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  1. Four days ago I submitted a new geocache in the normal way and am still awaiting it to be published. My previous submissions have always been approved within a few hours. I know it says it can take up to 7 days but this has not been my experience in the past. I am wondering if my submission has been overlooked. Should I delete it and re submit the whole thing again? What are others experiences? Last week I submitted one and it was approved and published within an hour!
  2. I have purchased an etrex 10 and would like to know how to load geochches to it singly. I am not a paid member. Is there an easy way using a laptop? I'm stumped and don't really want to download the whole Garmin maps programme which will take hours and will overload my computer. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Why does the geocaching.com website still have the 'send to my GPS' option when selecting a geocache you would like to find if it doesn't work and is not likely to work in the future? Seems misleading and crazy to me or am I missing something here? Why do major web browsers choose not support popular apps like Garmin any more?
  4. Yes, sounds easy but I have been unable to do it. Do you know what I have to do? Thanks. Sorry I am not very computer literate, too old I guess at 68.
  5. I don't get the "open with" dialog box come up it just goes to downloads. Does anyone know how to get the open with dialog box to appear and give me the option to send to the etrex 10? Otherwise I will have to cut and paste every time from the downloads folder.
  6. Thank you for the advice but the problem I am having now is that when I click gpx it automatically all goes to my internet explorer downloads and not to my etrex10 and I do not know how to configure it to make the gpx file go to my etrex 10. Thanks. Any help would be great!
  7. Well this news renders my GPS useless and it looks like my geocaching days are now over!
  8. Your comment doesn't help me. I haven't been on this site for over a year!
  9. Hi, I have not used my Garmin etrex 10 for some time. When trying to send a geocache to it from the map I keep getting message plug in not detected. I tried to install the latest plugin but I still can't get it to work. It used to work fine on this same computer about 1 year ago. What has changed? Thanks
  10. There are a lot of serious geocachers out there who are not premium members, including me. Not everyone can afford a premium membership. People's circumstances differ. The good thing about geocaching is that it is a great hobby for someone who is on a very tight budget because it costs very little to get started and is great fun and get people outside exploring new areas. I love the hobby and have hidden three caches of my own now. So please don't knock the people who can't afford a premium membership. There are a lot of serious, sensible, basic members out there. Just a shame that PMO caches are not available for us to find. But thankfully there are thousands of others we can find.
  11. Junk in geocaches is one of the things which upsets me the most about this hobby. How disappointing for excited children eagerly opening up a cache to find rubbish inside. Just done a maintenance check on one of my own geocaches and removed the junk! Someone had put some beach pebbles in as swag. It is a beach cache and the whole beach is covered in pebbles. How stupid is that? What's wrong with these people?
  12. Yes, I have experienced that exact problem with the magnet in the case lid. I was resting the tablet on the case while searching and forgot about the magnet. Soon as I put the case in my rucksack the compass read correctly. Keep any magnet well away from the unit or there will be false readings.
  13. I do not geocache in the winter. I am a three season geocacher here in Canada. Spring, summer, fall. Forget winter, it is just not going to happen, not me anyway!! Looking forward to spring and getting out again.
  14. I have the Etrex 10 and love it. It is simple to use. Do a search on you tube for instructions on how to set up. Mine is extremely accurate!
  15. Yes! sicko Where is your sense of humor? Or haven't you got one? I'm a Brit, very different sense of humor to Canadians.
  16. If someone get injured looking for a cache, I wonder if the injured party could sue the cache owner? Nothing would surprise me anymore in North America!! lol
  17. That was my first thought. Cougars will generally try really hard to avoid encountering humans. They usually don't consider humans prey, and actually consider us more of a threat to be avoided. Running away or playing dead can make the cougar think of you more like prey and can get you into real trouble. The best thing to do is make yourself appear large and menacing to make them think you're a predator to be avoided. I'm thinking it's more likely it was a raccoon. Wolverines haven't been reported on the island since 1990, and we don't have badgers. I guess it could have been a bear, but I'm not so sure. I can't think of any other animals on the island that would growl at you from up a tree. Maybe it was just the world's most ticked-off eastern grey squirrel? While out on my own, I've only ever had one encounter with a large animal on the island, and that was with an adult black bear just west of Victoria. I was walking down a logging road, came around a bend, and there was the bear in the middle of the road about 75 m ahead. As soon as I saw it, it saw me and took off into the bush. As much as I didn't want to be around it, it didn't want to be around me. I have lived here long enough to know that is definately wasn't a raccoon. As I said in my original post It was a very loud roar, raccoons and squirrels don't roar!
  18. My wife and I were geocaching today in Lazo Nature Park woods on Vancouver Island, Canada. We were walking a trail and she was walking some distance behind when suddenly something big growled at her from above and in a tree beside the trail. We both heard it! She quickly caught up with me and we both walked briskly back to the car. We didn't see what it was but suspect it was a cougar. It was a very loud and deep growl. I think it was probably just a warning but if I had been alone maybe things would have been different. I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. Take care out there in the woods and always go with another person. Good idea to carry a pocket knife. It has kind of put her off wanting to go geocaching in remote areas any more! Actually as fairly new geocachers we are finding the GPS doesn't work well at all under a heavy tree canopy anyway!
  19. I know exactly where you are coming from. I am also on a tight budget and I decided to go with the etrex 10. I love it. I have just found my first 50 caches using it and it works perfectly for me. Very accurate and easy to use. It doesn't have maps but that's OK. It still leads me to where I want to go!
  20. I dislike micros/nanos. I don't look for them and try to avoid them as much as possible! Complete waste of time in my humble opinion. I love looking for reasonable-sized caches with the chance of finding a TB or geocoin. I'm still fairly new to this and it is just an opinion! Maybe later I will have a change of heart but I doubt it!!
  21. What irks me most is finding useless rubbish in geocaches. Always trade even or up! I personally would rather someone not put anything in at all rather than put in some broken piece of plastic rubbish!!
  22. I'm fairly new and I use a Garmin Etrex 10 and love it. It does everything I need for geocaching. When I first start I had problem with the unit because I wasn't using it right. I had to set it up correctly for geocaching. What I found most useful were the you tube clips for using the etrex 10. I learned a lot from that. Keep trying different things on the unit, especially the dashboard. Familiarize yourself with the unit until you are comfortable using it. Happy geocaching.
  23. I am new and I had exactly the same problem. Now I use the GPS until I can get as close as possible. Then I put the GPS away and rely on other clues. First I ask myself If I were hiding a cache where would I put it? and I look for clues like footprints and tracks. Look at the hint if necessary and also the name of the cache, there is often a clue there. Happy hunting.
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