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  1. I see that #93 "CONWAY PARK" is still on the route but has been noted by the CO, Rey del Roble, as "not suitable for large groups via a cache machine."
  2. Cindy, you can ride with us if you like.
  3. You need to grab the IP's of the bots and ban those. Delete the accounts of the bots and their posts (it's possible to delete the account and leave the posts, but you don't want to do that). Absolutely imperative is to disable the automated registration approval. If you don't do that, you'll spend all your waking hours manually deleting bot accounts and their posts. Thanks Pup, I only have Moderator rights, not admin, so I am unable to make such changes. We'll get it taken care of.
  4. Thanks Dave for bringing this to our attention. I have blocked Aldonza643 and a few other offenders. I'll have Joey look into it further when he returns from vacation.
  5. Congratulations to Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma for moving their 20,000th trackable item. That's a lot of TB's.
  6. COWWS Poker: Walla Walla the night before. Yeah, if you're in town in time, stop by the poker game. It is doubling as the pre-cache machine dinner and will be a lot of fun. If you play, that's great, but stop by even if you don't. Travis will have any changes for the route and you can chat and find people to hang with during the cache machine.
  7. Troublejv hit 2200 on Sunday. Good job Princess!
  8. Just to set the record straight 500 of these were minted. They are not limited so there may be more made. They are handed out by Groundspeak at Waymarking promotional events. Here's the text from the Seattle Art & Seek Waymarking Promotion page... "Beginning July 14th, participants can seek out and waymark official works of art around the city of Seattle. Find and create the best waymark for each and you may be eligible to win a limited-edition Waymarking Bounty geocoin!" There is no mention of how many coins have been minted. Originally, they stated that there were about 300 pieces of artwork that they wanted Waymarked for this promotion.
  9. ...and I will have a trunk full of .30 cal and .50 cal ammo cans for anyone interested. Cost is $4.00 ea.
  10. Troublejv and I would be interested in attending on the 14th. We would be renting kayaks.
  11. Troublejv and I are there...er, will be.
  12. Troublejv and I plan on attending this HOTM.
  13. I was also one of the lucky beta testers and have provided a few trails included in the mapset. I must say that this is one of the best additions to my GPS'r. We recently hiked Squak Mountain and the trail data was wonderful. We were able to determine the most efficient route for nabbing caches and we could determine immediately where the next stage of a multi would be on our way up. Thank You Moun10Bike for the time and effort spent on this tremendous asset to our hiking/caching community.
  14. I'll take 10, our supply is running out.
  15. I looked for WP1 today but there is new building construction at GZ and the only thing there is a new power pole. I guess it's down.
  16. Can't Cache Without You - Seattle Does anybody know the status of the waypoints? I checked the logs and back in May the owner replaced the final but still has the cache disabled until he can check WP1. I am heading down to Ontario next weekend and would like to do this one solo if I can. Thanks.
  17. Troublejv crossed over 1000 finds today! No celebratory cache for 1000 but we did complete the requirements for the Alphabet Soup Challenge today. Great job Honey!
  18. Wow, wasn't it just not much over a year ago we met you two as newbies on the bike ride from the top of the pass to Cle Elum. Way to go! Thanks everyone for the "good jobs" and "congratutations"! But enough about me. Troublejv was simultaneously getting her 900th find at "got coin?"! Woo-Hoo! Now I think she wants to pass me up while I'm not looking (working)...she's already up a dozen or so this week
  19. I believe the GPS'r has a limit of 2025 map tiles regardless of memory size.
  20. I tried SanDisk 1GB first and could not download more than about 400MB worth of maps before it would fail with a read error. I have tried this with two different MicroSD cards in two different 60CSx units with the same results. I got two Kingston 1GB MicroSD cards last week and I have about 900MB worth of maps on them. No problems what so ever. I have to recommend Kingston!
  21. Anybody else notice that after the 3.20 update for the GPSmap 60CSx, you can no longer page back past the compass page when navigating to a geocache (geocaching mode on)? This has affected both mine and troublejv's GPSr's. With the original page order settings, if we tried to use the QUIT button to go back from the compass page to the map page, it would not let us. We would have to page forward through all the pages to get to the map. Changing the page sequence to put the compass before the map will allow you to go back and forth between the two, but not backward past the compass. This does not affect other types of waypoints or poi navigation. I have sent this info to Garmin.
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