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  1. On a lighter note, the Colorado Columbine geocoin is now available. This is Colorado's first "micro" coin, (and not meant to reference the tragedy noted above).
  2. Ditto on that, love 'em! Maybe something for colorado natives/residents? Thanks for your interest, we are thinking about a LE, but probably not this year. The antiqued colors cause the back of the coin to really pop out at you! and... sorry about the color change! We decided to switch to the blue-lavendar color because it more closely resembles the Colorado Blue Columbine!
  3. The problem lies with the number of active participants in this thread. I can count them all on one hand... Here are some pics taken over 14k feet from a few weeks ago: ~see ya at the 2009 Mountain Fiesta and 4x4 Caching Adventure! Cool pics! You all live in some of the prettiest country... don't know if I could handle all of that white stuff, though! I know the hubby couldn't! That's all he's talked about, though, since we got back from the 2008 Mountain Luau - retiring in Colorado. Looking forward to exploring more of your wonderful state in 2009! Robyn P.S. Does your pup extreme hike with you? He sure was a bundle of energy and fun to be with! Yes, Moose can handle most class 3 scrambles without assistance... He was with me on the peak pictured above. Following, he is pictured with some mountain goats ...and towards the end of that same hike, with his Ruffwear gear! Got a little Captain in you?!
  4. Having a "select all" check box or button is long over due!
  5. The problem lies with the number of active participants in this thread. I can count them all on one hand... Here are some pics taken over 14k feet from a few weeks ago: ~see ya at the 2009 Mountain Fiesta and 4x4 Caching Adventure!
  6. That isn't always the favored end state. When a cache has some historical significance (like a 6 digit GC code or less) it would be better IMHO to save the original cache. I recommend 'you' just donate your own time and materials to fix the problem...
  7. I think you will need to delete all the caches from the bookmark first, then 'archive' it.
  8. I haven't cached too much down in that area, so I won't be of much help. However, here's a list of Denver Metro Recommended caches. If you'll be in town and available during the evenings, be prepared to cache in the dark. It's starting to get dark around 6/6:30pm now. Lax is a helpful guy, but that list, along with all the others lists on that website are out of date (and subjective)... Here's what you should do: Go to this cache and run a pocket query from there. Then visit the various parks in the area, and walk the trails, logging whatever cache happens to be next. If you click "view map" from that location (and view terrain), you'll understand...
  9. Thanks RocketMan! I received an e-mail this morning from someone who recognized Longs Peak from the picture, and let me know it made the gallery! ....sweet.....! Glad to see you made the banner. Nice Someone of your notoriety should probably run for a high position within the local geocaching organization.
  10. I was getting ready to mention that myself... that particular section must be perilous! It sucked you in as well, notice your own picture with a familiar aspen trunk in the upper left corner. It was most likely the tree on the 'drivers-left' side of the trail that caused you 'inexperienced-drivers' to error right and slip into the crevace...
  11. I don't believe 'automated' can be done... You can manually load your latest My Finds pocket query to a myriad of tools.
  12. That is far too much detail. I couldn't get past the second picture before boredom set in... I only hike in 6 directions... north, south, east, west, up or down. Sometimes, I sway a little bit, between two or three of them... The answer is NO, it really does not matter whether you use magnetic or true!
  13. Here is an unfound cache in your neighborhood. It was placed yesterday... Why didn't you go find it last night? Otherwise, step up your game and find this one.
  14. I just sign the log, it is sufficient...
  15. Have you read the forum guidelines? "4. Sock puppet accounts are not permitted. A sock puppet is an account made on an internet message board by a person who already has an account for the purpose of posting anonymously. Use your own account for posting personal opinions. Posts from known sock puppet accounts will be deleted and both the puppet and actual account may be banned from using the services of Groundspeak."
  16. That is a good idea. Set up a process for nominating and approving diagrams, e.g. whether they get posted in the forums approved by peers, or emailed to you and approved by you. Will these 'diagrams' need to be original work, because of copyright issues? Also, consider standardization between diagrams... Do you have the bandwidth for diagram hosting at EarthCache.org? or will each diagram need to be uploaded to GC by each developer for hosting? If you host the diagrams, they can be embedded on the submittal forms prior to approval.
  17. here is a quick-n-easy way: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx select a cache type select a focal point seems to be limited to a 50 mile radius
  18. I sent an email... no response, yet. That would be a really tough day. Skip Mt Arthur, and it would be just a tough day.
  19. I'm gone now- but who is Sax. I'll be back there sometime in the future for more training. Maybe if I do some better planning next time, I could meet up with someone... You don't want to climb terrain 5 behind Sax, he wears a kilt...
  20. try these: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=201522
  21. It looks to me as if that new winch could be real handy! ...As a matter of fact, it was. Dave's panties dried out really quick after he hung them out. He also commented about the "mountain fresh" scent that they had. I wear thongs so you know those aren't mine. Actually, I was going to comment that I'm bummed that my winch didn't come with that feature. Did you have to pay extra for that zolitg or did that come with the on board air unit? An effective safety device, great idea zoltig! I'll have to get some for my own winch. Certainly cheaper than the option below...
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