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  1. Amazingly, I still repro the bug on my Surface, Windows 10, vanilla chrome. Changing the "Leaflet" map preference fixed it, and I also never realized the option is there. Thank you, cazmockett!
  2. Same problem here. Reinstalling fixed it. Google pixel. Android 7.1.2.
  3. A weird problem that should be easy to debug: WellJointed sent me a message yesterday. I got a copy of it by email. I fired up IE, and saw New Message indicator. Got in, saw no message from WellJointed. I pretended that I want to send a message to him, which got me to the history of our messages. I saw his older messages, but not the latest one I just read in the email.
  4. buti_oxa

    PQ Maps

    The problem is still there. It bothers me in this common scenario: I create a new PQ, go to preview, and click Map this Location to see if I got what I wanted.
  5. It was gone and it's back now for me too. I "witnessed" it: I loaded a cache page find, posted a log, clicked the cache page link in a log, and it hanged. It seems to be confined to cache pages.
  6. It took me a long time to discover that clicking an icon in the message gets me to person's profile. I am trained to expect a link like that under a name, but not under icon. Plus, name would usually get an underscore to hint on link's existence, and you cannot do that with an images. It does not help that the same icon on the left (in the message pane) does not have a link. Notice also that if you message a person for the first time by clicking "Message this owner" on cache page (the most common way to message, I guess), you do not get an icon anywhere. It's a tricky UI design problem, and I a good solution does not easily comes to my mind. Yes, name = link sounds good. But, using the name in the To: line seems wrong because it is an input field. Duplicating it elsewhere? I cannot see it looking good too.
  7. Same here. Windows 8.1, IE11.
  8. I found a workaround that I started liking more than the original way. Instead of Sending To My GPS, I click on GPS file. The file gets to my computer download directory. After I sent all the caches I want, I open Garmin Basecamp, and import all the caches I prepared right to my GPS in one move (Ctrl+I, ctrl+A, Enter). This works for me because I use Basecamp to prepare my tips anyway (to see trails in the area etc).
  9. That's a great idea. I thought that 'find nearby caches' feature only finds nearby caches, so I never even try the feature. Now I see the ability to shift the map and "search again from here". This works great if you are try to comb a neighborhood, give many irrelevant results when if you are going on a trail. It's usually the latter for me. But, if the other options fail, that is what I'll do. Thank you for the suggestion. buti
  10. Thanks! Unfortunately, this does not work for me: the box with arrow button when in Safari always suggests mail, twitter, and facebook. The list does not depend on the current URL. Do you see Geo App on your iphone? I would gladly switch to another way. In fact, bookmarking the target caches was the first thing I tried. I was very surprised to see that Geo App does not see my bookmarks. Then, I tried the convoluted email route, and it worked (then). So, bookmark -> PQ -> saved list idea sounds great. But, how do I make a PQ out of bookmark list? Thanks again, buti
  11. How do I reset Safari? I just got the ipod, bought the Geo App, so I have nothing to lose. I am quite sure I was not asked anything about Safari preference....
  12. Here's my usual hike preparation procedure. Using geocaching.com on my computer, find caches around the route. Download cache coordinates into my GPSr. For each cache, click on the cache id and copy/paste the link there into an email. Send the email to myself. Open the email on my Ipod. Click on each link there. The link opens in geocaching app. Save the cache that opens in an offline list. Then, I can get all the information I need on the trail from the saved list, maps, images and all. Great feature! It works fine on my old, now broken Ipod Touch of generation 4, but not on my new shiny generation 5 Ipod. The problem: on step 7, the link opens in Safari! How do I make my Ipod choose geocaching app instead?
  13. I went to the forum being sure that someone already expressed the simple sentiment in the title. I was going to add my "me too", maybe. Instead, I read through a big, and interesting, and maybe too serious topic discussing what's wrong with those souvenirs. I do not want to argue with the ideas expressed there, my two cents are orthogonal, I think: Geocaching is a game I play this year. I got a lot of pleasure anticipating and then getting a nice picture each day. Thank you.
  14. Thissupport topic)states it should have happened, and yet I do not see it. The favs for the caches I found after going premium have started accumulated, but those from basic days never appeared. Is it a bug or I misunderstand the support topic text?
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