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  1. A few in our collection that I didn't find on the list this morning: Spud502 micro Whitebear's 2007 Geocoinfest Lemon Fresh Dog's 2006 Lemon Fresh Dog's 2007 (NOTE - these are NOT the same as LFD's geobone) Dorkfish Minifish (set of 4) I also note that you have Calgary Area Cachers listed once. In fact, there are 3 very different coins and they are generally referred to as CAC 2005 CAC 2006 CAC 2007 I'll try to take photos and post in the next day or so.
  2. I recently put our "keepers" and "traders" up on geocoincollecting.com and have been really surprised by the response from so many cachers who share Mrs. GeoKs' love of geocoins. In the last 3 weeks we've done 7 trades for a total of 15 coins with another couple of trades in the works. Today we received kd&prettier1/2's personal coin celebrating their 4000 find. This is a great addition to our growing collection of personal coins and makes us even more enthusiastic about getting our own personal coin in 2008.
  3. email sent ditto Another e-mail on the way. Glad this thread got "bumped" as I've only just started checking the geocoin discussions.
  4. We received one each of the gold and silver from CoinsandPins earlier this week and they turned out beautifully. We had the pleasure of visiting Petrified Forest National Park back in April and you did a great job of capturing the look of the real thing. Thanks for bringing this gem of a coin to the market.
  5. e-mail just sent...this is a wonderful idea, and the timing is great, as it helps us remember that the coming holiday season is about more than spending like crazy...giving your time, energy and leadership to the community is more valuable than just about any other gift!
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