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  1. Hopefully HQ will consider the situation in Australia. Maybe leave the souvenirs available a bit longer than the one month planned?
  2. Thank you bflentje. I will give this a try. I could identify that the string was related to the text, but even with all my geocaching puzzle experience, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Regards Jo
  3. Following on this topic (and apologies if it has been discussed before, but I have trawled the threads) ... I own a Wherigo cartridge that was originally programmed on Urwigo. I have lost the original .urwigo file. I need to change some text that is displayed in the Wherigo and alter one waypoint point coordinate. I have the GWZ file. I have unzipped it and I have tried to read the .lua file in notepad (I am no programmer - I think this may be obvious now). I think I have managed to change the coordinates. It looks like the various text/description boxes are coded with numbers. eg: 014\072\102\037\022\033\037\022\033\037\059\122\033\060\055\006\033\056\034\033\059\102\006\033 Is there an easier way to edit the GWZ file? Or is there a way I can read text descriptions in the .lua file? Jo
  4. I am having the same problem as described above. ie in test mode, it is not accepting my answers to the lab I am creating. I have studied all the above suggestions and the guide. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Adventure Lab app. I have ensured I have removed any old versions of the lab on both the app directory and on the website. I make sure I completely shut down the app before opening it with the test QR code. I make sure I "Update Adventure" before creating another test. I have tried with the lab set to both OFF and to PRIVATE (does this matter? In Private, it doesn't ask for me to get closer to the location, so I presume testing is ok in this state?). Can anyone help with what I am missing here?
  5. From the laptop dashboard I cannot open my lists at all. I get the same message as in the screenshot from edscott. But I can see my lists on the app on my phone. From the thread above, is this a bug, or is it an upgrade (in which case I won't be able to access them until I can afford a new computer as i have a very old OS)?
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