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  1. I just ran the North American update for my 210, and I no longer have all the screens I had. If I remember right, the Europe version of the firmware had a lot more screens, is that correct? How can I get the European version? Other than that, the update seemed to go fine. I am at version 3.1.78 now.
  2. I just received a Garmin Legend HCX to replace my old Magellan Explorist 210. I've used garmin.com to upload geocaches with the Firefox plugin and it's working great. My question is.... how do I manage the list of caches from week to week so I know which caches may be deactivated? With the Explorist system, I would download a pocket query and replace the old geocache file on the unit with the new one using Magellan's software. What's the best way to update the cache list? With Mapsource? If I just do a new search and load them to the unit, it won't erase deactivated caches, will it? I read everything I could find in the help pages but I didn't find anything. Should I use pocket queries again? Thanks for any help.
  3. Anyone notice this article? Sounds cool, wonder what the delay is. --------------------------------------------------- From Pop Mech: StarChase GPS Launcher This system is behind schedule—when we last covered it, the plan was for a deployment by the end of this year—but Virginia-based StarChase now claims that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is closing in on the final stage of testing, which could put a deployed GPS launcher on the road early next year. The purpose of StarChase is to stop high-speed pursuits by letting officers launch a sticky GPS tracker onto a fleeing vehicle. Savvy criminals, particularly ones who notice the green laser sight or hear the car-mounted air cannon go off, could pull over and rip off the transponder. But by then, the police would have had time to set up roadblocks and choppers, closing the net with less risk of a pursuit-ending crash. Short-Term Impact: Everything is riding on the L.A. test. If StarChase is considered effective in one of the most chase-heavy regions in the country, other agencies are likely to start their own field-tests.
  4. Echo... I have a 210 and I've been satisfied with it, but I just tried to use it with my new Vista laptop, and it was not pretty. Works great with XP, and I didn't try much research into a work-around for Vista, but I can tell you my next gpsr will absolutely be a Garmin, maybe the new Legend Hcx I think it's called. Based on months of reading negative posts about Magellen tech (non)support, and my own struggles with them, I would say take it back.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that had to be it. My old XP system never had issues, and I just today installed the software on a different laptop with XP and all is good. Anybody wanna buy an explorist? I'm never getting a Magellan again.... That is absolutely ridiculous that they haven't designed a Vista patch yet.
  6. Thanks, I've used my 210 dozens of times on my main PC, however it crashed and I'm trying to use this new laptop. I have been all over magellangps.com, and I can't find any updates or even where to find software. Anyone?
  7. Just bought this fancy new Acer laptop with Windows Vista, and I installed the Magellan software from the CD, then connected my 210 gps via the USB cable. A window appeared saying the driver for it was being loaded, then it said it was ready to use. I see a new drive listed as F:, however when I try to transfer a geocache list using the Geocache Manager, an error says it can't find any eXplorists and I should hook one up. Any ideas what the problem is? Is it a Vista thing? Is there an updated version of the Magellan software online? Couldn't find anything. Thanks for any help.
  8. McDowells are east side... I live over here and have found some nice ones on state land. As far as west side, maybe head to the White Tanks? I haven't been there to cache but the hiking is pretty good. I see a few caches on the map there too. I'm with you, I get tired of magnet micros as well. There are some nice ones, also, in the preserve south of Shea at 40th street I can say I have personally found, if you want to head this way. Not sure how far west you are. Good luck... Nice to see another Arizonan in the threads
  9. Cutest muggle I've ever seen, great story and pix
  10. I answered a similar question about appending a few days back on this thread, check it out and I hope it will help you.
  11. I read this today, or tried to. Anyone see it? Should we be interested? http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070409/ts_nm/russia_usa_gps_dc
  12. Nah, I don't think so, I have done that many times, and I see lots of logs saying TNLN (took nothing, left nothing). Just sign the log and that's your reward, the hunt is the best part of it.
  13. Depends on a lot of factors, but generally if the coords are correct, my explorist has gotten me right on top of caches. It will say 1-5 feet away with accuracy of 7 feet, and I'll be pretty much standing on top of the cache If you have a clear sky view and lots of satellites tracked, it's pretty darn close.
  14. That's great advice... I bought one that was meant for a Gameboy, but I tossed the cable part and just use the lighter-USB adapter part. Got it on EBay for like $5. It's great, I power the PSP and GPS, anything that takes USB power. Just make sure it has a USB outlet, and is not just a cable from lighter to PSP port, which is small and round. Get something like this from eBay:
  15. Awesome, glad I could help. Yeah, I was surprised as how extensive the online manual is vs. the one in the box. I wonder if they will update that now that the new firmware is out with added screens.
  16. Welcome fellow 210 user! Try this link for a better manual. (It's better than what I got in the box, anyway.) Also some good info here, and here. And check this thread for some advice about north settings and geocaching. But to your question about the compass changing with the map setting change, I don't have an answer
  17. I've had experience with Magellan support as well, and I was satisfied with the service. Could have been better, but they fixed my unit and it's great now. For me, I wouldn't call it much of an issue, but others might disagree. It's like the Ford vs. Chevy argument, you get loyalists on both sides Regarding the 500LE, can you buy a rechargeable battery aftermarket, is that what you did jpred1? I didn't know that was possible. So the 500 and the LE are the same unit, just packaged with different things?
  18. I believe the major difference is memory, the 210 has 22mb, the 300 has only 8 so I don't think you can install new maps on the 300. From what I read here it seems the vast majority of explorist users have a 210 vs. a 300. Also have a look at the 500 (NOT 500 LE), it comes with rechargeably battery, color screen, and upgradeable memory. I am thinking of upgrading for the battery alone.
  19. Take a look at the Magellan eXplorist 210. About $100 and has pretty much everything you've listed there. I don't know about the antenna you want though. It comes with a basic map, which is upgradeable if you like, great under cover of trees (I've been told), grey display, buttons on front, PC USB cable and software... I pretty much just use mine for geocaching and I mount it on my mountainbike. No complaints really. Check it out here at Buydig.com or here at amazon.com.
  20. That's a good point, how would you know if the rock you are seeking is already gone? That would be frustrating for everyone. What if there were several points around the park with several items/rocks/coins, whatever, each color coded, so that the Red Team picks up the Red items, Blue Team the blue, etc... Then you race from point to point, collecting your color items, and when times up, or one team finds all 10 or whatever, they win. Maybe there could be a puzzle at each point that you solve to give you the coords for the next point. That way, there's no wrestling between players for the same thing at the same point. I don't know, needs work still, but could be something there? Starting to sound like Amazing Race a little.
  21. That sounds cool. I was thinking it would be cool to try to spell out a word in script by walking with a GPSr and looking at the track log. Wonder if that could become a game.
  22. Copied straight from the website Shieldzone.com: Hopefully you registered it, but even if not, I think they will work it out for you.
  23. Ha, that would never happen if you bought a Magellan like me... oh wait, that's exactly what happened to mine
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