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  1. Samsung devices seem to have an issue with their compass, it needs to be calibrated everytime the phone restarts. You can do it with an app such as GPS Status.
  2. Great point. I know that where the crash is reported this doesn't happen but I do have a number of other inputs where it could. I didn't realise I had to deactivate zones when this happens. This means a load more testing for me
  3. That's just evil I have been quite happily pestering them, they've been very good on giving me details, but the first crash looks spontaneous and hard to nail down. I forgot about that, will test that later.
  4. That is the exact page I was pouring over to try and figure what may be wrong with my cache. I think I've ticked off everything in your wiki and thanks for wiring it. There are a few other sites I've read as well that mentioned picture sizes and dialogues over input screens. All these things I think in not doing so it's hard to know at this point without testing. Do you know if the emulator can be made to behave more like a GPSr ?
  5. I have a cart out in the wild called Titan Nick which works fine on all smart devices but a few people have tried it recently with Oregon 550t and they reported it crashed. Unfortunately I don't have one to test with. So I was wondering if anyone here could try out a new version of my cart which I've updated for Garmins. Everyone who saw the crash said it happened within the first zone or two, which are only a few meters apart so it should be quick to test. That said the only issue I saw was that I automatically saved on entrance to zones, which I have read can cause issues with setting up zones so I moved that to zone exit. It seems that smart devices are the future for Wherigo but it looks like there's still quite a base of Garmin devices. Any help to test and maybe give information on when the crash happens would be greatly appreciated. I have created a play anywhere version of the cart which I can supply if you ping me. Thanks again.
  6. Cheers, didn't know that forum existed. Superb, found the answer here Thanks!
  7. I know that the National Trust in the UK seem to be geocaching friendly, they even supply GPS units for people to cache with. Does anyone know if they support people placing new caches on their land or is that completely out of the question?
  8. Sooooo, if I create a beacon where the player needs to use the information from the Chirp to work out the GZ, is that a mystery or a puzzle cache?
  9. The previous Chirp related post got me thinking. If I create a cache where the user needs to access a Chirp to get the final co-ords deemed legal, are reviewers going to take issue with one if they have not seen it before? I thought there was a guidance where external or third party tools / software is not allowed. Thanks Wil
  10. That's odd, I would have thought the specific device wouldn't make a difference as long as everyone's using the same player. Only difference would be the resolution of the GPS. I could well be wrong though, Ranger Fox would be a better source of info in respects to that.
  11. I can't see much wrong here. My initial suspicion would be the Acorns task. If you could, I would try running it on an android device and use the map to check that the second zone has become active. I've only used the Urwigo emulator but I imagine the Earwigo one is the same, it should also show you if the zone has become active.
  12. Can you try it in the emulator, does it work in it? How are you checking that you are in the zone? Do you check with the map view, as I find it more accurate than compass usually. Does your onEnter event have any conditions in it? Have you set the zone to always be in range? What is the range and proximity of it? Sorry for all the questions!
  13. Did he tell you what player / device he was using? Does it work for you on your device / emulator?
  14. Thanks Mr Fox, I thought that the way it would work in reality but it was worth checking just to be sure.
  15. Hi, I have used Ranger Fox's superb zone vector examples to write a routine which will center a zone on the main player. I seem to having an issue though where the emulator will not update the players location until they move a little. Does anyone know if this will in fact be an issue in real players and if so is there a way to get the main character to refresh? I have seen LastLocationUpdate in Player but nothing to force an update. Thanks
  16. Thank you so much, that's spot on. I have to ask for some more help though. Using your code I have created this for k,v in ipairs(objTestCartridge.AllZObjects) do if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(tostring(v), "a Zone instance") then if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals( tostring(v.Name), "Test1" ) then dist, angle = Wherigo.VectorToZone( Player.ObjectLocation, v ) break end end end I am getting a 'Tried to call nil' exception on Wherigo.VectorToZone again in WhereYouGo and not the emulator. Would you say that VectorToZone is not implemented in Wherigo or that ObjectLocation is not, or something else? I should say Player = Wherigo.Player /edit OK looking at https://code.google.com/r/biylda-openwig/source/browse/OpenWIGLibrary/src/cz/matejcik/openwig/WherigoLib.java It looks like VetorToPoint is implemented but not VectorToZone. Does that seem correct to you? /edit 2 After reading this http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=316825 I can confirm that VectorToPoint works in WhereYouGo and it does exactly what I need. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  17. Hi, I have been trying to use the method GetAllOfType of a cart to list all the zones, ala objMyCart:GetAllOfType('Zone') I see that this works in the emulator but when I try to use it in WhereYouGo built with Urwigo I get an exception, namely Tried to call nil. I've seen that there were issues, namely https://code.google.com/p/openwig/issues/detail?id=160 but as that was some time ago I'd hoped that it was fixed. Not only that, but I've tried this rather basic call which is working in the emulator but not WhereYouGo local dist, angle = Wherigo.VectorToZone( Player.ObjectLocation, objTest1 ) objTest1 is a zone created in Urwigo It also fails with 'Tried to call nil' Am I missing something? Thanks.
  18. Thanks, I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to do anything. I'll have a play with action descriptions and see how that works out. Wil
  19. This doesn't seem to have been asked before but if it has please point me in the right direction. I am building a cart where each character has a number of actions based on their location which are disabled and enabled when need be. My problem is that is there is more than one action then when I play it on WhereYouGo then buttons are made too small to get any meaningful title in the button. In the emulator the buttons are stacked and so you get more room. Anyone have any thoughts on how to get round this? Thanks
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