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  1. Hi drneal, safri is my geocaching nick: Elke Engels my real name. Somebody told me that you asked: normally I don't use blue forum and read more in the FB-group. Can I help you?
  2. I am very upset: today I checked again the status of sendings to Canada and USA: to Canada I got the message that the package was delivered 25th of February. OK, 2 weeks is still somehow understandable. But the 2 packages to US are still being prepared for travelling in Germany and didn't even reach US. I am very sorry for Nevadanick and drneal. But I made an investigation request for both and hope to get an answer soon! Since 11th of February on the way and 5th of March still in Germany ... Who understands out postage system? I sent it as registered mail with a Priority sticker on the envelope
  3. Your coins arrived!!! I am very happy about the beautiful dogs coins! Thank you very much!
  4. Have just sent all the traded coins: if you want the sending number, please contact me! Some coins didn't trade: if someone is interested just contact me. There are also a lot of my wishes unfulfilled
  5. Today the site is still not running ... Seems to be a major problem.
  6. I also paid for three Dragonfly 2008 Coin in June 2008 and never got any of them. Somehow disappointing that formerly good companies become unreliable thieves. I really have difficulties to understand that behaviour.
  7. Wow! I got the link to this coin today and I must say this coin is a must have for me! Since I am horseaddicted and have hidden my caches in the Taunus on horseback. I don't have a mustang but a socalled "Alpenquarter" = Haflinger. Thus I would buy some coins in any case when they are ready. The design is very beautiful!
  8. In my opinion it would be nicest if 3 different people would get 1 coin each: then 3 collectors are happy. I had paid for 2 coins since I wanted 1 for travelling and 1 for the collection. But now I would be more than lucky if I had only 1 of these coins.
  9. Where did she make a visit? I always believe in the best of people and that is why I didn't get any cent of my claim. I waited to long and thought shipping to Germany takes a longer time. But since there came no answer at all I don't think that she has shipped the coins.
  10. I ask myself how can a PREMIUM MEMBER at GC and also a VERIFIED MEMBER of PayPal risk his reputation by not sending the coins, not answering any emails and not refunding the paid money???? Dumb luck is a cheater, a fraud, a I don't know any other English words for it and wouldn't I live in Germany I would report an offense to the police. All further payments via PayPal even to "verified" members now have an insecurity taste and this hurts the fair-minded sellers, too.
  11. I had mentioned this possibility in my last email and still didn't get an answer! The problem is my poor English and I can't get German Paypal formulars. Do you know how to make a paypal claim?
  12. Hallo, as I have read only now because I am very seldom in the forum some people were also missing their Great Reward Coins. I bought 2 Coins in December 2006, paid via PayPal and received none until now. If anybody knows Kelly Saunders and has contact to her could he or she remembers her of sending the coins out? I am still hoping that they will come someday. Greetings from Germany Elke aka safri
  13. This is one of the worst coin-selling events I have ever seen Yesterday you told the shop would open at 21.00h and now you started selling at 12pm! This is really not fair. Now there are of course no coins left. Why didn't you increase your coin number to 2000? There are so many disappointed people everywhere. Is it that you can sell them later at EBAY for 100 or more Euros???
  14. and 3 for Germany please! I really like the idea of collecting Coins! Thanks
  15. If it is possible to send them also to Germany I would like to get 3 of these coins. Thanks
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