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  1. Hello,


    I am in the market for a Garmin Nuvi 660 machine. Prices I have found are


    $305 typical on ebay


    $320 third party maybe unauthorized refurbished dealer


    $370 at Walmart


    Is there any other source to get this model Garmin at a much deeper discount than this?

  2. Seriously suggest selling the unit on ebay; and then buying a unit new, or used with all maps already installed on a data card.


    Personally I do not fault Garmin for doing the license sales scheme. It is their business plan, and it works for them. Vote with your feet and choose another of five companies that sell GPS technology. Garmin is not the only game in town any more.

  3. I have a Garmin Streetpilot c530. I load it up with caches from a GSAK GPX file, select favorites and off I go.


    Now I am looking to replace the old 530 and get something with newer maps and text to speech. I see units from $150 to $1000. I am kind of partial to the Garmin's but maybe something else is better? Has anyone tried the Nuvi 260W?


    Let me know what you are using and your likes and dislikes.




    I am looking at the Garmin nuvi 660 because it has 7 hour battery and it has an FM transmitter for using the car stereo to play music as well as play the directions as they are needed. There are other models with XM radio, but I just do not see the attraction if you have podcasts to listen to (still thinking on XM radio though).


    The alternative Garmin nuvi 360 that has no FM transmitter, but does have audio out.


    Look at this discussion thread

    Garmin automobile unit discussion

  4. If you buy a Garmin I3 streetpilot you get the CITY NAVIGATOR NT V8 USA version free with it. When I bought it it had two map license codes for it (provided by Garmin). So you could install CITY NAVIGATOR USA on the I3 and another device.


    In my case I installed it to my 76CSX after I installed it on my I3. Then you can of course sell the I3 or give it to a relative.




    garmin is now saying that they only have one unlock code per software sold in the USA. Guess people found out you could do what I did. So check if the old I3 still have two linces or not BEFORE you buy and try this.


    Strangely though garmin says that for europe they still sell two licenses with the software there.

  5. IMAP email retrieval (like POP) works great via the free Verizon QUICK2NET service (well you need a Verizon smartphone).


    Effectively free full email from Verizon. I have a DATA BLOCK on my phone and I still get this. Works fine every time I have tested it.


    If you have a automatic email sync tool (like phoneAlarm can do) then you are set to get all your email updates every hour for free.


    I bought a used samsung I730 for around $100 and I have not looked back.


    *** Forget about using EMOZE as it seems it is not needed.

  6. Found something interesting about Verizon.


    1) I can install an application called EMOZE that activates a "push" email service with your GMAIL account. Works nice.


    2) I have DATA BLOCK on my Verizon cellphone, but if I want to still use internet applications (like EMOZE is) I can activate a slow connection via the QUICK2NET function on my phone. Effectively this is free internet (I am not kidding). Just a slower 14.4 modem speed connection. Great for push-email from your gmail account (that is recieving geocache messages about new caches).


    EMOZE is set up to push email once every hour. Seems to work.

  7. I have unlimited texting option with Verizon. I have a WM5 Phone. But I can not recieve MMS messages via the address "mobile@vzwpix.com" that was mentioned. How do you get an MMS message sent to you? Are you using this above address?


    Yes, this is how I get my notifies from GC now. Before they were just to truncated to be of any use.


    Don't take offense to this, but are you sending it to "mobile@vzwpix.com" or xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com? The "x"'s being your actual number? Is your phone capable of receiving pix? Not sure if the latter is necessary since I have sent MMS type messages from my computer to a friend who can not receive pix (I now use the MMS addy as the default) and she has received them. Her phone is a VERY old one too.


    You might have a phone that is not capable I guess, but I did not think Verizon even offered these any more. Check with them and/or you could upgrade phones. Even the free ones now have some pretty good features.


    yes i do not have MMS on my phone. It is the Samsung sch-i730 that runs WM5 but has no MMS. Kind of weird.

  8. [

    I can only speak for verizon and if you have the unlimited texting (think it is $5 or $10) you can text to anyone and recieve from anyone both SMS and MMS for no additional charges. Other than that, it would be the same charges as an SMS message.


    I have unlimited texting option with Verizon. I have a WM5 Phone. But I can not recieve MMS messages via the address "mobile@vzwpix.com" that was mentioned. How do you get an MMS message sent to you? Are you using this above address?

  9. I tried mobilenumber@vzwpix.com and it failed. Most likely due to the fact that my phone does not have a camera (most do). This I can not send the large emails to my phone, only the small emails. mobilenumber@vtext.com works fine for my verizon WM5 phone.


    It would be great if someone created a PARSER tool for emails of any kind, to convert to an SMS message what we specifically want to see in an incoming message. Then we could modify the parsing function specifically for GEOCACHING.COM to cut out only what we need and send it on via SMS message.


    You can send a message to CHACHA at 242242 and ask that the coordinates for the ten closest geocaches be sent to you. CHACHA is a free human powered search service.


    Also google.com has a SMS option for searches. Not sure how to format a SMS google search (number 46645) to pull coordinates through. Someone want to experiment?

  10. I use this and it converts my emails to text and sends them to my phone and it is free. It is also nice that I have unlimited text so it cost me nothing extra on both ends. It has worked really well so far.




    I hope it helps you out.


    I used www.ipipi.com as a service. But that costs money. I like FREE, though I might not get my moneys worth.


    I used teleflip as well until I realized that if I used the MMS messages to my phone rather than the SMS. This let me get around the text limitations. With Verizon this email is mobilenumber@vzwpix.com (SMS is mobilenumber@vtext.com)



    But I think that this MMS picture message cost money, versus the SMS short text message does not? I will check to see if that is true with a few experiments.

  12. Does anyone have links to the best price sources for all these batteries? Yes, some batteries are terrible at keeping charge, but if you can get them at half price, are they still terrible?


    I have the Rayovac 1 hour charger, with adapter for using the car cigerette outlet. Have folks experienced problems with a one hour charger, in any context? I am not sure if the chargers mentioned are one hour chargers or not.

  13. I havea PALM III XE case that was manufactured by PALM. For $5 including shipping via priority mail second day USPS.


    Effectively you get it for free. Just pay me the shipping cost of $5 and I put it in the Priority Mail envelope to you.


    ktjensen@gmail.com is my Paypal ID. Just send the $5 via that and you get it.

  14. Is this still for sale?


    I'm interested.


    I can not seem to send you a PM, but here is the offer.


    I will take $210 grand total for it all for it and I will ship it second day priority USPS mail. So if you are interested you can paypal me the money.


    my paypal address is ktjensen@gmail.com


    I have it listed on Amazon for $250, so effectively if you paypal me the money first you get it. My Groundspeak buddies get a $40 discount. All the accessories above are included. The only thing that has changed is that you get a smaller memory card (only 128M). Otherwise everything is as mentioned here in this discussion so far.

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