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  1. So, who is geocaching for? I thought it was for everyone, all ages, skill levels, etc. We’re all looking for something different and seems there’s enough difference to go around. In the short time I’ve been exposed to this hobby, the grands and I have found cache of various shapes and sizes… from small and more difficult paper only (the thrill on that is in the pursuit and the boy is good, girlie a bit too short for some finds), to larger containers with non-quality stuff inside (we even made a trip to the store to get decent swag to supply some very anemic caches with … then girlie wanted to take our stuff lol). We also found the dreaded wet and rusted altoid tin. We logged anyway. What was sad was seeing a very creative cache broken and strewn about the hiding area. We salvaged what we could, re-hid it, and notified the owner. Now I’ve gone out and spent tons of $$ to get involved in this thing with the kids, but am becoming a bit concerned that my time/efforts could be easily trashed. I suppose that’s a downside to it all. I just need to learn how to minimize the potential for that happening. Am finding good tips in these forums~
  2. No comments, no comments... Dont forget the pad while you are at it. New to this ... hotel pens and pads, what a fabulous idea! lol!
  3. Well, my clan is very new to this. We were mugglers until just a mere week ago when we stumbled upon a hidden cache quite by accident. The GPS has been ordered and we have yet to look for/find a lamp post hide. I'm guessing we'll be rather excited when that time comes. However, after years of experience I suspect finding the easy ones might become kind of boring. Right now the challenge for us is finding something without a GPS
  4. Anybody hungry for pizza? My clan is so new to this and we are considering putting together a first time cache of our own to hide; is there certain etiquette to follow as to what to place inside for that first time finder? I’ve also seen people claim being second finder. I’m only in this for family fun and if we take something from the cache the kids and I try to leave it better than when we find it. Although that has been a bit problematic at times cos the girlie has wanted to take what we left
  5. Thanks so much for the tips! I did, before reading this, order the Magellan eXplorist 110 from the site here. That was after doing a lot of homework reading reviews and being all over different pages trying to learn stuff. I'm a bit technically challenged so here's hoping it won't be too difficult. I've got an 11 year old who will probably help me get it figured out. I'm already beginning to see how the word "obsession" can seep into all this
  6. The grandkids and I were at a local park within this past week (as mugglers) and just happened across a cache. The boy had heard of the game so we immediately went home and signed up (not so sure of this name he chose, though, is it possible to change it in the future?). Since a few days ago we have had fun trying this whole thing out and locating a dozen finds in our area. Now I’m thinking this may be a great activity for me to do with them when school’s out so I came to the forum looking for advice on a GPS. (Need something user friendly and was leaning towards the Magellan eXplorist 110?) Stumbled upon this topic about making it PM only? That would rule out people like me who want to try it for a while before investing any further. If it eventually does go that direction, perhaps offer a few months of free membership before requiring the PM? I wouldn't like seeing things go that way but certainly understand the concern.
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