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  1. 1. email sent - May 23 2. name recieved - June 1 3. mission sent - 4. mission arrived -
  2. We've been contacting senders as packages have come in and have been tracking our mail outs via the forums. Thanks to everybody for posting progress here. We're still waiting to receive from: UKTIM, TOKYOBLOSSOM, 2GOLFERS, WHITBY and JAN AND THE PERCEY BOYS. We have not yet seen confirmation that our packages have reached: UKTIM, BLOODYBEER, LINDSYCHRIS, -ELEANOR-, THE MOOP ALONG, CHEESYPIGS, DOC256. All packages were mailed May 17, which was in the middle of a long weekend here and just 2 weeks ago, so at this point I'm not yet concerned that anything is lost in the system. We'll keep monitoring. Thanks again to everyone who participated and especially to Katja for organizing.
  3. Attended the monthly Pizza and Beer event here in Calgary last night and saw a Geocaching Jedi geocoin up close. This local Jedi came with gardengorilla, who was lucky enough to win the Podcacher Geocaching Jedi contest! Our GeoKids are HUGE Star Wars fans and our oldest GeoKid is a HUGE geocoin fan, so he was pretty jazzed about this opportunity to experience "the force" first hand. Thanks!
  4. Received our mission in the mail yesterday and would like to send out a HUGE thanks to our Halifax mystery senders, Chuck & family (no geocaching name anywhere on the package or card!). We're delighted to receive Hammer of Thor (antique copper) and Signal (June 2006) geocoins - we didn't have either one in our geocoin collection. Also received a beautiful hand-made card, a postcard, a really cool nautical-themed key chain, some salt-water taffy and a soft & cuddly red lobster (I know, soft & cuddly and lobster don't normally go in the same sentence, but this one is all plush & velvety). Youngest GeoKid loves our new Halifax lobster and it had a place of honour on his pillow last night at bed time. Thanks for your wonderful generousity - most appreciated!!
  5. A slightly different age of "animal"....this is one of literally thousands of fossils we spotted at Three Lakes Valley, up beyond Chester Lake in beautiful Kananaskis Country in the Canadian Rockies. We've hidden two traditional geocaches near Chester Lake (GCXW99 - Fav Hike #3 Beyond Chester and GCXW9E - Elephant Rocks) and we have plans to prepare an earthcache for this area. It's about a 15 or 16 km (return) hike if you go all the way up to 3 Lakes Valley and the variety of sea fossils is really quite amazing!! We love this hike and usually make it once every year. It can also be accessed via snowshoe in the winter, and our caches have been found in the winter with over a meter of snow on the ground!
  6. Our youngest GeoKid is always stopping to check out the ducks, spiders, bugs, etc. when we're out biking, hiking or geocaching. He picked up this ladybug friend in Pearce Estate Park when we were out hiding a couple of new caches for attendees at our WWFM III event to find after the "flash mob" ended. PS - sending our thoughts and good wishes for your recovering GeoDog. Hope things are a little better today.
  7. All packages mailed today: 7 to USA, 1 within Canada, and 1 each to Australia, Austria, Germany, Sweden and the U.K. All but one qualified as regular letter mail, so the total was $37.88 (very reasonable IMO). Now we can sit back and wait for incoming envelopes!! Thanks to everyone who participated and a HUGE thanks to Katja for organizing and running this round of the International Math Trade.
  8. My coins will also be in the mail by the end of the week. I am in bed with some sort of virus right now, so apologies if I'm a day or two later hitting the postal system than everyone else is. BTW, we're happy with all our trades. There were a couple of coins that we were hoping for that didn't come our way, but we assumed going in we wouldn't get everything in the top 10 on our "want list". Thanks everyone for participating and a HUGE thanks to Katja for handling the biggest international math trade yet.
  9. Here's one from my school days (grade 7, to be exact): PIGS At dawn the playful pigs arise They're animals which other farm creatures despise. The rest of the barnyard animals think The pigs are noisy, dumb, and stink! Unless they gobble up some food They get into a grumpy mood. Squeaks and squawks and squabbles too Make the farm sound like a zoo. At nightfall the various sounds fade away, The pigs have finished another day.... Congrats on finishing your degree!
  10. I have an OakBucks free die side expiring Dec-08. Will swap for one of whatever coin you make. Any takers?
  11. Participation e-mail sent? yes, Apr 26 Recipient e-mail received? yes, May 3 Package sent? all packed up and will be in the mail May 6 Package received?
  12. That sure took a while! It's a good thing our oldest GeoKid (the biggest geocoin addict in the family) had the day off school today so that he could have lots of input. E-mail with our want list has been sent and now we can just sit back and wait. Look forward to seeing how this all turns out.
  13. E-mail sent - Yes Name rec'd - Yes Mission sent - coin and postcard in hand, still trying to decide on the keepsake, but should be on the way this weekend Mission rec'd -
  14. Ooh! Ditto this, Sis! I think I understand but it will take me a while to compile a proper list.... How long do we have to send out "Wants" in? CF30 I believe we have until May 11th sometime. It sure seems daunting, but hopefully the sort on the coin name will help with this process.
  15. Just wanted to say that as someone who grew up sailing (but now living in the prairies), I really like your upcoming sailboat geocoin. It brings back so many memories for me! I'll be watching for these to come out - will you be selling them personally or will they be available from Oak Coins?
  16. E-mail just sent for some minor re-grouping. Also, pretty please fix the spelling error for coin 322, which should be "The Gingerbread Man" not "The Gingerbreak Man"!! Thanks, Mrs. GeoK
  17. Check out completed - we ordered 2 in each finish. Thanks for the link this a.m. Avroair...I still can't see the Muskateers' coin on the pre-sales page link Oakcoins sent via e-mail.
  18. Mission Chocolate Received - YES!! Thanks so much to south pawaz, who took the time to check out our GC profile and then included a little something for each of our GeoKids. They were both absolutely thrilled. And you must be a mind reader - the whole family loves anything that's dark chocolate!! Our first mission - now complete. Thanks a lot for organizing. Based on our experience with this one, we'll definitely participate in some more.
  19. Mission: Operation Chocoate- 1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes 2). ChocoName Received - Yes 3). ChocoMission Sent - Yes. Surprisingly, air mail was $6.50 vs $5.40 for surface mail (6 - 8 weeks), so of course I opted for air mail. This one has a long ways to go and I was afriad the chocolate white turn all white if it went via snail, turtle, dog sled or whatever it is that would take 6 - 8 weeks! 4). ChocoMission Received
  20. E-mail sent (rubs tummy). Great idea!
  21. E-mail for a 10 pack sent; we'll have a few up for trade in the Calgary area.
  22. E-mail sent...this project's looking great! Thanks.
  23. These look great. Our oldest GeoKid wants to get one in every colour, so we'll be watching for more info soon...
  24. Our favourite local cache is GCY9EX - Oggie. When we set out to hunt for this one we didn't think we'd like it much, because it's a nano. But we absolutely loved meeting Oggie, who turned out to be a proud supporter of the Calgary Flames. Check our log for a photo of this charismatic fellow.
  25. Sorry - I didn't catch the entry for Calgary Area Cachers Stampede when I posted my last reply. The Stampede design is actually the Calgary Area Cachers 2007 coin, so only one of these should be listed.
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