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  1. i have problems with driver for serial/usb converter but can not find brand from producer. doses any driver from any converter works on all cables ? where could i find one that works with mine ?
  2. i believe i am not so far to try the corect order, as i have problems setting the drivers. I have a cd with to many folders, to many .exe and drivers but no manual. could you email me the usb/serial-driver ? could that work ? or does every kable-producer has its own driver ? "Hardware not installed correctly" appears afetr plugging the device. i need help at this point. do i need a driver for cable + another for gps ? if i cannot run the device i must sell and buy one with usb-cable... thanks !
  3. 2 years ago i bought a GPSMAP 76 for my dad and installed it on his laptop do upload geocaches-coords to his device. As the laptop had no serial-port, but only a serial-cable was included i did buy a adapter serial/usb and driver-cd. 2 years ago it all did work. Now he has a new laptop and i am trying to reinstal...without sucess. I have the GPSMAP 76, i have the serial-cable, i have the usb-adapter and i have the driver-cd. on laptop is Win XP. Unfortunately on the driver cd-are so many folders, not sorted by windows/drivers. does someone uses the same device and can help ? thank you and kind regrads Alex
  4. Dear All, i do not find the option to "activate" to see my stats. A chacher who did log my cache had visible all stats. Where, hwo many cahces, distance, sizes, coutries, he found or not found his caches. How can i do to see those stats for myself and or maybe visible to others ? Thanks Tom
  5. Hi, just last week i received an email from a cacher searching for one of my caches. I checked his profile and nice information was shown, as how many found, which country, difficulty etc... A LOT OF NICE STATISTICS, unfortunately i dont remember who mailed me to aks him how to set up this settings, so i any other cachers can see them ? Is it a geocaching.com issue ? i am premium-member...i could find no instructions. can someone tell me how ? Thanks Tom
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