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  1. We went to one a few days ago and there were NO Trepassing signs and Fences so we did not cross went on to next came home reread the page and and Placer had posted permission for hide.....Will try again but these pumps are private property and some may be dangerous if they are on timers or something and come on and hurt some one, Also the Farmers are actually looking out for us becouse the Chemicals they spray with can be a hazard also, they have to put up signs Here in Ca, when they Spray but some peeps don't care. I grew up in town and now work in a farm comuninty so i'm learning how Farmers can be and they don't like people around there property....Nut Lady did the right thing by contacting the cache placer and hopefully he/she will understand what the guidelines mean about permission. Just a place to rant. Greg P.S. Nutlady we should make a meet and greet and explain the farmers point of veiw.
  2. Some ofthose sound like bad ideas for hiding, but it happens I grabbed a log one time to move it and it was the cache a pringle size container covered with bark and foam...it came apart and I notified the owner. All turned out O.K. Greg
  3. We were out last week and stopped at the first part of a multi and the money taker came driving up and told us we could not park where we were, So we polilty told him we would move and man he was a real A## about it, so then we paid our $5.00 to get in the park and then hiked 20 min to the cache and guess what No Cache, talk about a bad day. But at least we had fun at Fresgo's Birthday party and did not let that get us down we headed off and found 4-5 more on the way home. Just Perspective......Smile and Wave ( that is sooooo funny) Tahoein' Bunch
  4. We live in a verry agricultrual part of the country and some time the no trepass signs are to protect people from poisens that are sprayed or are being sprayed on crops. Most of the land owners would not have a problem with you being there except that you may get poisened and then sue them for it. My.02 I don't like to look for stuff in vinyards or orchards for that reason so far all of our 150or so finds have been in town with a few out by the river on public land. Thanks Tahoein Bunch
  5. Hey Swizzle, I don't know what fire tacks are but they sound cool. nayhow what about sediment and alge in the central valley here in Ca. all the lakes and rivers usally get som amount of alge and dirt sediment maybe only a week and it might be covered up. just a thought. also fish Poop my aquatic turtles make me change the water every saturday even with a filter. Greg
  6. That would be "The Amazing Race" LoL Oh Yea No GPSR Though Greg
  7. Ours Was 16 finds, after reading this i had to banck and count. It was last week end, but there are alot of concentrated caches for us. we are still new My forum log in is Glock 22 but we cache by Tahoein' Bunch Thanks guys numbers are fun but seeing apark you never had known was there is more fun. Greg
  8. We posted a SBA 1 time but then i found out otherwise from the owner. and just made an apoligy another cacher had told us Yes the cache was gone so we had looked for an hour or so before and just a DNF frlt pretty silly. But another we found was destroyed and my son and ifixed it back up and replaced it for him then about a monthe later the whole tree gets cut down. Tahoein' Bunch
  9. How could you sign the wrong log? The old cache should have been retrived not left as geotrash, i'm still new to this game but i think that deleting the log is not the best way to handle it. Maybe anote to say i'll get a new one next week or at least thank you i'll fix it soon. spoke out of turn owner stated could to get due to being stuck. sorry that sounded acceptable for me, they did try to remove make a note to have some that can get it out to take it. Greg
  10. Some of the DNF's are due to timing i have found. Night Time Or muggles. but we have a few that are gone and not archived. The owner has not been on in along time one that my son and i repaired and reset is gone but it does not belong to me so I can't archive it. (the whole Tree is gone) is there a way to get these removed? Thanks Greg
  11. !998 Chev Tahoe 4x4 or 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Either way we on or off road ready. Tahoein' Bunch
  12. I agree about not putting a Unknown on my puter but cool idea anyhow. Greg
  13. If you live in Florida You should know by the age of 4-5 that you have deadly snakes around also gators if you live in California, You know you have Rattlers the only poisinous snakes we have, Bottom line if you for a cache check to see what might be there. We have alot of urban type "Bush Hides" in Fresno and it's Hot 108' Today so the Blackwidow spiders are out they bite you just be carful, watch your kids and educate them on how much that bie hurts. Just my.02 When I was 7 I brouht home a Cotton mouth From the swamp Brother told me it was Glass snake, Did not get bit But Never listened to brother again in regards to snakes. Greg
  14. We recently had a securiuggle stop us and ask what we were doing, So i told him we were playing a game got the strangest look and then O.K. Have fun. TB
  15. Here we have all types None are lame just some easy and no adventure others are extremly difucult to get to but there all fun, i have only 66 finds but have driven 45 miles just to get a couple for the kids that sounded fun. My point is just have fun even if you think its lame my kids think it's a find and keeps them interested. Just my .02 Thanks guys ....And Girls
  16. What about Gift cards with maybe 2-3$ for starbucks mcd's or wherever is close to cache, not a coffee drinker but i do like bottle water or soda, when caching- sons teacher gave me a 5$ StarBucks card for helping in class and it's still in my wallet. That would make a good trade item. Or even a good FTF for a new cache. Tahoein' Bunch
  17. Newbie if Fresno here Thanks for the site haven't ventured out as of yet Will go this week. G22
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