woods alot, I wouldn't know how to act if I were able to go into the woods and not loose the signal. lost
  22. Hello all! I'm looking at a new phone and was wondering if Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 will run geocaching swiss army knife, or do I need a PALM series something or other to run this software? Also will MSW 5.0 run cachemate? I'm still pretty new to caching and I'm NOT a techie, but it's about time for a new phone and I was thinking about getting a "smart phone". I was looking at a PALM TREO 650. I have read goodthings about them but I'm worried that they won't standup to the abuse of everyday life. (I'm a remodeler by trade and that can be rough on phones, let alone the riggors of caching) The other phone that I'm looking at is a ( Cingular carries it but not sure who makes it) Cingular 2125, this phone has a better camera and basically all of the features of the PALM but is cheaper looks to be a little more rugged and runs on MSW 5.0 not the PALM software. I'm really at a loss as to which one will work the best. Unfortunately life is about compromises? Thanks again for all the help! lost
  23. Hello all. I was wondering if there is anyone else going to be attending the meet and greet breakfast hosted by magiezoo on the 29th of July? I hope to attend (provided my wife doesn;t go into labor before then). I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to join up and find a few caches after the breakfast? If you would please give me a shout. lost
  24. Hello all! Just had a question and was wondering if anyone here used a Palm Treo as their caching PDA (among other things). I was considering getting one when my cellular contract comes up for renewal. I currently run on windows XP, would this work ok with the PDA caching software currently available? I'm not a techie at all. The internet and the old GPS that I have are about as techie as I get. Does this sound like an ok system for me? Thanks lost
  25. Hello all! There are several small restareas around the house here. I have thought about using them a point in a multi cache or even just a tradtional cache. I don;t know who to ask permission from though. They are all state owned. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, lost
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