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  1. The person may just not have seen it. I would give it some time a and see what the next cache log says. Or, you could just go check the cache yourself. But don't give up! I just located a few travelers that have been missing for five years. Will be getting them back on the move shortly :-D It's quite big and has 2 added keyrings and was placed in quite a small cache. The cacher mentioned that he placed a TB there himself so I'm sure he would have seen it. Yes - I may be being a premature saying it is missing but I must admit I just don't have a good feeling about it.
  2. We attached a photo keyring with a photo of my son and his friend in front of the 02 in London along with a key ring from Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross (Harry Potter). The goal was to have the trackable travel far and wide having it's photo taken in front of as many famous landmarks as possible with the extra option of adding a keyring from a famous landmark as well Not very interesting I'm sure. We released the bug into the big wide world yesterday and lunchtime and the next person to log a find at the cache commented that the trackable wasn't there so it looks like its been stolen before its even traveled anywhere
  3. We released our first travel bug yesterday. The cache was logged as being found a few hours later but the cacher commented that there were no trackables present. Nobody has logged that they took our trackable. Boo Hoo I can't believe it got stolen on it's very first outing into the world I'm just so sad for my son and his friend who's photo we added to the tag in a photo keyring. I did think about placing it into a members only cache but realizing that I can't control where it goes after that decided not to worry and be trusting of fellow cachers. Having seen how long this thread is I now know how common a problem this is.
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