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  1. Thanks for providing your solution! WHY can't those myriads of scripts all come from the geocaching.com domain?! I swear each time the website is changed some new address is introduced that my browser then blocks. Funny thing that it still worked some days ago, but that was on my phone... Same browser and addons though, including the NoScript settings...
  2. On creating a new geocache Listing, I get thrown out of the flow after input of the listing text. It then says "Saved Draft - Looks like you already started creating a geocache or event. Would you like to continue or start over?", and I can continue with saved data from the first two steps (coordinates, no waypoints) but the listing text hasn't been saved and I get thrown out again after clicking "Continue". This has been continuing over the last two days.
  3. Project-GC has that number, and they calculate it over all logs by premium members over all non-event caches if I remember correctly. It can be found in the "Hides" tab.
  4. Is there some kind of guide what doesn't work on iPhones? I've been trying to fix the iPhone problems in my cartridge for quite some time now... First I suspected it was something to do with the problem described in this thread: since the error message "Don't know how to call null" is shown without any hint as to the source line the error occurs at... I've attached the lua source code of my cartridge - I partly built it with earwigo and partly programmed it myself. Maybe someone can spot an obvious iPhone error in my user defined script - I don't know what to do anymore... The cartridge runs properly on Android, and doesn't work on Garmins by design, since I'm querying the os.time() and the story depends on the user changing the device's time, which isn't possible on Garmins. It's in German, though the source code is in English. Cartridge here (GWZ file): http://lejap.at/gc/GC6DGN4/JKUDoomsday.gwz I'd be thankful for any help, thank you!
  5. I have this problem as well in a cartridge and couldn't figure out why it was happening, because I don't own an iPhone... If it turns out this is the reason, thank you for describing the problem! I'll try using a local variable like for i = 1,10 do local f = GetX[i] f() end and see if that helps! ------- Well, unfortunately my changes didn't only not fix it, but apparently caused an infinite loop with the messages... I'm confused...
  6. Thanks, that was it! I had an Umlaut in the description, it seems they aren't wanted there. Luckily no big rephrasing needed there! Interesting that this doesn't seem to be a problem for the compile services, only with the GWZ upload. But whatever. Now just a last beta test and I can publish it!
  7. So I've been working on a new cartridge the past two months but every time I try to upload it, the upload supposedly succeeds, on an attempt to download the cartridge later to test it the following error message appears: Error During Upload System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> Exception of type 'System.ApplicationException' was thrown. at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters) at Wherigo.GSPCartridgeService.CartridgeService.GetCompiledCartridgeWithMetaData(GWZMetaData gwzMetaData, String CartridgeFileName, String CartridgeId, Int64 PlayerId, String PlayerName, DeviceType deviceType, String CompletionCode) at cartridge_download.btnDownload_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) Is there something I have to consider with my cartridge which is sure to lead to this error? I've been building it with earwigo, but later edited it by hand, because the graphical editor was too cumbersome for me. I'm from a programming background so it was easier for me to have it in a text editor Test compiling it via the Groundspeak service didn't work sometimes in the past, but right now it worked! Using the foundation test compile service, it has always been compiling nicely (well apart from the times when I had syntax errors in it). Just testing again to be sure... Nope, still can't download my uploaded cartridge. Here's a link to the cartridge page
  8. Hello, I still got the behaviour of not being awaded the favorite points I should have earned from my Basic membership. I haven't been a premium member before and I had 106 Found it logs before finally getting the Premium membership. So I should have started with 10 favorite points, but had none at all. How can I get the favorite points missing?
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