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  1. celebrating 3 million active geocaches that is one cache every 20 minutes for more than 100 years! “3 million geocaches geocoin” size: 2" = 51mm Ø 3mm thick, weight 32g editions / quantity made: antique silver re 45 nickel se 40 gold le 35 black nickel* xle 30 with glow-in-the-dark elements antique bronze 15 (sold out) release: april 1, 2017 trackable on geocaching.com with own icon available at geocoins.biz/shop
  2. coupon code for ernies geocoins.biz: 7%july15 get 7% discount on any coins at shop.geocoins.biz. (valid unteil july 14, 2015)
  3. coupon code for ernies geocoins.biz: 7%july15 get 7% discount on any coins at shop.geocoins.biz. (valid unteil july 14, 2015)
  4. 15 years of geocaching geocoins 3" x 3" (76 x 76mm) (larger that you think. it took 3 to 4 times as much metal as for a regular coin) 3mm thick 3.5oz (100g) weight 8 editions while stock lasts trackable with its own item prefix XV (for 15) the back shows kind of a circular story with icons, from the cacher over the ways and means to the caches ... available here. ^ “gold’n’glitter” ^ “full spectrum” ^ “cache night” (15 glows in the dark) ^ “funky fiesta”
  5. black nickel + nickel matte silver black nickel + gold polished gold
  6. this is the tetradrachmon geocoin (= 4-drachmae, i.e. the ancient greek currency). the design is 2500 years old. it shows the goddess athena (= minerva in rome) and a glaux (owl) with a crescent moon and an olive twig. it comes in 8 editions. the two-tone editions are only avaliable in the complete set. price per piece starts at us$ 12.80 or € 11.50. they are really nicely heavy (50 gram = 1.7oz) for their size (40mm = 1.6") and quite thick (6mm). you won’t be disapointed. of course trackable with its own item. available here and now. antique silver antique gold antique copper matte gold
  7. i suggest that current holder of trackables (that are their own) receive automatically generated reminder e-mails by Groundspeak after a certain period (like 3 weeks, and the weekly) in order to remind them that they have coins/tbs that need to be dropped. i have 100s of coins on their way and they often get forgot by the cachers and i have to remind them to get those trackables moving. these reminders help, but they should be done by Groundspeak. it should be a setting (checkbox) in the trackable listing. thanks for your consideration.
  8. knot in love geocoin a celtic knot work coin with four hearts. the heart line is see-through (cut-out) filled with translucent colors. size 2x2" (51mm), trackable with own icon. more info and pics at geocoins.biz (nickel) (black nickel) (matte gold) (polished gold)
  9. it is quite a while since this topic was started ... in the meantime, some new versions of this popular 2.5" coin have been published, of which the most colorful editions are matte silver (se2) and matte gold (se2): back in stock at ernies geocoins.biz.
  10. nixie geocoin 2" (51mm) 4 editions: copper (re), matte silver (se), gold (le), black nickel (xle) trackable, own icon special feature: key glows in the dark (all editions) more info at geocoins.biz
  11. if you think this project has died – it has not: finally, after such a long time, the coin is out ... and almost sold out too. but i will surely remint it in new versions sooner or later. the limited editions (matte gold and matte silver) were sold out within hours. forum member pastor_b who suggested the name, will get a free copy. at this point, only a few black nickel ones are left. if you don't want to miss the 2nd batch (coming only in 2013), it's best to join my geocoin mailing list (just contact me via pm and let me know your e-mail addy). http://geocoins.biz/geo/coins/kaleidoscope_geocoin.html
  12. you might wonder what happened to the kaleidoscope geocoin. well, good news: samples are finally made. it took me a while to find a manufacturer willing to make it. some refused, as the design is «too complicated» for the color filling. yes, it has 225 cavities to fill on the front and 192 on its back. bear in mind that color filling is always done manually. no wonder the manufacturers were scared as hell. well, one was willing. most certain this is a new record in geocoin history with more than 400 spots to fill. correct me if i’m wrong. of course the job is quite labor-intense. and therefore the cost is not that cheap. but i wanted to pull this through. i am quite pleased with the result so far. and i hope at the end of august (2012, that is) we will see the mass production finished. all designs (5 editions) will be revealed then. here is a sneak preview pic (black nickel, front side). and wait ... last but not least: it is huge! 2.5 inches (that is 63mm) diameter! every regular 2" coin looks dwarfish next to it. – the surface increase factor from 2" to 2.5" is 1.56x!
  13. just to all of you who asked for a remint of following coin (and to all other cachers too): the 2008 cheesocoin (cheese geocoin) it's available again. current edition: se2 (matte black nickel) 2" 9 real holes. fully glow-in-the-dark (front and back) coin is not flat, but slightly v-shaped (thickness from 2 to 4mm) needless to say: fully trackable with own icon: note: only the matte black nickel (se2) version is available. the other versions are sold out for ages. http://geocoins.biz/geo/coins/cheesocoin_en.html
  14. good news. after almost two years of deferring, this coin will be produced. finally. scheduled for may/june 2012. sorry for all who have been waiting. some things take a bit longer ...
  15. dome window geocoin 2011 2" 3mm thick zinc alloy material translucent colos 3 editions trackable with icon more info here
  16. the coin of switzerland’ first mega event called “geofarm” are available now for non-participants, too. there are four editions: geofarm geocoin, re, nickel (participant coin, numbered)* geofarm geocoin, se, matte gold* geofarm geocoin, xle, black nickel, numbered (100pc), limited to 1/person geofarm geocoin, xxle, antique gold, numbered (50pc), limited to 1/person *discount if you purchase more than one size: 2" 3mm thick eyes of cow glow in the dark. several sets available. please note you can buy max. 1 of the xle and xxle. http://www.geocoins.biz/geo/coins/geofarm_geocoin.html
  17. the shri yantra (or shree yantra) is a geometric pattern dating back to the ancient indian (vedic) culture. it basically concists of triangles. the whole yantra (rough definition: graphic mantra) is embeded in a stylized lotus flower. the back shows an interesting pattern with an endless line. 2x2" 3mm thick. zinc alloy material. available in five editions. nickel and matte silver editions have glow-in-the-dark elements. trackable on gc.com with custom icon more info: http://ingwer.ch/geo/coins/shri_yantra_geocoin.html
  18. remint of the Groundspeak version of "10 years of geocaching" is available (i.e. the one with the gc.com logo on its back). (matte gold) (polished gold) (matte silver – this 40pc only xle version is on ebay auctions) overview on all versions and editions (incl. link to the shop): http://ingwer.ch/geo/coins/10_years_of_geo...ng_geocoin.html
  19. just for everyones information: in the shop, the default currency is CHF (= swiss francs). change to USD (dollars) or EUR (euros) on the bottom of the lift-side menu.
  20. well, not an actual geocoin, rather a piece of jewellery (1 faux gem) or kind of a dream catcher made of metal (pewter). whatever, it is gc.com trackable with its own icon. size: main ring: 1.6". top to bottom: 3.2" http://ingwer.ch/geo/coins/millennium_ring_geocoin.html this time, the total number is undisclosed until sold out: gold (30pc), two-tone (25), black nickel (35) and polished copper (20) are gone, the other four metal platings are still available: antique gold, antique silver, antique copper, polished silver. (image shows: antique silver, antique gold, gold, antique copper)
  21. sale is now open for everyone. reservations are forfeited now. it looks like there won't be a further mint of the QR code version. however there will be the GS (Groundspeak) version coming in september. info about coin and link to web shop: http://ingwer.ch/geo/coins/10_years_of_geo...ng_geocoin.html (if there is any ordering problem at the shop checkout, delete all cookies set by fsu.ch, then it should work. new shop software coming in a few weeks. sorry in case you are one of those who had difficulties with the order.)
  22. you can retrieve the activation code from http://geocoins.biz (see also former posts in this thread.)
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