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  1. Wonders never.. well you know V oryvir va lrfgreqnl
  2. quote:Originally posted by hydrashok407: Ok, all you old smarta$$es... who knows what the first MTV video was? Title AND Artist! "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles. V oryvir va lrfgreqnl
  3. Here a lost and found story....... I just finished donating at the plasma (I do it twice a week, been off on for ofer 10 years in three diffent states). I took off my bike and headed down the road. about 30 mins later for some reason I got sick to the point of blacking out. I call my bother to pick me up at a outdoor table at a gas station, with my gpd in my hand. Things where a little fuzzy... I do know I had the gps at the table, half ways home I could not find it. We ran back to look for it but a last it was gone. Few days latter I went back to the plasma center and my gps was waiting for me. Someone just drop it off... all I can figure is I did had the plasma center mark as a waypoint. I am glad that someone was honest and knew the ways of a gps. I wish could thank that someone.... V oryvir va lrfgreqnl
  4. I was doing Wheres George, when I saw a listing to Geobills. For some reason they separate GeoGeorge from the others. There was no caches in my area at the time so I did benchmarks, then I moved to a more cache rich area. But for time I had no GPS, I had Oziexplorer and with internet search was printing out topo and airel map, There only been two caches I could not find with maps. V oryvir va lrfgreqnl
  5. I was wondering since a gps deiceve could be handy to truckers, Are there and Geochaing Truckers or Trucking Geocachers. I would think a trucker might not have the time? but on the other side of the coin, be the best way for a travel bug to... well travel! V oryvir va lrfgreqnl
  6. If you have not sold it yet, I'll buy it! send the check in the mail now!
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