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  1. THIS x100000000000!! I do NOT get what they are trying to do. "Appifying" a desktop experience is the worst thing they can do. There are already apps on the phone. Dont ruin the browsing.
  2. Alot of the new pages are [bad] compared to the new ones. If they get rid on the old ones before they fix the new pages, it will upset alooooot of people. I still never use the new dashboard. Its cluttery and overall inferior both in layout, colors and accessability. The only thing i like is the event calendar. The new logging system is also inferior in every possible way. I never use it and never will in its current iteration. It looks like an app page, isnt clear in any way whatsoever and is not suited for browser use. It just lacks everything. I use the browse map 99% of the time as its much quicker and easier to work with. The search map is only good for picking out specific caches and thats hardly something i do. Cache owner dashboard is pretty nice though, but it still needs alot of work.
  3. Something that is very important when designing websites is clarity and things that catches the eyes = more colors. Hence some small but welcome changes: Can we have the blue hearts back please? Not everything needs to be green! It gets confusing and you easily miss it. On the "published hides"page. Add a little blue heart next to the smilie if that log gave a fp. Should be a smilies on that top list too. A smilie next to "Finds", a blue heart next to "Favorites", a sadface next to "DNF", maintenace icon next to "Last maintained". Using a red font on "Archived hides" makes it pop more. A dropdown menu/option for "Unpublished hides" would be very welcome. Opening new pages for every click you do is not good design.
  4. This! Soo much! Its terrible when youre trying to scan a bigger area, which i do pretty much every time i look at the map. Thats the main reason why im not even bothering with the new map. Second thing is that its painfully slow to load anything. I want it quick and lagfree, the new map is not by a long shot. Old one is smooth and fast.
  5. Painfully slow loading caches on the map. And i dont know about the light orange for owned caches, it mixes very easy with found ones.
  6. Theres one little but BIG thing im still missing. I want to see the cachetype of my find without having to expand the log itself. Shaping up to be better and better. Maybe some day ill actually use the new layout
  7. Am I the only one that really dislikes the new green theme color they have chosen for the new website layout? The pine green they already use or a more emerald green would look 10 times better. The coloring overall seem to go downhill and is annoying on the eyes.
  8. Am i the only one kinda annoyed by this? Before when you searched for geocaches, you could always see if the cache contained trackables. But after the website update, its completely gone. Is there any other way to do it? The previous list was so much better in every way! Looked better. Easier to navigate. Easier to distinguish everything. These new website updates just keep removing things and making the site worse. Its just white, big icons, big text, tons of white empty padding everywhere and alot of features are gone. Groundspeak, get your sheit together please? EDIT: Just found that you can still search for caches the old way with the old layout, fortunately! They better not remove it!!
  9. Would be nice if the puzzlepiece icon could differentiate between a Myst and a Multi on the map, so you can fast and easy see what kinde of cache it is. A myst could be light blue, just like now, but a Multicache puzzleicon could maybe be a different shade of orange? Anything would be nice. Half myst/multi icon, half puzzle icon? A puzzle icon at the top of the original icon? A red dot/flag on the original icon, like in C:Geo? Would also be nice if you could dislay the final position of the cache even when you have found and logged it. Will be easier for those that want to place new caches.
  10. +111111 This every day. Its completely stupid to design the actual website for phone/app users.
  11. Atm its a ton of wasted space and lacks alot of info and so on and so on. If ive ever will consider using it it has to be more compact and use more information. Here you go, did a fast photoshop tweak to adress the huuge fonts and pictures. Imo it should look more like this: Its just a fast fix for the basic stuff. It should still contain alot more info in just one screen. You should not have to scroll 10 pages to get to everything. If it was a mix of old and new id use it no doubt, just like the image above. But atm its terrible and ill use the old design over the new any day!
  12. And the website just keeps getting worse. Its losing functionality everywhere, it gets completely dumbed down and it looks and acts more and more like a phone app which is terrible. Remind me again why all these changes are being made? Its mostly for the worse with every change they do. It never feels like they think things through at all. Do they actually want us to pay for premium? Cause it feels more like they are neglecting the users and pushing people out of the game. Im not going to renew when such bad changes like these gets implemented.
  13. Terrible in every way. GJ Groundspeak. No more premium for me. Not paying for things getting worse.
  14. The new icons are terrible. When i first noticed it i though something was wrong or bugged or maybe i changed settings somehow, but nopes, they were real. The colors are really bland and saturated, the white border is really annoying and they blend into the map so much it gets distracting. They are all circles so its harder to differentiate everything. Everything about the new icons feels off and cheap.
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