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  1. +1 I just want to see the story of the tb without having to wade through pages and pages of blank visited logs
  2. +1 I am fine with the visit logs. They obviously solved an existing abuse of drop/retrieve logs to "dip" TBs. personally I don't visit a TB to every cache I find while it is in my possession, but if someone wants to play that way, good for them. All I want to see as a TB owner is way to filter out the empty visit logs when I view my TB page. No need to delete them.
  3. I would like to see more options for viewing the TB logs on their page. Right now if a single cacher just visits your tb to through every cache they visit you get pages and pages of logs which are no fun to read. It would be helpful to have some filtering options, like only list dropped/retrieved logs, only list logs with comments, or an option to show a list of cachers who logged your TB with the number of caches they logged, days held, miles traveled.
  4. Found it Log text: Didn't find:( end /thread
  5. post a list here to see if there are any interested buyers and then I would list them on ebay, I would expect less for the untrackable and allready activated coins. 10$ seems to be the average rate for coins unless you have a particularly desirable one
  6. The oils in poison ivy that cause the rash can be volatilized by burning, getting the smoke on you is enough to break out and even more dangerous conditions can arise if the smoke is unintentionally inhaled, probably not a worry for one or two plants but burning large patches of poison ivy is not a good idea
  7. Various GPS units have project waypoint functions where you enter the compass bearing (0 degrees in your example) and distance from your current location. For my unit, the Oregon 600, you mark a waypoint and then go into the options and select project waypoint. Another is to have your GPS set to display the distance and bearing to the current waypoint, then simply walk away from the point until the unit reads the offset distance and the bearing shows the correct back-bearing or 180 degree difference from the offset bearing. If the cache is located at a bearing of 0 degrees from the original waypoint, then the original waypoint is located at a backbearing of 180 degrees from the cache location.
  8. I really like that an earlier searcher for the cacher went straight for posting a NA log after searching for 20 minutes
  9. I had one hidden in a small cave that was stolen.. but the thief was kind enough to transfer the contents to a plastic Folgers coffee can for me so the cache stayed in tact. Nice, heh? Has to be a thieving cacher surely? Almost need to punch serial numbers into the things, try and see where they turn up.... I write my name in UV ink inside the containers. They are also painted differently than the other ammo cans, so if it does walk and then show up again, all that's needed is my trusty UV light. Have there been actual cases where stolen ammo cans have shown back up as new caches? Seems much more likely that they would be taken and put to other uses.
  10. Depends what the cacher did next with the eight TBs, if he simply carried them around for months logging all eight as visited to every cache they found with no other log details I'd be pretty disappointed. Now if the cacher placed the TBs out into new caches and completed interesting logs maybe even witht a photo to document the travels I'd be thrilled. However, I would expect the former behavior from a person who thinks it is OK to take eight TBs at once. As a TB owner one of the reasons I put them in play is for others to find as one of my favorite parts of the game is finding a TB in a cache. So I am trying to return the favor by providing the same experience for other cachers, not just to watch as a TB is moved by a single cacher from cache to cache with no other travel details provided. If I find a cache with multiple TBs I will take one and note the tracking numbers on the others for posting a discovered log. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a decent cache to place a TB let alone 8, so it seems inconsiderate to me to take multiple TBs at once.
  11. Were the trackables actually mentioned as a FTF prize on the cache page? I like to leave activated TBs in my own caches when I place them. I never intended them as prizes just the added bonus of finding a TB in the cache (always brings a smile to my face anyways). Sometimes they were TBs I was realeasing into the wild and sometimes they have been other TBs I am just moving along. Usually leave a buffalo nickel as FTF prize.
  12. Incentive to cache? No. Incentive to travel somehwere in order to find a specific set of geocaches, i.e. Complete a geotour? Yeah actually a reward would be nice. I agree there is some uniqueness to a cache in a NP, but generally national parks are rewarding enough that I don't need a cache to take me there or enjoy my visit to one. I guess I just incorrectly assumed these geotours had geocoin associated with them.
  13. Oh thanks for the info, I thought my google-fu had left me. Are there many geo tours that don't offer a coin? I guess Besides the novelty of caches in NPs for this particular one, it doesn't seem like there would be much of an appeal for catchers to come check out this group of caches without some other incentive. Maybe that's just me though
  14. So I feel dumb, but I'm not seeing details for the Find Your Park Geotour. I see the 87 caches listed but can't find a passport to use or how many caches need to be found. The link just seems to go to the NPS generic findyourpark webpage and doesn't have any more info about the geotour. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  15. Seeking Hitchhikers guide round geocoin, trade or $ Also am looking for the glow in the dark versions of Beach CAchoids and Big City Cachoids. I have the gold versions of each to trade for these.
  16. The logo says "GEOCACHING" but the flag does not. At least not the flag I see. I would very much like to see this textless flag, perhaps you have a link?
  17. My biggest irk is that the flag includes the word GEOCACHING instead of just the logo. Flags are supposed to be symbolic and words just make them look silly. The logo actually looks pretty cool to me and I would probably get a flag if it wasn't plastered with text.
  18. If it cannot, then LUA must be a shockingly poor programming language. In most languages, it's actually harder to find "hen" as a complete word. And a really good checker would still discard that pair of caches as two hens do not a Noah's pair make
  19. I like to find trackables and will go out of my way to a cache if a tb is listed in the inventory, but I have learned to read a few logs and check the TB page to see how long it's been there and if anybody mentions not finding it. Have definitely still found a few that other catchers claimed were no longer in the cache still. One vote for not marking them missing and removing from the inventory, is a long list of TBs in a cache inventory is usually a good sign of a highly muggled cache and I tend not to drop any TBs into a cache like that. It might be nice to have some sort of ghosting option where the TB remains in the inventory of the cache it went missing from, but is greyed out so folks no it isn't present, but would still be able to see the caches with high tb mortality rates.
  20. Trackables are not swag. You do not have to "trade" a trackable with another either. +1 It is entirely okay to 'grab' a trackable without leaving anything in exchange. If there are multiple TB's in a cache, then I probably wouldn't take all of those TB's - but if the cache is visited rarely, then I might consider it. +2 Unless you know the missions for the TBs and will actually be aiding them towards their goal, I would only take 1 TB from a cache with multiples and let the next cacher get the joy of finding a TB. The one case I would take multiple TBs is from a highly mugglable cache where the TBs are apt to go MIA. A good clue to these caches are ones with a large inventory of missing TBs listed.
  21. Acquired a few off of my list so.... Beach Cachoids Hitchikers Guide 42 Art Nouvea Spring Edition Antarctica Benchmark an interesting Illinois themed coin
  22. There are times when a cache may appear suitable for TB's on the website, but from ground zero just isn't somewhere you want to leave a TB. I had every intention of dropping a few TBs into a cache just yesterday. It was a regular size cache alongside a busy highway so I thought it would be a great TB rest area. Turns out the container was a smaller size tupperware with large cracks in it. TBs and other swag could fall right out of the container while you lifted it from a rather awkward hiding spot. It was also a rather muggleable spot as there were RVs parked less than 50 feet away in plain sight of the cache. Well I didn't leave any TBs there. The other caches I visited yesterday were well off the beaten path and I didn't want to leave the TBs in a spot that was receiving visits once every 2 years on average. I do log visits while I carry a TB just to show it is still moving and try to write a note every 10 or so caches so its not just an endless string of blank visit logs. Some cachers dislike the visit note and won't log the TB until they actually drop it. While I would like to see TBs move along within a month it is rather common for them to hang out with a single cacher for several months. I am even guilty of this and I do try and move TBs along as quickly as possible.
  23. Looking to purchase a glow in the dark Beach cachoid. Also have a nickel version of the Big City cachoid I would like to trade for the glow in the dark version.
  24. Are you selling or purchasing coins? also, is the Beach Cachoid the glow in the dark version by chance?
  25. Do you have a Beach Cachoids?
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