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  1. I must be a little thick here. I have downloaded Perkasie in Plane ((as an example) eventually managed to work out how to change the file name to zip. Its opened all the files, and theres a lua file in there. How do I see the cartridge in Earwigo? Ive opened the lua file in Earwigo and its basically empty. I have created my own Caistor Walkabout in Earwigo, using Ranger Fox's kit to start me off. The Wherigo is live now and receiving good reports, but I wanted to see one working where there are interactions with characters, and items since I just dont know where to start. I had hoped that one of the open source files, would have some sort of cartridge that I could learn from . any ideas please.
  2. I have sat here for 2 months trying to work on a Wherigo cartridge. I use the kit version to start off from Ranger Fox. Then there were issues with my x64 pc and Vista, so I briefly looked at Urwigo, and cutting a long story short. I ended up creating a 20 zone walk in Earwigo. I have no programming experience, and am getting tired of this now. (AS is my husband who thinks I have far better things to do!) I got it finished, loaded it up to Wherigo but havent activated it so I can test run it. I went out today and yesterday and to start with I get the Cartridge write up,a and at the bottom of the screen a choice of Start and Compass buttons. The start kicks the thing off, and the compass takes you to the cartridge start coordinates. It never changes, you walk back and forth and it never changes the program. Now If you click Start you get invited to zone 1 , no compass to view. At the bottom of the screen you have a choice of GPS on the left or Map on the right. Neither of them show a compass. I walked to zone 1, answered the question, then walked to zone 2. The satellites EVENTUALLY saw me and gave me the next instruction, but still with no compass. I got as far as zone 6 without the compass. Is there something wrong with my programming (earwigo developer doesnt think so) or my settings? I ran someone elses Wherigo in february and definately got a compass. PLEASE help, I really want to put this Wherigo out there!
  3. Sorry a bit confused . DO you mean the fixes? I clicked download them and win rar opened them up, I think i dragged it fromthere into the Groundspeak/builder file. Is that what you mean?
  4. Now I'm getting mad with this. I have gone back to your kit program and watched through some of your examples. I tweaked my Walkabout a bit and saved it. (The save button often wont work for some reason) 1st annoying point. Then So that I can look at it in an emulator I open it in Wherigo builder. I have applied the emulator fix and the first fix you sent, so the program is up to date. Under tools, if I select Emulator I get the first error message, I clear that and it still goes ahead and opens the emulator but with no cartridges available. On the menu list here I have changed it to a place on my hard drive. I did have everything saved in Drop box and I thought maybe that was the problem. No matter what I select it keeps looking and saving to the temporary internet files location. Ive tried Publishing to my machine and select any device. It keeps going to C:\Users\Jill\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\XWFYLEFU so I keep changeing it to somewhere on my J drive. If I let it save it to its choice of place I get error 2. If I choose my own place I still get the same error message. IF I click File> Save cartridge it gives me one choice of destination: error 3 If I click File> Save as and chose where I want it to be it saves it, but if I try opening up the emulator, it says theres no cartridges in there as its saved it as a .lua file. WHat am I doing wrong. grrrrrrr Please help someone
  5. Sorry to add to this thread, but is my problem below a 64 bit problem or a user error (very likely!) I have created lots of zones using your kit program (thanks for that a great utility) I wanted to check the zone ares on a map to make sure they are big enough in the right size etc. When I click Zones edit, I get a list bottom left of 4 zone points. I wanted to check them. I tried create from map and got the 1st 2 below boxes, and then it opens a blank map. I tried view shape, seem to show an oblong somewhere and edit on line brings up the final two screen shots (first the error one, and then I click No and get the background shot shown last. Am I just asking the wrong thing, or is something wrong please Ranger Fox, can you help again?!
  6. Thats the first thing I tried. Ive done it again, it will open a slightly older version version I made, but not the one I was working on. In Kit, I set lots of questions and commands, would they show up in the builder? Its my first Wherigo, so Im only just finisheing on your kit one, and was trying it on the "big" version. Update: I did a load more work on the version that was on http://Wherigo.rangerfox.com/rangerfox/Wherigo/kit/Builder etc etc and saved it. Its allowed me to open that one. Where I loaded a lot of media files against the zones, it has imported them but with longer file names, how can I see what picture is what, if I click edit i only see a description, so picture. Thanks for the kit so far!
  7. Thats the first thing I tried. Ive done it again, it will open a slightly older version version I made, but not the one I was working on. In Kit, I set lots of questions and commands, would they show up in the builder? Its my first Wherigo, so Im only just finisheing on your kit one, and was trying it on the "big" version.
  8. I am new to this and Ranger Fox has been very helpful so far. I created a Wherigo using the /kit and have about 13 zones. I have sat through the Wherigo tutorials walking around the temperate zone and all that. I spent a whole day handwriting the instructions so that I could follow it after wards. I had opened the Walkabout that I had done the other day and the Builder opened it fine, but today I get the error box coming up . I cant seem to paste a picture in here of it. Its says Error reading cartridge System.ApplicationException:Exception of type "System.ApplicationException" was thrown. at Groundspeak.Wherigo.ZonesEngine.ZonesEngine.dll.LuaDofile(string filename) at ZonesAuthor.LuaFunctions.ReadLuaCartridge(string luafileName) at zones author.frmMain.OpenCartridgeFile() WOw that took some typing!!!! Any ideas please. Typical, I sat and typed all that in and find at the bottom of the message I can attach a file GRrrrrrrrrrr I have tried reloading Wherigo and also the emulator fix that was on here, but I havent got as far as the emulator. I have done so much time on this Wherigo I will be heartbroken if its broken
  9. Well from where Im sitting youre doing a great job
  10. Some sort of Wizard would have been helpful, where you have 4 or 5 basic WHerigos to choose from, that take your hand and say, type the description. Type the starting coords, (is this a zone if it is show you a map around your coords for you to multiselect an area) once youve got the person to the zone what do you want them to do? answer a Q, talk to someone? pick something up? After you choose then you get a new menu creating the next bit. Its just there are so many boxes to fill out, i havent even got as far as setting my first zone and typing in the first Instructions. It kept bringing up more and more windows and asking for them to be saved as zones, or something else. So in answer, I havent grasped it yet. I have a lot of links from you to follow up and read, then I might grasp it more. I had hoped to look at a map (satellite of road) and chose my zone, but I kept getting error boxes, so I thought, ok, Im doing something else wrong here! SHall I stick with Wherigo or try and understand Earwigo .. Maybe I just want too much lol I certainly never found http://www.Wherigo.com/tutorial/index.aspx which is a good start!!! This is great too thank you!! http://Wherigo.rangerfox.com/rangerfox/Wherigo/kit/Build.aspx
  11. Thanks for the above advice on here, I am in the same situation. Just need some guidance
  12. Oooh thank you, I will try it. (Bet its no more helpful though!) lol Does this different version have a name or date, as I copied it across and it doesnt look any different. It DID however allow me to open up the file. (YEs I have a 64 bit Vista.)
  13. I started to build my first ever Wherigo the other week, saved my efforts and when I came to open them again, it wouldnt let me. I was heartbroken. I wrote to the contact details and they suggested I ask a question on the forums page as Wherigo isnt really supported. WHilst browsing I find this app. Well, I downloaded it straight away as I was finding the Wherigo builder very difficult and lots didnt seem to work. I was hoping to see some sort of Wizard, or help files on this but clicking through on Help>Tutorials English Language>Urwigo> Urwigo Tutorial, takes me to a german site that doesn't exist. Is it me? Im not terribly good at programming, but just want to create a simple walkabout a town Wherigo with a cache at the end. Eventually Id like to add characters etc but only when I understand it all! Please advise
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