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  1. I have a Nuvi 360 and I get this too on some (but not all) caches. Hey, using 350 myself, at the top of each cache I get the "plain" info with no colors, then the same thing again WITH colors. I believe the "plain" part is for nuvis that have the "More" button. 350's do not. I think pilotsnipes' macro takes this part out for the 3xx. Is this macro supposed to do that, too? No big deal, I guess........... Thanks everyone, this is an awesome deal!! Mike O- I also get the non-colored and then colored info on my Nuvi 360.
  2. I just discovered your macro today. I am trying to get it working on a Nuvi 360. I am using the latest everything (POI Loader, Firmware, GSAK, etc). I have about 5,000 POIs to load. I get the message about "Geocache Tourguide.gpx is invalid". What am I doing wrong? ETA: Ok, I filtered out my found caches in GSAK and now it is working. So, whatever it was causing a problem, it was with a found cache. I'd like to have them on the Nuvi in case I am with someone that hasn;t found it, but I can live without them. Great macro! I already had all the caches on the Nuvi with another macro, but this format is much better! I only use the Nuvi to get near the cache and then use the 60CSx to get from the car to the cache. Can I load these POIs onto the 60CSx too? How will they look on the 60CXs?
  3. I typed up a short tutorial for logging your caches after using cachemate. Check it out: http://markz68.googlepages.com/geocacheloggingtutorial
  4. I just flew on Northwest earlier this month. I carried my Garmin in my camera case along with my camera and my Palm. They asked if there was a video camera in the bag and that was it. The announcement on the plane once we were in the air is that you can use any electronics as long as they don't transmit. Since the Garmin is only a receiver, it is okay. When sitting by the window, it worked great! I was flying at 32,000 feet or so at 450 mph. It was cool to see what cities I was flying over. I also put in my destination city and could tell about how much further I had to go!
  5. I have placed two orders now, but still haven't received an invoice from Doug.
  6. I placed my order the other day but have not been invoiced. Did you receive my order?
  7. Doug, did you have samples at the Fall Picnic? I forgot to check. Also, I can't remember if I have placed an order yet or not. Can you check?
  8. Indiana's is supposedly at N 40 00.000, W 86 16.002. My aunt & uncle's house is about 0.14 miles from there. I will be there on Thanksgiving Day, so I'll have to check it out.
  9. I have never seen a real B&M geocaching store. The closest would be an Army Surplus store for things like ammo cans & decon containers.
  10. Thanks, jtbrady01, I'll look forward to visiting that cache this winter. I know part of the trick to catching a wintering eagle is to visit early, and at dusk, when they are feeding, fron Nov-Feb. My sister lives in St Louis, MO, and there is a town about 45 minutes north called Alton, IL, where eagles winter by the hundreds because 3 sets of locks and dams keep the 3 rivers confluence from ever freezing over solid. We always spend a day or two every winter seeking the birds, and they are not hard to find near the dams. They make their nests in the white river bluffs that line the east side of the Mississippi/Missouri Rivers. But this solitary, summertime eagle in Idiana is still a fairly uncommon sight, especially so close to the city. I can only theorize that that oxbow lake created by the White River keeps the eagle in fish all year long. I know that when Jennischmeni and I saw him last spring, we saw 3 dead fish in the neaby corn stubble before we saw the eagle. You'd think he'd go and pickup what he dropped, but maybe it's just as easy for him to go back to the river for a new fish. Grins, -2q I have relatives that live near there and my parents have gone eagle watching with them a couple times. Unfortunately I have always been on-call or something those weekends and haven't been able to join them. Maybe next time.
  11. We're glad you decided to bring Sophie. She was so well behaved! We sat next to you guys nearly all day long and she was just the sweetest thing. Hope to see her at another gathering soon. Thanks for the kind words about Sophie. We have had her a month today and we are just blown away at how well behaved she is! Our last two dogs weren't dogs we could take places. We'd like to take Sophie as often as possible! We took her to a cabin in Kentucky the weekend before the picnic and she loved it! We really enjoyed meeting you guys and Milo! He was a real treat! We hope to see you guys again at another event!
  12. Thanks! She had such a great time at the picnic today meeting several hundred new people and quite a few dogs! I am sold on petfinders.com! They did a great job in matching us up with Sophie! We hit the jackpot with her! Maybe some day she will get to meet Morgan!
  13. Congratulations on your new addition. Looks like a great dog! Love the ears and the bandana! I know what you are going through because we experienced almost the same thing this year twice. In March we came home from work one day and noticed our 8 year old Lab was having difficulty walking. We took her to the vet and he started checking her out. By Monday morning she could not walk at all. He did some xrays to see if she had a spinal injury and found out she had cancer in her lungs. He said it was most likely in her brain or spine too causing her problems. We had to make the hard decision to put her to sleep. She wasn't able to move around on her own or anything. Then in July we came home from work to find out our 13+ year old Spitz-mix dog had a stroke during the day. The vet put her on an IV and wanted to watch her all night. In the middle of the night she passed away. So, we started looking on PetFinder.com for pets in our area that needed rescued. We ended up adopting Sophie through the Franklin County Humane Society about 3.5 weeks ago. She is a 4-year old shepherd boxer mix. She is absolutely the best behaved dog ever! She is so sweet & loving. She already knows so many commands and does almost whatever you tell her. This past weekend we took her on vacation to a cabin in Kentucky. She had an absolute blast! She travelled so well and got along with the other dogs she met there. My wife wants to take her to the Fall Picnic tomorrow, but we haven't decided one way or the other yet. Here is our new girl!
  14. I have these Invisible Shields on all my electronics (Garmin Nuvi, Garmin 60csx, iPod Nano, Palm Tungsten e2) and have never had a problem seeing them without a backlight. I will continue buying them for any future electronics too.
  15. Those options look good to me.
  16. http://www.geocoin-info.net/BINDER/index.html This is a great page for information on how to keep those coins in there. I use the same method discussed on that page, using 6mm craft foam. <snip> That is the same method I use. For Father's Day last year I introduced my dad to geocaching. Now he is fully into it AND collecting geocoins. For Father's Day this year, I bought all the stuff to create a binder for my coins and another for Dad's coins. We spent the day together putting the binders together. We could only locate 2mm and 3mm foam. We used 3mm foam for the coin pages. I haven't had any slip out yet. In between each page of coins, I used a document protector page with a sheet of 2mm foam to keep the pages from banging together. I bought a label maker at Walmart and affix a label with the tracking number to the foam before sliding it into the card sleeve.
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