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  1. Package sent yesterday (Mar 28) - no candy from the bunny this year, but lots of shiny things are on their way...
  2. Sign-up: wk of 3/1 Name received: 3/21/11 Package sent: Package received: Now to go through my traders / extras bin and put together a little package...
  3. Sign-up: one day last week (March 1/11) Name received: Package sent: Package received: Thanks for organizing this mission, the first one we've joined in many months!
  4. You can still buy these at Landsharkz
  5. Watching "Cake Boss" tonight, we were dismayed when the picture on our HDTV screen dissolved into a badly-pixelated, black & white image. As the image started to resolve a little better, a message scrolled across the bottom of the screen... "TRANSPORT VESSEL REQUIRES REPAIR. NEAREST INTER-GALACTIC REPAIR STATION HAS INITIATED MAINTENANCE ROUTINE. LOCALS HAVE CUSTODY OF SUBJECT #142. INITIAL FINDINGS WILL BE FORWARDED. COINTACT EXPECTED T + 36 HRS." We managed to snap a quick picture before "Cake Boss" resumed... THANKS very much Mystery coiner! We're very excited to be taking part in this study.
  6. We're back from Geowoodstock and pretty much caught up on things. We have two extra Geowoodstock VIII event geocoins available for trade: Seeking: Cache and Release (antique silver) Damselfly Elementary Cache Geo Hugs Hibou_D (satin silver) Indian Watch Tower Benchmark Geocoin (Bronze) Lackeys 2009 Lotus Compass Nepthys Lotus Compass Osiris Mimbres (2008 purple) Please send e-mail via profile. Thanks!
  7. Hey Bernice - Thanks for the positive comments. Got a set put aside for you. As for the 'dome, you can't see it from Crescent Heights anymore on account of EnCana's new Bow building. For those of you who've been to Geowoodstock before, how many coins do you recommend we bring for trading? I don't want to haul all of them down to Carnation and then end up bring most of them back home. I was thinking of bring 25 of each finish, for a total of 100 coins. Too many?
  8. Woohoo! Our new "Prairie Towers" geocoins arrived today, so we'll definitely have them at GW VIII for trading. Thanks to Chris of Landsharkz for taking our ideas and turning them into a geocoin design that really reflects the diverse landscapes of the Calgary area. One side of the coin features the iconic prairie grain elevator that can be found (in ever fewer numbers) in the countryside and small towns around Calgary. The other side features Calgary's city skyline, with the Canadian Rockies in the background. In case you haven't already guessed, Calgary, Alberta (Canada) is our home base. The coin is 2D (with some special 3D detailing along the train track), black nickel finish, trackable on geocaching.com (tracking number appears in the black area at the bottom of the city side) and has a custom icon (not yet finished). For those who like to know the particulars, this one is 42 mm diameter and 3 mm thick. The text "trackable at geocaching.com" is engraved on the edge. We minted 75 geocoins in each of four versions (left to right): spring, summer, fall and winter. I expect we'll be at the Friday night meet & greet and we'll for sure be at GW VIII and Midnight Geocoin Madness. Hope to make lots of trades while we're there!
  9. We'll be there and should have our 2010 personal in hand by then. If not, we'll be hoping Landsharkz can bring it with them!
  10. We received our final incoming package from D.J.J.Rock and it looks like all outgoing packages have been received with the exception of Li-Z. We'll keep watching for news of the safe arrival of that last bubble mailer.
  11. I've been busy with lots of other things, but have a growing pile of received coins on my desk so thought I'd better do a quick update. As of today, all incoming coins have been received with the exception of one from D.J.J. Rock (which I see from earlier posts has been mailed). Doing a quick look through the past few pages for this thread, it looks like The 4 F's, scificollector, Li-Z and Nefesh are still waiting on packages from us (but I may have missed a post or two). I can't believe how long packages from Canada take to reach their out-of-country destinations!! If I get a chance later today, I'll try to snap a photo or two to post.
  12. I put all our packages in the mail last evening...2 stay within Canada, 2 to the Netherlands and the rest to U.S. destinations. I felt I got off lightly on the postage, which totalled $29 for 11 packages.
  13. One of the last, but I have submitted our want list...science fair projects have taken over my life!!!
  14. I believe Landsharkz (Victoria, BC) has a physical store that you can go to, but you may need to contact Chris and Helen (the owners) to make arrangements in advance.
  15. Great idea! So far, I've only attached a tag to my binder full of non-trackable coins, so that anyone who looks through it can log something on geocaching.com
  16. Thanks for the quick responses...much appreciated...now it's off to add them to our inventory. Happy New Year to you all.
  17. Just a quick note to let you know that two winter-themed geocoins are on their way to you from wintery Alberta, Canada. We wish you the best of luck with your event and will take a closer look at the event description...perhaps we can start something similar here.
  18. There doesn't seem to be a running thread if you need help identifying a geocoin, so I thought I'd piggyback on this one to ask for some help. I finally (yes, I'm ashamed it took so long) got around to sorting and cataloguing all the geocoins we traded for at GCF09 in Salt Lake City (back on October 10). Our oldest GeoKid did a lot of our trading and neither one of us can remember the names of two of the geocoins that we swapped for. Any help would be appreciated so that we can properly add them to our keepers list on the GeoCoin Collection Trading Gallery website: Thanks in advance!
  19. The proposed timing sounds good to us; we'd definitely participate again.
  20. We'll be bringing a special GCF09 version (60 minted) of our Highwood Pass personal geocoin for trading. This one is satin nickel with antique copper benchmark and black and copper enamels. For more details about the design, read this blog entry.
  21. With all kinds of errors and refreshes, I finally made it through to the payment step only to have 3 different types of turtles stripped out of my cart due to "out of stock". I am glad I was able to get 2 of them (Maui and Bora Bora) - 2 of each - so I'm hopeful I can trade one for the Tahiti version once the dust settles.
  22. Oh oh....5 coins in my cart and the dreaded "internal server error" message appeared and I can't get back on. Keeping fingers crossed!!!
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