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  1. We were in the midst of a 30 day streak when the 31 Days of Geocaching in August came about. SO, we are now at day 234!!! For the most part, it has been easy. We cache as a team, so every night after dinner we head out to find one. Since we only started caching in March of 2013, we had numerous caches in our area from which to choose. I will say that it is getting harder and harder...and we are having to drive a little further out but , it keeps us off the couch and away from the TV!! Can't imagine how we would do a streak if we had already been caching for years though...everything around us would've already be cleared out! I admire those who have those 500 to 1000 days streaks! Kudos to them.
  2. I agree! Also, caching is pretty easy right now...not a lot of muggles out in some areas. We have about 100 caches available in a nearby city park/sports complex but looking for them in good springlike weather? HA! Dog walkers, joggers, cyclists, picnicers, hikers, softballers, soccer players, golfers, etc... can make it really difficult. Right now though, at 20 degrees, not a lot of folks out!! Gotta get while the gettin' is good! Hope you can find a few in your area that are "winter friendly"!
  3. Weirdest and saddest...a dead dog. Someone's pet!! It had a collar on; and had been wrapped in a kid's blanket. They didn't even bury it!!! Looked like they just pulled up (recently) and dumped it in a steep ditch/creek bed right near the cache site. The blanket had come off and the dog was just lying out in the open about eight feet down from where we were standing. We forgot all about the cache and just left. Who would do that to a family pet???
  4. Here's an easy way for this not to be a problem: just assume that every single one of those team accounts only logs finds when everyone's there. It doesn't matter if it's actually true in 100% of the cases: as long you assume it is, you can stop being worried about it. The fact is, I doubt many teams at all do enough split logging to make a significant difference in how difficult challenges are. The people I know that use a team account use it because it's very rare for one to be caching without the other, and even rarer for them to be caching independently. That's what we do! My husband and I cache as a team, and I always assume that other families/teams cache together as we do. Ninety eight percent of the time, our geocaching is a combined effort. We are working on our 366 days in a row streak (211 so far) and usually go out for a cache after we finish dinner. There have been a few exceptions due to work, illness, etc...when one or the other of us has gone it alone, but that is the exception, not the rule. My hope is that everyone else does the same. (and if they don't, I'll just pretend they do)
  5. My husband had tried it, a few years ago, before we were married. One day he asked me if I would like to try geocaching. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about it but said, yes. I am not the "outdoors type". He got his GPS and we went to look for one called Black Hawk Down that he had remembered finding. He gave me the GPS and showed me what to do. That one little cache changed everything! I am hooked. We have 362 finds since March of this year and are currently on a streak...116 days in a row so far. We have found a variety of caches...from skirtlifters in parking lots to virtual caches in The Lost Valley to island caches on Lake Ouachita only accessible by boat!! I have gotten chiggers (first time), ticks, and ant bites but loved every minute of these adventures. We love just getting out and doing things together, seeing new places...and if a cache happens to be there, or even lead us there...BONUS! We get a smiley!
  6. My son IS a police officer and he knows about Geocaching through us. I asked him once if the PD had ever mentioned Geocaching in any meetings, briefings, procedures, etc... so that officer's would have a basic understanding of what it is; and what to do if they run into any geocachers while out on patrol. He said no. But he told us, if approached, just to explain what we were doing, show the officer your geo device, etc...and everything should be fine. Two nights ago, while looking for a cache out of town, we were approached by an officer. He pulled up and asked us if we needed any help. Hubby said, "we are Geocaching, do you know what that is?" He said, "yes." "You folks have a good night" and drove on. I'm sure he had more to do than watch a couple of geeks examining a fence post in the dark and...in the rain! I think it's mostly just luck of the draw...some police know about it and have no issues. Others have no clue what it is and since you may look suspicious roaming around (especially in the dark) they HAVE to at least investigate. Just be honest.
  7. 98 days so far! Just had a conversation with my hubby/geopartner last night about whether or not we will end our streak at 100. It was a lot of fun this summer when the days were long. We would go out every night after dinner and grab a cache...parks, cemeteries, skirtlifters, points of interest, etc.. We sure saw a lot of places that we normally don't travel on our day to day work routes. But now that the days are getting shorter, it's hard to go caching in a park in the dark...and cemeteries? No way! I feel like our streak may come to an end and we will just have to cache on the weekends. Certainly a slow down coming for us, I think!
  8. Startled me when I logged on this morning! Guess I'll get used to it though.
  9. Is it weird or "bad form" if I were to place a cache...say in honor of a birthday...and then have son/hubby go and find it. Then "we" could log it as found?? Just wondering.
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