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  1. Cute design Jennifer&Dean. Is the pattern still posted somewhere? When I click on the link for the X-stitch page, I get a message that the page is not available. Thanks; Cyn
  2. Thank you envchemist. That is a big help. I don't have a Kindle, but that would be a good idea. Give them time, technology is giving us everything.
  3. I used to have a grid for the Georgia DeLorme challenge that could be used with Google Earth to see where the squares fell. Does anyone know where to find the link for this?
  4. Just so you know, "Groundspeak" did answer. In the thread that BlueDeuce linked, the response from Raine (post #7) is a response from Groundspeak. Notice that it reads "Groundspeak Lackey" under his name. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3896839 They might of answered that post, but not my post or my email. I don't spend all my time in the forums and don't have the time to go through all the threads to see what everybody else is writing about. Some people are content to do that, I'd rather being out enjoying the hunt. Thanks for your input.
  5. It seems that a number of people had the same problem on the same day. I don't understand why Groundspeak was not able to answer, especially when there is such a simple solution. Thank-you BlueDuece for taking the time to help. What you said worked for my remaining 2 queries.
  6. I first sent an email to Goundspeak to try to get help with these queries. When I did not get a response, I posted the problem on here. I still have not received a reply to either. I have had 3 of the queries resent to me and they were fine that time. I am now waiting on the other 2. I update these queries weekly, with the limit of 5 done each day, and have everything current for my days off. I understand that problems occur sometimes, but it would be nice to get an acknowledgement when something is reported.
  7. Every week I download a series of queries to keep the caches in my area current. This week, all the queries that I had downloaded on Thursday can not be opened. Instead of having the usual attachment of ######zip, they have an attachment that is named applicationzip. It is not a zip file though, and I can not open it. Is it possible to have these queries resent to me? The rest of the queries that I have downloaded for this week have been fine.
  8. I too would like to see the old map back. The new map is good at times, but as you already know it is slow for us with dial-up. I like the old map because it gives me a good visual of cache density over a large area, it also allows me to see what sections I have heavily cached and what areas have a lot of possible finds. Just my opinion. Thanks.
  9. I solved my first soduko puzzle when I did url=http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=6d27c118-248f-44f3-85e2-8e344d0b41c7]RADSC II CDT[/url]. I had fun doing both the puzzle and the cache.
  10. I think that the category for trackables that are in ones possession should be divided into two. One for the TBs/Coins that need to be moved into another cache and another for ones which remain in the hands of the owner. I have only begun collecting geocoins. I like to activate them so that I can share them with others and they can discover them. I can already see though what a nuisance it can be for those that have 100+ coins in their collection. Going through that long list of trackables to find the TB that needs to be dropped into the cache that is being logged could be a pain.
  11. cynwood

    Locked Bug

    I have a TB, Cherokee Spirit (TBNKQV) that I found in a cache during an event and I am unable to remove it. The person who had it last, grabbed it from 1 cache on 5/26/06 and dropped it into the one I found on 8/21/06. The TB owner had posted a note for it on 5/26/06, but no hints given there as to why it might now be locked. I retrived it from the cache on 9/23/06, but have not been able to do anything. I emailed the TB owner, but have never heard anything. Any suggestions?
  12. cynwood

    FTF Coin

    I am looking for a FTF coin. I know I have seen one on some web page, but I am not finding it now. Any one have a clue to help me?
  13. cynwood

    Family Rate?

    Found my first MO by accident. Didn't know that it was one until I went to log it in. Found another loophole for logging it. Went to cache page and clicked on log it, then signed out of my name and back in with my sons. He now has a MO logged even if he can't see the page. I have no problem with paying the member fee, but when you double, tripple, etc. it adds up. I am supporting 6 people by myself on a Walmart salary and it is all I can do to make it week to week. I would rather have that $2.50 or so to put into gas or buy a couple more things for leaving in caches; than to purchase another membership for my 7 year old son who lives in my house. I think that we should be able to extend the membership to the kids in our home. Even a family group rate would be reasonable rather then each one individually. I know that MOs make up a small percentage of the caches, but if I'm near one I'm going to grab it; and my kids will want their smileys too.
  14. cynwood

    Family Rate?

    Is there any possibility of having a family membership rate? My 7-year old is my geo buddy and so I set up an accout for him. He lives with me and uses my computer, but if we do a member's only cache he won't be able to log the find. I know the fee is not that much and it is worth it, but I can't afford to pay for 2 of us (and possibly 3 when my 11-year old gets back from his summer with dad).
  15. Already checked that and junk mail folder too. I guess that I can at least take consolation in knowing that I am not the only one. Sent a note to Groundspeak support yesterday about the problem and have not heard back on it either.
  16. I submitted a query the other day and received it in my email almost immediately. Yesterday I submitted another query and it was generated, but still have not received it. How long can it take before you receive zip file? I resubmitted it again this morning and still not showing up.
  17. I have been using my friends Magellan Sportrack. Borrowed it about a month ago for a scout trip. Since I have been having so much fun I told her I was holding it hostage until I get my own, if she wants to use it she will have to go caching with me! This was fine with her since she don't drive and doesn't get to go caching much without a way. Dropped a hint to my mother that if she wanted a suggestion for my bday, that a GPS was what I wanted. Picked up my new Magellan eXplorist 400 this morning. The battery is now charged and ready to try out. Time to go caching!!
  18. cynwood


    Is there a minimum age requirement to be a member of geocaching.com?
  19. I am new at geocaching, but having fun. Is there anyway to find out what the coordinates are for a place before you go there? As it is now I am researching caches in the area by looking for clues in the descripition and viewing the maps. I also have resorted to calling a friend with the coordinates when I get to my destination and having them go on line to see what might be in the area. Finding out coordinates in advance when I know were I want to go would be a big help. TFTH
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