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  1. Thanks MsRubble That helps a bit Thanks Mudfrog, yes the units were almost identical Thanks for the help. We are yet to become premium members again, but intend to do so as soon as we get ourselves sorted again as it sure beats loading the caches one by one Correct Pup Patrol. Our forum user shows us as premium members still, however I can assure that we are not, and we hadn't even logged in in well over 6 months, and at one point were even locked out because I'd forgotten our password and you are also right, our profile shows we are not Premium members.
  2. Thanks Pup Patrol. I'll take a look at them now. I did a bit of a search but was obviously not looking in the right spots lol I'm thinking I will get the premium membership again as I recall it was much easier to get bulk caches into the GPS. I'd prefer to stay away from the apps though, our phones and tablets just don't seem to be accurate enough, and signal issues also appear frequent (I've tried them on a few road trips and actually prefer the accuracy of my old Vista CX hahahha)
  3. G'day all, We are Aussies and haven't really been able to geocache since early 2009 due to medical problems but are now looking to get back into it again. So, I (Donald) is or was the technical guy, the one who did all the website stuff, logging etc etc and put all the cache coordinates into our GPS but in the past 6 years I've really lost track of how to do it, and I'm feeling rather like the first day I ever started caching as a total newbie with no idea what to do or how to do it, scared really as well I guess Ok, so a bit about our setup. We have PC and android and would prefer to use our old method with the Garmin ETREX VISTA CX until we get a decent new handheld unit to upgrade it, though we do have android phones and tablets as well (DONT trust the GPS though. Ok, so I recall that I used to be a premium member and got emails with caches in the PQ's I had setup, but I can't remember how I got em into my GPS. I've gone through everything I can find but just can't find anything specific (or detailed enough more to the point lol ) I remember we had GSAk but I think that was for doing bulk actions? I also seem to remember that it was a reasonably technical process to get PQ's from emails, then somehow transfer them to the GPS (program or method? ) Any help would be appreciated as we have someone else's trackable which we only discovered a few months back that we have held for years now (yes we have contacted the owner and apologised and they were OK with it) Thanks in advance
  4. 1. Users just can't win. They start a new subject and everyone says to use the search function. They reply to an existing and this happens. 2. Setting you arrogance aside, no one has to offer why they choose not to become premium members. Logging MoCs is open to all. The back door is not there by accident and has purposely been left in place. Use the search function. 3. Now that you have mentioned it several times, why does anyone care how many kids you have? If it matters, I have 3 in college, two American Mastiffs, HD cable, the KISS box set and favorite color is blue. Hope this somehow now clarifies both our positions. Baloo: yes users cant win, been there done that, started new threads, bumped old ones cause I thought they were relevant, and got in trouble. Arrogance? I never asked anyone for any justification, merely said that everyone could find some fat to trim IF THEY WANTED TO. And #3 was a reply to SBELL, who if you had read the post previous to mine, said "eleven???". Most people dont belive when a person says that they have more than 4 or 6 kids At least your taste in music and fav colour is both good between our 5 free commercial TV stations we get more than enough TV shows, no need for payTV here!
  5. 1. not too sure, I guess some just dont look a the date of the last post, or feel they have something to add to the topic 2. Anyone who says they cant trim some "fat" from SOMETHING in their budget is either dead, has no incentive/desire to, or is just all talk and no action. 3. Yes 11 in total. 2 adults, 9 children. (Pm me if you would like to know more) My friends have 14 kids, all their own too, all living with them, and the family do geocaching as a premium member team too! They said that to afford the premium membership they just trimmed some fat from their household budget too.
  6. This thread is pretty old but its an age old topic. I know loads of unemployed (and pensioners) who are premium members because of the added functionality it offers. Loads of people have been in broken relationships, out of work etc etc and still managed to find the few bucks for the premium membership, just as you would find it for a bus fare, cigarettes, alcohol, petrol, clothing, your power bill, food etc etc. It really is not that difficult to justify a very slight cut back on something in your personal circumstances budget. It is REALLY just a case of "those who can will, and those who cant wont". Like I said, everyone (unless from a 3rd world country) will always have SOMETHING that they can cut or reduce to justify the payment but it is a matter of prioritys and values. Some see the Premium membership as something that they should not have to pay for, yet OTHERS see it as something that offers them value, whilst contributing to the costs of running a game which wouldnt exist without premium membership and store related sales to pay for the site hosting and development of the game. EVERYTHING comes at a cost, and NOTHING is EVER FREE because SOMEONE, somewhere has had to pay for it. With the costs of living these days, even just things like bread, milk, petrol, electricity, it doesnt take much to save the cost of the premium membership.................... In March 2009 I managed to badly tear my leg muscles, got DVT, placed on blood thinning medications, and as a result of my not being able to work for 6mths I lost my job, but we still have our family of 11 to maintain. Our premium membership ran out and we really did not have the $ to renew our membership, so we had to let it lapse for a while until we could manage the $ to pay for it again. It was only a month or so that it was out for, but we reduced our expenditure on a few household items and paid our premium membership again. I am so sick of seeing this debate refreshed because as I said, there is always going to be those who DO and those who WONT, but remember that if everyone couldnt scrape those "few $$" together, then this site probably would not exist, and the game would be localised to a few people playing it in their city or town, and WOULD NOT have become the international sport/game that it is now!
  7. In the time we have been caching we have seen several trackables (boins and bugs) go missing. Not only missing because of muggler's but all too often it seems that they go M.I.A. because a new cacher has taken it/them and does not know how to log them through the site, so they just hang onto them........ We recently had a spate of what seemed like coin and bug theft from the caches around our area and we have just discovered after reading many many logs for the caches, that one new cacher had taken them all. We contacted that cacher and he said that he didnt know how to log them, so we offered him some help, in person or by email, which he has not replied to. We then proceeded to ask the cacher if he could just drop them into a cache in the area and let us know which one so that we can collect them and place them into caches, log them, and get them re-circulating. There was also another instance of similar nature in another township 300Km away, but the cacher who had only logged 3 caches had found another 6 caches, and had taken TB's or coins from each of the 6 caches, and obviously didnt know how to log them so didnt bother, and just stopped geocaching, now his email address is not active, so the (at least) 6 trackables have gone M.I.A. Our suggestion would be that there should be a guide to the logging of caches and trackables which would be placed onto the site and which would have to be read when new cachers register, and we think that it would also be a great idea to have some sort of easily seen "link" (maybe LARGE, BRIGHT and FLASHING would be good ) for the logging of trackables, which would also include a brief description of how to log it, and then have a section to log the trackable below that, and the page would also have another link to a more detailled description of how to log trackables.
  8. I posted this yesterday and it showed as on the site, then there was some other problem and it didnt actually show what I posted. Also didnt receive email notifications of thread updates for the dodgy thread which showed at my end but not on the site.............. Anyways, We have a problem with our trackables (well I (Donald) do). I've stuffed some of our personal geocoins up...... I had forgotten to log our personal coins through our caches before a recent event so that we can track the distance for the events our coins have been to, and I dropped them into 1 of our cache's but the dates all stuffed up so I somehow managed to mark our coins as lost. I would like to see the management console for trackables owners include the ability to drop them into a cache and then remove them and include the ability to drop and retrieve multiple trackables at the same time without having to manually retrieve each one. How can I retrieve our coins so they dont show as location unknown and drop them through our local cache with a date prior to the local event? Thanks
  9. That is wierd. My buddy had a similar experience. He found a hanging body while on his way to a cache one morning. The thing is he didn't feel the need to tell anyone right away. He didn't want to be late for work. At lunch he remembered and called the police. I don't know how he could forget all morning. He is an odd sort of fellow and that sort of thing just doesn't phase him. The police also wondered how he attached such little importance to the discovery. Apparently they thought about charging him with something, but he explained that if he hadn't happened by the guy would still be there and they let him go. I kid you not. The Geek That is hilarious. STOP IT!!! YOUR KILLING US LOL
  10. Sure is helpful thanks Keystone! We had semi prepared a few caches in our local area but there has been a sudden influx of resident cachers which has mean that the locations we had chosen have been taken Bugger! Now we know that trick it will be helpful (but WONT be abused) Thanks again!
  11. Belgium €1.2 /L of diesel €1.50/L unleaded Schotland £1.70/liter diesel we'll take any of your prices and be happy. I think I would rather pay for my fuel in your currency and our prices, as you can see from the following information, the aussie $$ is worse, so your prices in your currency means that if you converted your currency to ours then you would be able to buy more fuel than I could in my dollars. Base currency is AUD - Australia Dollars Mid-market rates as of August 2008, 19 07:22:54 UTC (GMT) XE Commercial Data Feed Service Currency Unit Units per AUD AUD per Unit BHD Bahrain Dinars 0.325966372 3.067801118 BMD Bermuda Dollars 0.864539672 1.156684918 BSD Bahamas Dollars 0.864539672 1.156684918 CAD Canada Dollars 0.920870697 1.085928788 CHF Switzerland Francs 0.95052372 1.052051599 CYP Cyprus Pounds 0.345283853 2.896167867 EUR Euro 0.589952489 1.695051753 GBP United Kingdom Pounds 0.46576827 2.14699039 IEP Ireland Pounds 0.464625342 2.152271755 JOD Jordan Dinars 0.612439924 1.632813214 KWD Kuwait Dinars 0.231455252 4.320489567 MTL Malta Liri 0.253266603 3.948408461 OMR Oman Rials 0.3327264 3.005472367 USD United States Dollars 0.864539672 1.156684918
  12. Yes that is this week. Some places around town it's $3.42It's because they live near the cornfields and get cheap ethanol partially paid for by the rest of the country... but that's off topic. Awesome name come down under 4 a visit and pay $1.50+++ PER LITRE! We would swap your highest US gallon price for our per litre prices any day.
  13. If we do a listing but not submit it, does that reserve the location?? Or is it a case of only once it is published that the area becomes unavailable to place another cache?
  14. There IS a way to input geocaches as a POI (point of interest), there is ups and downs of using this method..... The ups are that you can upload more than your 500-100 waypoint memory limit on most garmin's, and you can also have more characters of information. The downside is that you cant really mark them as found, or select GOTO the next cache. We usually use the POI method for our caching because we dont usually need to take paperwork with us and it suits us best. There is information in these forums and on the GSAK forums about how to do this. Sorry but I cant actually recall where I found this info and im fairly tired at the moment, but if you just search the forums for something like "more waypoints" or "P.O.I." you will soon find it. If you cant find anything by the time I get home tomorrow night I will see if I can find the links for you. ttfn.
  15. Well we sort of got this to work, not sure how to get the multiple databases thing to work though, tried and tried and tried some more but cant seem to get it to work. We are using a garmin vista CX
  16. Or: Waypoint name: %smart=14 Waypoint description: %typ=6/%con=5 D:%Dif/T:%Ter %bug:%UserSort
  17. Waypoint name: %smart=14 Waypoint description: %Name by %by (%dif/%ter)
  18. I think you will find that it is because the owner of the cache in which it was still showing in can mark it as unknown location, so as to remove it from their cache inventory.
  19. well my personal opinion of a moderate hole is: Something which is approximately 50 cubic meters but then again I work in civil construction where some major bulk earthworks take only short times. For example, today on the job today, they shifted 10000 cubic meters of gravel in just under 9 hours. A small hole would take us about 5 mins to dig, but would easily hide a large family car, a moderate hole would probably hide your house, and a large hole would have taken 3-5 years to dig out (mining). It is all in the definition of the individual really!
  20. used google earth, uploaded my track from a previous trip, saved as .kml, uploaded to site, crashed as above. also tested by walking our 1km street (logged it), imported to G.E. saved as kml, uploaded, crashed when uploaded to site. cant explain much more in detail sorry as there isnt much more detail.
  21. I agree with whats been said so far, trade up and ditch the true trash, but think about the potential value to someone else.... I would have probably (personally) thrown away an old stones ticket, they are not rolling any more lol! My son also likes to trade his old matchbox/hotwheels cars for various others, sometimes he will leave a brand new one which he doesnt like the shape of or the colour, but he doesnt think twice to take a beaten up, old one which does appeal to him! value is often in the eye of the beholder, one mans trash is anothers treasure.
  22. Someones gotta know something surely?? I am thinking that it must be a site issue, but the lack of respoonse from people who are in the know is astounding! It is easier to get a reply to a post which only says TEST!
  23. The problem is when I receive an email from the forums I watch, they have the following in the email: Please note that if you wish to get email notification of any replies to this topic, you will have to click on the "Track this Topic" link shown on the topic page, or by visiting the link below: When I click the link, it automatically places it in the wrong format (I selected daily digest as my format).
  24. PS: Ive logged off and back on to the boards but it still wont do what I want as my default email settings (I want to have the daily digest as default) can anyone help on this topic please>???
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