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  1. I agree! The default FOUND IT is a bad idea. Moreover I wish Groundspeak would stop messing with things.
  2. If this helps, after clicking on view larger map there is a quick flash of some sort of side bar on the left before going to a white screen.
  3. Does not work on my Firefox or IE. I am very low tech. Can not tell which versions I am using.
  4. In a reply from Lacky Annika on Dec.16 I was told all is better and up and running. Not for me! I still can not drop a start or end point on the map.
  5. I don't see the scale. Side bar open or closed.
  6. Try hiding the side panel. Just showed up. was not there a few min ago I will try when I get home...could be my work PC (which wouldn't surprise me).
  7. I have complained many times to HQ about the smileys not showing up. "Yup, we are working on it". It's been months.
  8. At least you guys are getting caches on your map. I stopped getting them again. I was getting them even though the little spinning thing wasn't spinning. Now no caches. Page displays with error on page. Any ideas?
  9. Richard E

    Map Problems

    The little thingy wheel spins, but no cache locations. Windows XP- IE7 I've let the wheel spin for 9 minutes..
  10. The little thingy wheel spins, but no cache locations. Windows XP- IE7-
  11. Richard E

    Form posts

    Where do my posts go? When I check back, they are gone.
  12. What are you talking about? It's the same phone line. One computer connects to geo.com and the other says it's down.
  13. I've been getting that all day. Other users have been logging their finds. I've been getting the emails. I can only log on with my laptop. What have you done to my computer? Also, my last post has been removed. What's with that?
  14. Not for some people. Been down all day for me, Yet this evening I am recieving emails from cachers who found my caches TODAY. What's with that??
  15. I'm still not getting cache locations on the google map. What could be wrong. JavaScript is enabled. Operating system- windows XP Home Browser- Internet explorer-7 Dial-up From cache page, I click on view map. The little thingy don't spin.
  16. I also find that once I've displayed a map with a few hundred caches, everything goes to hell. Even if I then zoom in to a map that has only a couple of caches, all actions take forever. Also, even if I exclude most cache types (say only display virtual and mystery), the JS code still displays the icons for all caches and then erases the unwanted ones, resulting in actually taking MORE time! But that does not appear to be the OP's problem. Edward JavaScript is enabled.
  17. I wasn't going to say anything, but this has been going on too long. Where are the cache locations on the map. Some say they are too slow. I don't get any. Waited a good five minutes. That's more than slow. Operating system- windows XP Home Browser- Internet explorer Dial-up From cache page, I click on view map. The little thingy don't spin.
  18. I also get the same problem with coins. They all seem to activate though.
  19. A year ago a young fellow goes caching with his parents. Parents sign the log XXXXXXX XX and family. The young fellow just became a member with his own user name and is now logging these caches. Must he actually sign the log? What is the rule?
  20. I don't like it. Those big fat number baloons cover up street names. It takes way longer to download than the map with the little green boxes. The more baloons the longer it takes. I like to zoom out to look for cache consentrations. For get it. With my dial-up there is not enough hours in the day and the baloons would be piled on one another. Please give us the old map back.
  21. I guess Raine and others have their hands full with "print friendly" pages. No one seems to ask why the long description text has to appear in a narrow strip like a newspaper column. I can make it go across the page by selecting "print friendly no logs" but then I get no info at the top of the page like cache name, coords, well just the GC #. All this info goes away also when I select "hide images"
  22. For example GC13KZ1. The image disappears along with the items I mentioned.
  23. Wow, I can hide images from my printer. This new concept also hides... cache name: placed by: coordinates: size: difficulty: terrain: Am I doing somethong wrong? I am using IE-7
  24. I have also been complaining about the narrow text that reads like a newspaper column. I also can not afford to go paperless and I do not have paper to waste.
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