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  1. I have the SanDisk microSD 1GB SDSDQ-1024 card and have no problems. http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(1841)...icroSD_1GB.aspx I believe 1 GB is the largest size any manufacturer makes in microSD. microSD was originally called T-Flash and then TransFlash, before being named microSD when the format was adopted by the SD Card Association (SDA). It will be less expensive to buy it through someone other than Garmin. More on microSD technology.
  2. Visit this page for the rules on getting free updates. http://www.garmin.com/support/faqs/faq.jsp...ography〈=en I unlocked version 7 only three weeks ago. I plan to call Garmin once a clear set of information has made it through to the CSRs. I have heard stories of Garmin allowing a few days leaway for free upgrades but YMMV. This is the page that contains info on version 8. City Navigator North America v8 At the time of this writing there was no information on upgrade pricing. Upgrade pricing [garmin.com]
  3. Just to add to the chorus ... I updated by downloading the self extracting ZIP file (GPSMAP60CSx_290.exe) and then ran the updater from my computer. I have seen posts of people complaining about using the web updater before so it might be possible you had a problem. Go to this URL for the direct download http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00422-00 You can also get it here. This bypasses the legal page.
  4. Perhaps a visit to the comparison page might help. Visit this Garmin product comparison page and select the units you are interested in comparing, and press submit. The previous post summed up the differences quite well. One addition, is they both are rated as the same Waterproof Standard, IPX7 but as Neo_Geo said the 76CSx floats. 76CSx floats Amount of Built in Memory 64 MB vs. 128 MB Buttons on top instead of the bottom
  5. I have had my 60CSx for about a month now. I use it for hiking, geocaching, navigating to areas I have never been to before, and tracking mileage walked on my evening walks. Before making the purchase I researched on the Internet (isn't that a given?) and found that much like the 60CS, the 60 CSx had some initial problems. After monitoring the situation and noticing Garmin had addressed these issues I spent my hard earned cash, and I am pleased with my 60CSx. When it arrived it had firmware version 2.40 which I quickly upgraded. I also purchased City Navigator and have found the maps make my GPSr a much better product. When making purchasing decisions the age old adage of caveat emptor applies. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this GPSr.
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